Turning SnapSex into RealSex

Four years ago, Dianna’s daughter, Sabrina, graduated from Wake Forest Univerity as a journalist.  She had a difficult time honing down her field of study between political writing and doing stories on charitable work.

That all changed one afternoon at the Hanes Mall, five miles south of campus…

While out with some friends at the Hanes Mall, Sabrina witnessed an armed robbery of one of the mall’s ATMs.  Acting on her youthful instincts, she used her phone to record him robbing the ATM while another friend called 911.  The burglar heard the friend call and fatally shot her.  He then turned around and attempted to fire a shot at Sabrina, only to have his gun misfire.

From a distance, one gunshot was heard which took down the burglar.  When Sabrina turned her phone, she saw that a middle-aged woman had pulled out her gun and fired a single shot.

The 911 prompted a response from Winston-Salem police.  One officer interviewed the woman who fired the long shot at the burglar.  Another tended to Sabrina’s friend, who pronounced her dead at the scene.  Once Sabrina realized what’d happened, she scurried over to that police officer, who gave her the solemn look.  In her frantic state, Sabrina mentioned that she’d taken some cellphone video.  Her emotional state hadn’t caught up with processing her friend’s death, but she was lucid enough to agree to work with police in getting the video off her cellphone.

As she regrouped with the other three people she’d come with, she found herself staring at the ATM as mall security and a fourth officer were attending to slain burglar.  Her mind replayed the precise moment where his gun was pointed at her as it was settling in that had the gun not jammed, she would have been dead.

The officer whose grave look informed her of her friend’s death, approached her to ask some questions and to offer her medical treatment.  She declined the medical treatment, signing a wavier, but cooperated with questions and offered her information.  The friends were also questioned and offered treatment; none accepted the medical treatment.  All three were advised to visit the health center on campus for a quick checkup.

As Sabrina looked on, the burglar was carried out on a stretcher by paramedics.  She also noticed that the good samaritan was being taken into custody.

The girls’ shocked state of mind had them leaving the mall.  On the way out, one of them spotted a local media truck.  One reporter read quickly that all three seemed distraught and approached them for a sound byte.  One of them, less filtered, replied, “You can see that we’re in rough shape – please leave us alone!”

It was after that day that Sabrina decided to become a news reporter.

For the next six months after incident, a national conversation began around the idea of using a cellphone to film something happening around you.  Hers was the first that was used as the official video depicting a crime in progress.

June 2014

Over the course of four years, hard work and perserverance enabled her to graduate with a four-year degree in journalism with a 3.6 GPA.  She was pleased to discover that her experience prompted Wake Forest’s journalist program to incorporate using a cellphone as another way to capture a story.  That trend would find its way into journalism classes across the country.

To get her entry-level start as a reporter, she took a job with WRAL in Raleigh doing stories on charity work.  Within two years of taking the job, she had created a new standard across the nation of using cellphones and tablets to do live coverage while connecting to the station’s Facebook and Twitter pages.  Broadcast networks in droves began phasing our their outdated and expensive broadcast studios in favor of a cleaner look that ultimately lead to a better quality of news reporting without having haul expensive equipment.

In Feburary of 2018, one of Sabrina’s journalism peers from Wake Forest, Carmen, also one of the women who was there at the mall shooting, founded a journalism non-profit based out of Phoneix.  She noted that news coverage in 2016-2017 had degraded in quality and needed an overhaul, and her mission would also bring the industry into the new decade.  She offered Sabrina the position of vice president.

April 2019

Sabrina’s schedule had her speaking at a three-day event in Miami, putting her thirty minutes from her mom’s new house in Miami Gardens.  Sabrina had moved out of her parents house a few months after their relationship took a turn for the worse.  Going to school in a different state gave her the distance she needed.  While she and her mom  chatted on a monthly basis, it wasn’t until she graduated from Wake Forest that she learned that her parents had divorced and her mom had moved to Miami Gardens.  When her job took her to Miami to speak about how social media had become the primary way people were getting their information, she called her mom to see if she was interested in getting together.  Considering the last time they actually saw each other was at her graduation, she was adamant that they link up.

Dianna had considered cooking dinner, but Sabrina’s schedule made the timing tricky.  Her itinierary had her arriving in Miami close to 7:30PM, and she had to be up the next morning for day one of the conference.  They arranged, instead, to go out to dinner at an upscale restaurant in Miami Lakes.

Plans were further complicated when Sabrina’s flight had to deal with a medical emergency, forcing it to land in Dallas.  The new estimated landing time was approximately 10PM, at which point the restaurant would be closed.  To make up for it, Sabrina arranged to grab dinner with her after the conference wrapped up, and decided to take a personal day when she returned.

Back in Miami Gardens

Coincidentally, that night, Dianna had received a SnapChat message from Ricky, a rather attractive lawyer she met via Tinder.  Within two weeks of matching, they added each other, then had SnapSex.  Watching a live stream of Ricky jerking off always made Dianna cum quickly while masturbating.

