An executive fuck

Joshua arrived at his three-o-clock meeting a half-hour early due to overestimating traffic.  Upon entering the meeting room, he noticed the lovely and mouthwatering, Becky.

Standing at a scintillating five-foot-six,  wavy blonde hair hung beautifully over cleavage that seemed intentionally prepared for this meeting of a room full of executives.  Upon his arrival, he consumed her as salaciously as her mind felt when she slipped on her crossover top.  Becky was very aware of her gorgeous figure and how often her meetings were with male executives, mostly middle aged with working plumbing.

Becky was no dummy and knew she’d immediately entranced him; when they met eyes, their smiles were brighter than a Christmas tree.  His cock wasn’t shy to respond; neither was her pussy.  As he took his seat, he continued to devour her, already mentally fucking her into the middle of next week.  Her thoughts were just as racy, but she had to keep some appearance of propriety.

Becky was reviewing some notes for her presentation, but had difficulty focusing as she became more interested in having Joshua fuck her sideways than she did about making a sales pitch to a room of highly paid executives.  Joshua’s eyes never deviated from her upper thirds as he’d painted a silver dollar-sized target on her well-accentuated B-cup tits.  You couldn’t surgically remove the smile planted on his face.

After staring at her notes, she glanced at the wall clock perched above the entrance to this meeting room – she had a half-hour until the meeting would begin.  Realizing that she had to amend her presentation, she approached the laptop and began to make some last-minute changes.  Joshua continued to admire her from his seat, a direct b-line from where she stood.  Her poise behind the laptop obscured the target and made his cock start to soften.  She subtly deviated her eyes from the laptop to ravishing Joshua; her pussy wanted action, and it occurred to her that her company had paid for a VIP suite in an elite-level hotel, fifteen minutes away.

Joshua would not allow a fifteen-inch block of monitor to prevent him continuing his gawk; in fact, he suspected that her move to the laptop was a test.  Taking the bait, he ascended from his chair as he adjusted his tie.  Peripherally, she saw his motion and cracked a grin as her nipples achieved firmness.  He approached her at the podium and whispered something into her ear; the words amplified by her raunchy state of mind and her already craving of his body.  As he looked over her shoulder to see what she was typing, he noticed that she had begun typing something into what looked like an online journal.

She had shrunk the screen to a point where it was hard to tell what she was writing, but whatever it was, it was detailed.  He also checked the clock – this meeting was to begin in ten minutes and there was no attendance of executives.  There had been no indications that this meeting had been cancelled, which caused him to raise his eyebrow suspiciously.

Joshua didn’t care as the scene was right – he took point directly behind her and began massaging her shoulders as he pushed his body square up against hers; his cock obvious to her ass, causing her to smile.  The view down her crossover made things even hotter as she craved his touch.  It wouldn’t help that he was wearing a light cologne that amplified all sensations.  She put her index finger up as she approached the meeting door and barricaded the entrance.

Doing an about-face as she seductively sauntered back to the keyboard, she returned to the keyboard to continue typing, giving Joshua a much clearer view of her cleavage from her crossover top.  Now, he had an unobstructed view of her firm and sensitive tits.  It was also clear that she was an avid shopper of Victoria’s Secret.

She continued typing as he continued gawking.  She had enlarged the font size by a half-point, giving Joshua a view of what she was typing.

“It never fails that when I attend one of these meetings, I end up getting sized up by a gorgeous guy who my body never fails to impress.  He is a knockout – sexy smile and a freshly trimmed goatee; fucking hot!  I know he’s already fantasizing about me; he has functioning body parts, and it’s not like I’m not showing off.”

She kept typing as he made his first move by applying light kisses to her neck, sending deep shivers down her spine. She could no longer focus to type as she was brought in by his touch. He brought the kisses around the back of her neck to the other side as he whispered something else in her ear. Her nipples were as hard as his cock was, both yearning for some action.

Clearly, this meeting had either been cancelled or relocated without warning.  They didn’t fucking care as orgasms needed to be had.

She started moaning softly at first, but increasing in volume the more time Joshua spent on her neck; something that never fails to get her going as her body melted like putty.

He turned her body around, causing her hair to drape perfectly on her cleavage.  He bent her over backwards on the provided lectern and sent his firm, yet aggressive hands up her shirt.  As his fingers reached her tits, he traced them, forming a grope.  Her nipples were were rock-hard and dying for some action.  With each squeeze, the moans became louder and with more passion.

He returned her body upright and removed her top, tossing it aside, leaving the lacy Victoria’s Secret bra.  She looked down at her own body, smiling in anticipation of him ripping the rest of her wardrobe off.  He brought her body in closer and starting making out with her.  Her pussy was wet and wanted his cock, but he wouldn’t make it that easy.

As the lip-lock continued, Becky reached down and started working his belt.  It wasn’t long before she had it undone and his pants dropped.  He wore Calvin Klein boxers and his erection was pronounced, something that made her mouth water.  She reached down and started dry-stroking him, causing him to grunt.  He reciprocated by continuing his grope of her tits.  He also applied his teeth to her nipples to make things that much hotter.

Biting her nipples was amplifying all sensations and pushing her closer to her first orgasm.  She tore off his boxers and stared at awe at his five-incher that was standing at attention.  Noticing that she was wearing a skirt, he backed off from the kisses and inserted two fingers up her skirt to notice that she was going commando.

He returned an upward eyebrow of approval as she winked.  His fingers continued their exploration as he found her opening.  His index finger ventured into what was already well-lubricated.  He pulled his finger out, turned her around and bent her over.  His cock slid in easily and made for some euphoric sensations.  He pulled his body in closer to hers as he used her firm tits for leverage.  He could only imagine how she would write about this experience in what looked a blog.

As the coitus continued, the screams became louder, as she began to scream his name.  Transferring his hands from her tits to her hair, he took a firm hold and tagged hard.  Her approval was duly noted by the ear-piercing screams for more action.  Her first orgasm was imminent as her hair was being pulled and tugged in a primal fashion.

They were both sweating hard and grunting in a primal fashion as it was possible that they could both cum simultaneously.  Grappling her hair and tugging hard with one hand, he applied firm ass slaps with the other.

The simultaneous stimulation was enough to push her over the edge into a massive orgasm; Joshua could feel her cum onto his cock, which made it even hotter.  The fluid coat of pussy juice was pushing him that much closer.  His grunts became louder as he announced his intention to cum; his body harmoniously preparing for the money shot.

As he blew his load, she screamed his name much louder as she could feel his cock cumming.  Becky loved the feeling of a man blowing his load and it made that much hotter by the hair pulling.

The only thing that would run through Becky’s head as her body came down from the orgasm is when she’d get this chance again…


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