Fifty Shades of Xavier Harrington

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My erotic writing predates my pen name.  After the ‘Fifty Shades’ theme took hold, I went back to my early writings to see if I could do anything useful with them.  Until now, they had only existed on my hard drive and on a Google Drive.  My writing acumen has also improved since I wrote those stories.  While I was able to preserve the stories, I did update many of them to reflect the times.  The characters also have some more depth to them and there’s more to the stories.

Here’s some background on each of the stories in the book:


Rodney and Amelia are two twenty-somethings who are frequent attendees at dance clubs in Providence, RI.  When Club Xtasy decides to open their doors, Rodney, of course, has to make an appearance.  When he patronizes the club, not only is he impressed by the place, but he runs into a familiar face.

CL 4 The Win

This writing originated in a time when Craigslist was the place to go to find anything from clothing, electronics, a date, or even hot sex.  After a brutal ending to Leo’s last relationship, and on the advice of coworkers, he creates an account on Craigslist as a way to move forward.

Slow Day at the Office

Miranda and Jessica are customer service workers at a call center at your typical office-supply chain.  Miranda takes the delicate flower under her wing and trains her in this new job.  Jessica soon finds out that some people are out there are truly assholes and delight in treating people horribly.  While trying to talk her off the ledge after one particularly nasty customer, Miranda discovers that she’s attracted to her new coworker; little does she know that her delicate flower hides some feelings of her own.

Legally Busty

Brandon is a very successful Florida lawyer whose practices takes on new interns every semester to mentor them as they apply for law school.  He receives an email from his former college advisor who periodically will send him some students, informs him about one named Monica.  Gerald’s students are not typically in the academic range that Brandon prefers, but he singles her out because he feels that she excels, among other reasons.


Jeremy, a Massachusetts native is up in Maine on work when during his night off, he’s looking for something to do.  It’s either a pool hall or a dance club and the convenience factor sends him to the pool hall.  Turns out the pool hall is decrepit, but is in the process of relocating to a nicer building with a better setup.  While at the pool hall, he becomes friendly with Monica, a brilliant bartender who despite being educated, is wasting her life away while helping a friend.

The Postal Club

A cheesy take on “The Mile High Club,” but a cute one.  Darrel is a transplant from Boston who has made Brooklyn his new home.  After a financial scandal within some post offices in New York City caused massive layoffs, some workers from Long Island were brought in to fill the gaps until new people could be hired.  Lynn managed to not only get Darrel’s mail delivered timely again, but she develops an attraction to him.

After Hours at the 94

Ronan, a recent military discharge from Texas, decided to make Chicago his first civilian living.  As part of settling in which takes any new resident time, he finds a credit union for his money and storage.  Little did he know he would be assisted by a manager with a soft spot for veterans.

Tutoring Riley

Riley struggled insurmountably with his English class and after getting the runaround from his professor, sends out an email asking for help.  His calls are answered by Michelle, a gorgeous and gregarious Puerto Rican.  As she tutors him and gets to know his introverted nature, she aims to break him of it while helping him with English.


Mike and Tracy enroll in a beginners-level Communications course as part of their four-year stint at the University of Nevada-Reno.  They discover that the professor of that course is both immature and nasty to her students, causing them to pull out, but not before making the school aware of her conduct unbecoming.  As they make their way through the semester and deal with lodging that complaint, they discover that they come from opposite backgrounds, but both have the same goal.

History Made Interesting

Gina Matthews is a graduate student studying Constitutional Law at the undergraduate level.  To satisfy an elective for his major, Marcus enrolled in this class despite low interest.  Where the legal field existed at home, he was immersed into it.  Marcus’ struggle was an understatement, but Gina saw potential in him to succeed, so she works with him.  Little did they realize that something would develop over the course of the semester.