He mentioned that tonight was one of few nights he had available to him, and asked if she wanted to hook up.  Given her plans with her daughter had changed, she eagerly accepted.

She headed up to her room to change into something more alluring. The winning outfit would be a one piece dress that accuentuated her C-size tits.  There was no doubt that Sabrina’s sexy figure came from her mother, though her attitude and ego came from her father.

Not long before she headed out, her phone chimed with a text message.  “Good thing we rescheduled.  MIA is having tech issues.  Only in 2019 do airports still have these issues.”  Dianna didn’t reply to the message, but airline troubles are nothing new to either her or her daughter.

Dressed to kill, she headed out.

She used Google Maps to the plot the directions; it was a forty-five minute drive to his house.  With the GPS set to go, she opened her video app where she’d stored a short video of him masturbating, and hit play.  She didn’t masturbate often to his video, but the few times she did, it didn’t take her long to cum. While she didn’t want to risk crashing her car, just looking at his cock made her wet.  Most of the drive took her up I-95, and at night, cops were rarely on the road.

She decided to risk it.

Pulling up her dress, she took two fingers and teased herself. It wouldn’t be long before she started swerving in her car. To avoid getting pulled over, she pulled her dress back down until she arrived at Ricky’s.

She decided to risk it and floor the gas until arrival; doing so, helped her shave ten minutes off the trip.  More often than not, it’s the case that cruisers are out more as a deterrent, than as enforcers.

At close to 10:30PM, she arrived at Ricky’s house.  As she pulled into the driveway, she took her first look at the house he’d described several times.  She approached the front door and it opened as she stepped closer.  The entrance was setup such that his house was the door on the left, and his office was on the right.  The door to his office had a biometric lock.  The door bore his name, “Richard Jare, JD” with the state seal for a notary public designation, a sticker for the ABA.

As she continued to admire the office door, the other door opened as he greeted her, “Hey there, Dianna.”

When she turned around, he was naked.  It took her a seccond to realize there was a camera setup above the door, where he probably saw her enter.  He invited her inside.

She took her shoes off and put them by the entrance.

“Can I offer you a drink?  I have wine, beer, and I can make something mixed.”

She swung her head back around to make eye contact replying, “How about a White Russian?”

As he nodded, she couldn’t help but be mesmerized by his cock, just sitting out there.

Trying to create conversation, she said, “A man’s never greeted me in the buff.”

He chuckled, “I knew you were coming alone, so I figured it wouldn’t matter.”

He made the drink and put it on the counter by the kitchen.  He also grabbed himself a Bud Light.

“I’m curious, how long have you been practicing law?” she asked, trying to stimulate some conversation while fantasizing about him.

He knew what she was up to, but answered anyway, “Fifteen years this month.  Started in Corporate Law in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, then took up unemployment practice in Chicago.  I made my way down here for Intellectual Property Law about five years ago.”

“Wow, you jumped around,” she replied, trying to seem interested, even though she just wanted to fuck him.

“I can still practice the other two, but I tend to specialize in IP,” he replied, seeing through her attempts at small talk.

“So, I’m in real estate,” she said as her hand made its way surreptitiously into her dress, “and I’m trying to start my own firm, but I have no legal help.”

Being a lawyer, he noticed her subtle move to start masturbating while talking to him.  He stood up and walked behind her.  He proceeded to massage her shoulders to relax her.  At the same time, she felt the head of his cock poking her in the back.

“I can tell you that there’s no shortage of real estate lawyers in Miami,” he said with a seductive voice as he continued the massage.  His large hands pushed into her shoulders almost orgasmically.  Her body melted as her pussy become wetter by the second.

He lowered his face and started applying kisses to her neck.  “If you do find yourself actually needing legal advice, I have a few partners that I can direct you to.”

As the massages continued, her fingers kept fingering.  The conversation had transitioned into a series of moans from both.

He lowered his body down to her level, “Dianna, let me do that,” as he turned her around and resumed fingering her.  This made his cock stand at attention, just begging for a good suck or fuck.  Just having two fingers reach in made her squirm.

She reciprocated by lowering her head for a blowjob.  The combination of both stimuli accelerated stimulation.  His cock was delicious and such a treat after months of masturbating to him stroking it.  She couldn’t get enough of his fingers, but she wanted to be fucked.

“Ricky, just fuck me…”

She stood up facing the other direction as he aligned his cock and finished what he started.  Each thrust brought her that much closer to an orgasm.  He was able to play with her nipples softly while pounding her, making it that much hotter.

Given that she was most of the way there before she arrived and his foreplay, it didn’t take much more than another five minutes for the build up to come full force as she felt her pussy gush.  He wasn’t too far behind her as she could feel him getting ready to burst.

While they enjoyed their orgasms, his felt too routine for her liking, almost like for a single guy, he fucks so often, just for the sake of getting off.


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