Orgasms at Pendleton

Janice peered at her watch in anticipation – it was approaching midnight.  She was expecting a call from her girlfriend stationed at Camp Pendleton while she was learning to be a combat videographer.  Janice knew that Mya’s schedule sometimes had her doing extra hours, and given the time difference there were some nights where Mya’s night didn’t end until well after midnight-pacific.  On the late nights, Janice would pass out for a short nap before the phone rang.

Around 1AM, Janice’s phone rang to her girlfriend’s tone, “Waiting for Tonight,” the song they first fucked to.  She felt a strong adrenaline rush as she tore through her pockets looking for her phone as she didn’t want to miss it.  Her Android phone allowed her to customize Mya’s contact card with a picture of her bare tits; seeing that always made her smile.

“Hey babe!” said Janice enthusiastically as she answered.

Mya momentarily smiled as she heard her girlfriend’s soft voice.  Sometimes Mya would wait until the next day before calling because she didn’t want to interfere with Janice’s sleeping given how unpredictable her schedule became at times.

Janice couldn’t see it, but Mya had grabbed her phone from her duffel bag and stepped outside the barracks to make the call.

“What’s happening?  Sorry I’m calling so late.  I was relieved of duty for the night about thirty minutes ago, but finding some semblance of privacy is damn near impossible around here,” said Mya with some frustration, but otherwise glad to talk to her love.

Janice never complained about the time of the call.

“It’s fine.  I figured things ran over.  How’re things going since last month?”

Mya smiled as she replied, “Things are going well.  It’ll be about two months until I’m done with training here.  I was talking to my CO two days ago and they may be sending me to North Carolina to do some videography for a new Marine program they’re introducing.”

Janice replied in some excitement since North Carolina was at least the same time zone, but also put her closer to Florida.

“You know that if you head for the Carolinas, you’ll have to come south and see your sexy love,” said Janice with a hint of allure.  She was a girly-girl at heart and had the personality of girl in high school despite being twenty-seven.

“Oh, fuck ya!  You don’t know how I’ve missed that sexy body of yours.”  Mya had roughly the same personality type, but going through basic training slightly hardened her up.  Janice was never bothered by it, but at times, she missed her girly-girl nature.

Hearing that made Janice wet.  She lowered her yoga pants and inserted two fingers into her pussy.

“Baby, you know that has me fingering myself…” said Janice as her voice lowered in tone.  Mya smiled wide and wanted to masturbate just as much, but finding a place of privacy was not easy where she was.

Janice continued playing with her pussy and sounding like a phonesex operator, “Just think, I’m sitting here, playing myself as I hear you speak…”

Mya was officially in heat as she was trying to think of the nearest place where she could lock herself in seclusion.   The only place that came to mind was the kitchen behind the mess hall.  Having worked there for the first few months of being at the camp, she was familiar with entering and exiting with much of a problem.  She would normally masturbate in the barracks, but her bunkmates were asleep, and they didn’t know she was out.

“I hate to do this to you, but I won’t be able to join you for this round.  I’m heading over to the mess hall.  I can get in there and at least be loud.  Please, though, tell me more about your pussy….”  Mya left the barracks like a soldier looking for cover.

As she continued walking across the base, fifty minutes before midnight, she listened as Janice continued describing how she was fingering herself and the hot things she wished Mya was doing to her.  Every other word made Mya’s pussy wetter, making it more difficult for her to maintain self-control.  Even though she wasn’t responding much to Janice’s seduction, she took in every syllable and her body responded as it should.  Janice had no doubt in her mind that Mya would be responding if she could.

Once she arrived at the building with the mess hall, she was able to enter without a problem, but noticed that the door to the kitchen was partially open.  Taking advantage, she snuck through the door and took a seat in the walk-in cooler.  Janice heard the whirring noise of the fans as she entered.

“What’s that strange noise in the background?

“Don’t mind that.  I’m sitting in a walk-in cooler; it’s the only place I can do this without dealing with noise issues,” said Mya as she kept her voice down.  The fans on the inside were partially drowning Janice out, but Mya was able to hear most of it.

Mya pulled the cooler shut quietly.  She pulled off her boots and put them aside, tucking the laces into the shoes as she normally did.  As she was stripping out of her uniform, she salaciously described it to her sex toy as she continued fingering herself.  Janice was up to two fingers playing around and waiting for Mya to join her.

Being in the cooler made Mya’s nipples 34B nipples hard.  Before joining the Marine Corps, she was required to removed her piercings which included earrings, a nose ring, and nipple rings.  Every time she looked at her own nipples, she lamented the absence of her nipple rings that Janice bought her for their six-month anniversary.

At this point, Mya also missed having her toys.  She licked two fingers and inserted them into her pussy as she started moaning Janice’s name.  Despite it being a solid forty degrees in the cooler, her body temperature skyrocketed.  Moving her fingers around, her mind cast an image in front of her of Janice approaching her, also with hard nipples.  Janice sported sexy 40C tits with her areolas tattooed with pentacles.

As Janice approached her, she reached out and groped her sexy girlfriend’s smaller, but delicious tits.  Her tongue came out and marked her nipples; teeth weren’t far behind.  The available hand reached down with one finger and massaged around.  This fantasy felt as real to her as Janice actually being there with her.

