The abuse of the ‘report’ button needs to stop

The report button has existed on social media forums for decades.  Its primary purpose is to inform an administrator that a post needs to be reviewed and possibly removed.

There are some very legitimate uses for that button:

  • Actual criminal activity occurring on the forum
  • Posts or tweets that contain spam or other viruses that someone might download
  • When people engage in doxing.
  • If the internet forum carries a specific purpose and there’s content that goes against that purpose.

As an unfiltered erotic writer, I see all sorts of content across social media that I do find trouble, disagreeable, or just flat-out fucked up.  I just keep on scrolling.

The majority of the ‘policy violations’ that occur on contemporary social media are due to people who see something they don’t like and report it.  Fellow authors have been suspended from both Twitter and Facebook because they share and make viral erotic material.  I’ve been smacked by it twice.  You’re never informed of who reported you, but you are nevertheless suspended and unable to interact.

My first Facebook suspension was for 24 hours.  The ‘sentence’ I’m serving now started on a Saturday night and ends on Wednesday.  Twitter hasn’t slapped the virtual cuffs on me yet, but if my tweets in the last 48 hours are any indication, I’m so far in the clear.

To be fair and balanced, I get it.  I share the social media ether with all types of accounts – political, religious, family-friendly, the arts, education, business, and others.  Erotic writing and pornographic pictures would probably be offensive to the categories I just listed, but I could dedicate an entire post to the things in those categories that would offend me.

I guess when you’ve seen it all, heard it all, and have exposed yourself to so much shit in life, you learn not to let every little thing get to you.

For those that continue to follow my feeds, thank you very much.  I’m glad to have you aboard.


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