Tryst After Commencement

After four solid years of classes, partying, sexual escapades, and three incidents of being arrested, Jodi, Jacqui, and Xavier were sitting in the student union of Barnum University in downtown New York City reminiscing about their wild times.  Three people with very different backgrounds, from different parts of the country manage to forge an eternal friendship.

There was the defiant and strong-willed Jodi who managed to get herself arrested three times on Barnum’s property; once for pot possession, and twice for giving a blowjob to her boyfriend in the parking lot.  She wasn’t one to keep silent when she had an opinion, nor was she one to easily acquiesce to authority.  Needless to say, her major was Criminal Justice.  At the beginning, she wasn’t sure whether she wanted to be a lawyer, or a police officer.  After her marijuana arrest during her sophomore year, she abandoned becoming a police officer, and stuck to the law path.

Xavier was one of those guys that you loved hanging around with, but there were times that his personality was too strong for the average person.  If he wasn’t getting into random arguments with professors and fellow student about some fucked up political topic, he was with Jodi trying to find some corner of the university that they hadn’t defiled.

Jacqui was the fiercely intelligent, strong-willed, and unabashedly snarky woman, who was always at odds with Xavier, between politics and religion.  She was a theater major, dead-set on a goal to be on Broadway.  As she progressed into her senior year, she had three university-sponsored productions under her belt, two film reels of her acting to send to acting schools, and in her final semester of school, she received a full scholarship to the California State University’s Acting School, where she would complete her training before putting her resume out to be in plays all over the country.  Despite the massive tension that always seemed to exist between she and Xavier, they formed a solid friendship.

May 20, 2015 – Commencement

Since the three were due to be at the recently-renovated Barnum Auditorium for commencement, they agreed to stay the night at Xavier’s apartment, which allowed them to be a fifteen minute subway ride to the campus.  The ceremony began at two and they wanted all graduates there for one for lining up and to take them through the motions of graduation.

All three awoke at seven.  Jacqui and Jodi had hair and mani-pedi appointments at a salon six blocks away where Jacqui was a regular.  Considering it was for graduation, her stylist offered to service Jodi for free.  Jodi hated getting dressed up, but she also knew that she would be photographed, so she figured she might want to make it count.  Four weeks ago, Xavier made a lengthy trip to the mall to pick out a suit that he would wear under his cap and gown.  He picked it up yesterday to ensure that it was in good shape for today.

While the ladies were at their appointment, Xavier went into his closet and unearthed his suit.  As he stared at the suit, his mind drifted off as he pictured himself walking the stage, his name called, and hearing the words ‘Magna Cum Laude’ recited after his name, shook the chancellor’s hand, and received the small piece of paper that instructed him how to pick up his diploma.  Despite his aggressive and loud personality, Xavier was humble regarding his accomplishments.  He never boasted or bragged about his 3.8 GPA, nor about his other professional affiliations.  He was just happy to be done so that he could walk the stage and begin his new life in Washington, DC as a lobbyist.

His fantasy was burst with a knock at his apartment.  He opened the door to two women who just returned from some pampering.  Granted, neither lady had changed into the outfits they’d be wearing to cross the stage, but they still looked radiant.  Jacqui went with the Bob style as her stylist used a number of hairpins to push her hair back disallowing it from obscuring her face.  Jodi’s hair was shoulder-length and typically wavy.  The stylist didn’t modify this much except to use some conditioners and other chemicals to make a red and blonde combination.  It showed individuality, uniqueness, and it was something different you didn’t see from her.  The stylist sent them home with small bottles of a specific shampoo and conditioner to use in today’s shower.

After they stepped into the apartment, like two ladies who had just been pampered, they began musing about the experience.  Jodi wasn’t used to having this done, so she wasn’t as jubilant as Jacqui, but she was appreciative of what the stylist did.  Xavier complimented them both, and it wasn’t simply a canned reaction to attractiveness.  Xavier broke out his cellphone to show that it was ten and they needed to get in the shower.

“We need to get our shit together.  Commencement is in three hours and we still need to get ready.”

To save time, the three agreed to shower together in a shower that comfortably fit two – a road that Jodi and Xavier had been down before.  Jacqui had another idea:  “Why don’t you two go first.”  She knew them long enough to know that they would be a while.

“We’ll try to make it short.”  Jodi glared at Xavier, who always ended up with a hard-on when he knew they’d be showering together.

With the water on and hot, they hopped in.  As Xavier took the lead, his cock was looking mighty appealing.  As he applied shampoo and massaged his scalp, the soapy water ran down his body, making Jodi even hotter as she admired his pale, but gorgeous ass.  She came up from behind him and gave him a reach-around.

Though aroused, Xavier reacted, “We might want to save this for after commencement.”

Defying his suggestion, Jodi started pumping his cock.  “If you knew how fuckin’ wet I was, I don’t think you’d care.”

Xavier acquiesced and Jodi continued.  After about five minutes, footsteps could be heard.

“Are you two done yet?” asked Jacqui as she pushed in the door that was left ajar.  She immediately noticed the silhouette of a handjob through the shower curtain.  A piece of her wanted to yell at them for taking so long, but another piece of her wanted to join.

“Good God, seriously, you two!!  We have a fucking stage to walk!”

Jodi reluctantly broke off the handjob and let Xavier finish showering.  Once he was done, he stepped out to begin drying himself. Jacqui was still standing there in front of the shower as she fixed her gaze on his still-hard cock, smiling wide.  In all the years they’d known each other, that was a first for her.  Xavier responded to her wide smile with a head shake and a chuckle as continued to dry off.  “Sorry about that.  Moments happen.”