The sensations had Mya moaning and with each passing second, the sensations were more intense, resulting in near-screaming.  Janice caught on and furthered the fantasy by describing how her two fingers had expanded to three.  Mya’s masturbation increased to two fingers as her pussy was much wetter and softer.  At this point, she was thankful to be in the cooler to drown out the euphoric melody.  After the last few weeks of intense training, she needed this release.  The toughest part was having two bunkmates with scintillating bodies.  While Mya kept her fantasies and thoughts on Janice, temptation from coast to coast is undeniable.

As though their minds and bodies were in sync, the fantasy Janice’s actions mirrored the actions of the one back in Florida.  She reached down with the opposite hand and started playing with her clit.  The fantasy sent Mya’s body into a state of euphoric bliss as she was imagining Janice fucking her with a strap-on.

Janice decided to check on her, “Mya, hun, how’re you doing?”

Mya unable to reply at first, though Janice knew she was there just by the fans in the background, said in a whimper “I’m so close…”  As she continued to wince euphorically, her pussy was on the verge of an orgasm.  Janice began coaching her to cum, practically screaming it.

Within seconds, Mya came hard and her endorphins maxed out.  Given the distance they were from each other and how seldom they have a chance to do this, each orgasm was that much hotter.

Describing the orgasm had Janice fingering just as fast as she pictured Mya also squeezing her sensitive tits.  If there were two things that Mya did well – spankings and titty gropes.

Even beyond Mya’s orgasm, Janice was still working on her first.  When she realized that Janice hadn’t cum, she asked, “Almost there, babe?”

The intensity of the fantasy had Janice silent, but Mya could hear her breathing heavily.  Hearing that alone put Mya’s fingers back in her pussy for a second orgasm.

Janice silently whispered her impending orgasm as Mya screamed loudly, “That’s it babe!  Do it!”  At that point, she was happiest in the cooler.

Out of Janice’s pussy came fluid that left a quarter-sized stain.

As Janice’s voice subsided toward normalcy, Mya asked, “How do you feel?”

“Oh, baby, I’m calm, but I miss you.”

Mya’s fingers slowed down a few paces as she replied with the soft voice Janice remembered, “Baby, I miss you too.  I wish you were playing with me.  My hands work in the interim, but you have a touch about you…”

Janice replied in excitement, “I’m going to break out that toy you have me a few weeks before you headed to basic training.”  It was a seven-inch vibrator with a clit stimulator and five speeds.

She rolled over from bed and into her nightstand.  As she dug through some things, she found the toy.  Pushing the power button to make sure it still had juice from the other day, it would work for tonight.

Mya flashed back to the day they went to the sex toy shop and picked up the vibrator.  The male clerk wasn’t sure if they were an actual couple, or if they were just very affectionate.  In public, both girls weren’t the most publicly affectionate, but the reactions they garnered from people were priceless.  That night, they popped some AA’s into the vibrator, and Mya gave Janice a mind blowing orgasm.

Thinking about that night made Janice that much hotter as she powered on the vibrator and stuck it in.  “The vibrator still feels as awesome as it did when you first used it on me.”

While Mya couldn’t hear it, knowing that Janice was using the toy, her mind redrew the fantasy of Janice as she began eating her out.  At that moment, she was wishing she had at least one sex toy to play with.

Janice’s tongue felt very real to her as she returned two fingers to her pussy.

Janice continued using her vibrator as she imagined Mya eating her out.  The fantasy intensified as both girls were mutually moaning to the sound of each other masturbating.  Janice’s tits were big enough that she could reach down and lick, her own nipples, she instead pinched them.

Through the moaning, she softly guided Mya to her nipples.

Mya reached her other hand out and her disillusioned senses convinced her that Janice’s tits were there for the groping.  Her hands could feel the touch of each tit made cold by the inside temperate, but she still squeezed hard.  She brought Janice closer to her and nibbled each one.  Each nibble made Janice that much hotter as she continued with her toy.

Within a few minutes, both girls were on the verge of another orgasm.

The moans of encouragement were in the air and as seconds passed by, they were on cloud nine.  This wasn’t the first time they’d done phonesex, but it wasn’t each call that they could do this.  Given that Mya wasn’t always in a position where mutual masturbation was possible, she made ever chance count as much as she could.

Encouragement paid off as they both came approximately at the same time.  Janice now had a silver-dollar sized cum stain on her sheets and Mya was looking at a small puddle of her own, thankfully not getting anything on top of any food or drinks.

As Janice came down from her orgasm, she asked her girlfriend, “Did it feel weird doing this inside a walk-in cooler?”

“Not really.  Once you get by the sound of the fans and your body adjusts to the temp, it’s no big deal.  I just have to make sure I clean up before headed back to barracks.”

Mya looked at her phone – 12:30AM.  “Hunny, it just occurred to me that it’s zero-three-thirty in Florida.  Hopefully, you didn’t have anywhere to be today.”

Hearing Mya recite the time that way sometimes confused her, but she just looked at her phone.  “No, I’m fine.  Just hearing from you makes it worthwhile.”

Janice wrapped up the call as her body was due to collapse at any time.  Mya knew she had to get back to barracks and hope that nobody noticed her missing.


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