Quickie in the library

Danny was sitting comfortably in the library catching up on current events on his iPad when Tasha entered his field of view.  Toting a thoroughly stuffed backpack, she took a seat on the freshly cleaned chair across from him.  Approximately 5’4″, very petite, recently highlighted short blonde hair, easily a C cup, and the look of someone who takes her studies seriously.  She was a graduate student eyeing a 4.0 GPA; this public library had become a second home to her.  His eyes consumed her up and down as she unpacked her bag – laptop, several textbooks, and a portable laptop desk that contained two small fans.   It took her a few minutes to realize Danny was consuming her, but once the realization hit her, she returned his stare with a bright smile.

She plugged in her portable desk and laptop.  Upon opening her laptop, it woke up from sleep mode as she continued her work.  Her backpack’s flair reflected a strong support for the LGBTQ community.  Such strong support didn’t come overnight; she was raised in a household that rejected the community and reflected it in her upbringing.  It took her undergraduate time and becoming close friends with two lesbians and a gay man to change her perspective.  Trying to shake off her bigoted upbringing and in an effort to try something new, she dated a woman for one semester.  Even though the relationship didn’t last much beyond it, she learned something about herself.  Her heterosexuality was reaffirmed during her freshman year of graduate school when a night of partying after finals resulted in a one-night stand with a guy she’d been fantasizing about in class.

Danny identified as bisexual, but tended to prefer women because he was a sucker for sexy cleavage.  He carried on few of the masculine stereotypes and overwhelming rejected society’s expectations for him as a man.  His exterior reflected the type of man she was into – predominately beta and while carrying the appearance of a man, having a feminine disposition.  Many of her peers and friends wondered why she never stuck with being a lesbian – that one experience in graduate school made her a fan of cock for life.

Periodically, while typing away at her computer, she sneak in glances at Danny and was provided another reminder of why she can’t be exclusively gay.  Ironically, she was working on her Master’s thesis and the topic dealt with studying people who rejected societal norms for their birth gender.  It didn’t take her long to become fascinated with Danny, both as a person to study, but as someone she was attracted to.

She was three hours into her thesis when Tasha realized that she needed a break.  She saved her work, closed the laptop, and put it aside.  She decided to step outside for a walk to clear her head.  The two had been exchanging playful glances all the while she was working on her thesis.  Watching her walk outside made his cock harden as the fantasies came pouring in.

As she returned, the odor of cigarettes permeated the small area.  Danny wasn’t crazy about smokers, but when they have a body like Tasha, exceptions apply.

Tasha fished into her bag and pulled out a book that was tattered, but still readable.  Judging from where she reopened her book, she was about halfway through.  Peering directly at the front cover, it was clearly a romance novel by the title and the cover art.  Not being an avid reader, Danny hadn’t heard of it.  Considering the cover depicted a couple in the throws of passion, it was either something steamy, or clever marketing.

Tasha wasn’t oblivious; she looked up from her book and cracked a sexy smile at Danny, who in return smiled and contemplated an approach.  It was obvious he was aroused and horny as shit.  As she continued to read, he noticed her hand abandoned her side and started massaging one breast.  He responds by rubbing his hard cock on the outside, drawing an image of his hands taking their place on her breasts.  It quickly becomes evident that she’s no longer reading as she placed her hand over her clothed pussy.  She put the book down, near her pussy as if she wants the book itself to fuck her.

It doesn’t take much to see that he’s been fantasizing about her.  As their mutual attraction is more evident and realizing that they’re essentially eye candy for each other, the only thing they haven’t done is get naked and mutually masturbate like exhibitionists for each other.

It’s clear they’re both after the same thing.

Danny enthusiastically accepted her unspoken invitation to sit in her chair.  On approach, her eyes plastered him with targets; no doubt her pussy was reacting in kind.  While descending into the chair, Tasha devours him mentally while salivating like he were a rare steak with her hungry eyes.  Her neck craned over to him as her cleavage bowed inward, allowing him to see more of her sexy tits.

They stare into each other’s horny, lustful eyes for a few minutes to continue that hot fantasy.  His cock’s hard enough to hang a coat on and she’s probably already had at least one orgasm.  Danny made the first affectionate move by starting to make out with her as he plants his ass firmly on her lap, cupping his hands around her neck, kissing her lips passionately.  Tasha can feel his cock pushing to escape, knowing that she wants a piece of it.  As they continue to make out, her nipples harden to the point of extreme sensitivity.

It doesn’t take long for his hands to work their way up her shirt, all to discover that she’s wearing a flimsy, but functional bra.  It doesn’t take much for him to reach his fingers under the cups to start playing with her nipples.  Reciprocally, it doesn’t take long for her to start fishing at his belt.  For an overly feminine beta male, Danny’s been through this a few times in his day.

Tasha disregarded the fact that they had an audience and worked his jeans off.  An acute angle formed between his hard cock and his briefs, prompting her to start stroking him over his briefs.  His playfulness started to subside as his ability to focus dwindled.  Unable to contain herself, she reached into the briefs where a hole exists in the middle, pulled his cock out and started servicing.

His cock wasn’t huge, but it sufficed for this instance.  Tasha just wanted a quickie to hold her over as the sex scenes in her book were rated-R caliber.

While he was thoroughly enjoying the blowjob, he wanted some of her.  His hands found their way over her shirt as he reacted to the euphoric sensations by giving her tits a hard squeeze.  She didn’t want to moan too loudly as it was considering their audience was likely disgusted.

It wasn’t ten minutes into the fellatio when Danny felt himself about to cum.  He reached down with both his hands and gave her tits a firm and hard squeeze which made her upcoming orgasm that much hotter.

As he blew his load, he let out a half-assed grunt in a rare attempt to be a man.  The load wasn’t massive, but it was enough to get them both off.


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