Erotica, pseudonyms, and Facebook

Yesterday afternoon, after composing a submission for #MasturbationMonday that contained a leading imagine of a guy fingering a woman while stroking his cock, and after trying to edit the post to tag some authors to promote the submission, Facebook informed me that it had deleted the post.

Yesterday evening, just after midnight, I made a post in a Facebook Group dedicated to kink that featured a topless woman.  Within five seconds, Facebook yanked it and proceeded to lock me out of my account for seven days because I committed an infraction of their terms of service (posting of sexually explicit pictures).

After clicking the buttons to acknowledge that no picture on my account was sexually explicit, it informed me that because it couldn’t find enough information on my profile to connect it with a real person, I either had to upload government documentation, or close the account.  Since Xavier Harrington is a pseudonym (sorry to burst anyone’s bubble), proving identity is out, so closing the account is the only course of action I can really take.

While XH is a pseudonym, I am a real person typing this entry.  While the pentacle avatar doesn’t legitimize my claim, many authors have messaged me on Twitter and Tumblr, and we have had some good conversations.

I’m writing this after informing the admin of a Group I started that this had happened.  There’s a few things to address:

  1. Facebook has always had a policy against posting pornographic or otherwise sexually explicit material in their terms of service.
    1. You will not post content that: is hate speech, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence.

  2. This wasn’t the first time my account had been frozen for violating that policy.  I acknowledge that I was in the wrong, even though I have seen things far worse than sexually explicit imagery posted on Facebook.
  3. I am not the only author out there who both writes with a pseudonym, and uses Facebook under it.  I know that some authors that write under pseudonyms will create fan or author pages and use those to interact with fans.  I will have to evaluate my options, but that might be what I have to do.
  4. Facebook has always been a platform that caters to the mainstream world.  Given what their terms of service disallow for posts, it’s clear who they don’t want using their network.  If Facebook weren’t such a ubiquitous and common way to share information, I probably wouldn’t have joined in the first place.

Since Tumblr and Twitter are two networks that don’t seem to have an issue with erotica and pornography, I will just stick with those two networks for now.

As of right now, you can follow me on Twitter at @xaverharrington, my upcoming book Fifty Shades of Xavier Harrington at @50ShadesofXH, and this blog at @XHFiles.

You can also follow me on Tumblr.

I’m also currently working on doing two things:

  • Purchasing a paid domain and buying a porn domain so that there’s no secret what XH is about.  I also want to take advantage of some of the premium themes that might exist for authors.
  • Tweaking an page where all of my social media links will be in one place.

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