“Yeah – I know all about it,” she replied frustrated, even though she couldn’t hide that she wanted to have some fun with his cock.  “For someone in a hurry, you’re not helping your cause,” he quipped to her, noticing her gaze.

A muffled Jodi remarked, “Hop in.  I’m almost done.”

She proceeded to hop in and take control of the water.  As Jacqui went through the motions, Jodi was fixated on her gorgeous ass.  To prevent being caught, she hopped out and grabbed a second towel to dry off.  After drying off, she put her towel next to Xavier’s and headed for his room.  He looked at Jodi, remarking with snark, “I wonder how long she will take.”  They both exchanged laughter considering she was fantasizing about both of them.

Knowing that Jacqui and ‘short shower’ was an oxymoron, Xavier grabbed Jodi and started making out with her.  “For as much shit as she gave us, she’s barely making a dent in time.”

Xavier’s cock was still fairly hard from the handjob in the shower.  Jodi dropped to her knees and started sucking.  Peripherally, Xavier could hear the shower still going.

As Jodi took his cock in and deepthroated, the euphoria overcame him.  When in a pinch, Jodi usually knew how to make him cum quickly.  Using both hands, she vigorously pumped his cock to motivate the orgasm.  Xavier began moaning and grunting as he normally did before cumming.

Though his attention span was fiercely focused on the pleasure he was receiving, his senses told him that the shower had been cut.  He wasn’t too far from an orgasm.  Jodi felt his girth grow wider as his balls started to harden.  His shaft quickly started filling with cum as his orgasm was imminent.

The light pitter-patter of footsteps could be heard from Xavier’s room.  Jacqui walked by his room and noticed the oral sex.  She stopped momentarily and fixated on the fun.  Her hand crept slowly down to her pussy as she put one finger in.  After a second, she came to her senses and walked past the room.

From a distance, she heard, “Cum for me baby!”  Xavier let out a loud grunt as he blew a nice load in Jodi’s mouth.  Hearing it made her hotter.  She looked over at the small refrigerator clock and saw that it was eleven.

She walked back over to his room and noticed that they were cleaning up.

“You two were having some nice fun,” remarked Jacqui as she giggled.

“Well, you were showering it, so we wanted to finish what we started,” replied Jodi enthusiastically.

“Guys, it’s eleven.  We need to get our shit together,” said the obsessive-compulsive voyeur who couldn’t wait to see the stage.

Jacqui had a glow to her as she started picturing the stage much like Xavier did earlier.  She had earned a 4.0; as such, she would hear “Summa Cum Laude” after her name.  Xavier saw the glow on her face and remarked with snark, “For someone obsessed with the stage, you’re moving slow.  We’re going to be doing the real thing here very soon.”

Jacqui had the defeated look on her face as she continued to get dressed.  Her outfit consisted of a one-piece red dress that showed some cleavage.  Jodi decided to try and up the ante on her appearance with a grey and silver crossover top with some sparkles.  It complimented her wavy hair style nicely.

After they were both dressed, they watched Xavier pull his suit together.  Boxer-briefs and socks were on, followed by the pants.  He left the belt and pant button undone for his shirt.  He took the white and collared shirt off the hanger and put them on.  The ladies were getting a rush watching him assemble himself.  As he tucked in his shirt, buttoned up his pants, and clasped his belt shut, the ladies were getting hotter by the second.  Next was his vest which nearly completed the ensemble.  Jodi found herself drooling as the sight of a man in a suit was an aphrodisiac for her.

As he finished dressing, all three gathered their caps and gowns.

It was high noon and these three were ready to officially graduate.

Commencement – High Noon

Four years of stress, agony, drunken nights, all-night study sessions, and multiple run-ins with the law, the trio were standing in line in the Barnum Auditorium that was recently renovated thanks to the generosity of a prominent donor.  The trio knew that they would be one day standing in this auditorium, even though they didn’t become ‘a trio’ until their sophomore year.

Despite being a mere 5’3, Jacqui stood tall in her one-piece red dress while resembling a future professional actress during a formal interview.  Jodi was never one for formal appearances, and she hated dressing up, but where she would be in a picture and among more than one hundred of her fellow classmates, she made an exception.  For someone that had, in four years at Barnum, had been arrested three times, had the charges dropped twice, and made a plea bargain for community service for the third, her GPA was a 3.5, complete with three letters of recommendation, and she had earned a degree in Criminal Justice.

Twelve-thirty came around.  Since the line order was done by last name, the three ended up in different parts.  Despite the legendary rule that all students were to wait until the end to vacate, this trio had no intention of sticking around.

Twelve-forty-five:  There was an announcement requesting the audience to rise like an audience in a courtroom and ‘Welcome the graduating class of 2015.’  The audio people cued up a classic version of ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ as the line was released.

Xavier had the earlier last name, exposing him to the active and supporting crowd.  As he inched closer to the auditorium, the volume level rose, eventually culminating to him entering the auditorium.  The graduates circled the perimeter of the audience, before eventually walking the center of the aisle.  Each graduate found themselves on the memory cards of at least fifty people during this process.  Once they arrived at the front row, they lined up systematically at their chairs.  The trio looked around at their fellow graduates as they filed into their chairs.  The chancellor was at the podium smiling, just waiting to deliver her opening remarks.  Remarkably, as the last graduate took their spot, the score was faded out as the chancellor gave the cue to be seated as the auditorium fell silent.

Xavier was aware of his and his friends’ place in the line and looked over.  Jacqui was an emotional wreck, constantly wiping tears from her eyes, overloaded by the sensations of the ceremony.  He located Jodi whose body language and poise was as perfunctory as her disdain for attending this event.  She had no desire to be in this celebration, but intellectually she knew that with all she’d gone through, it made sense to sit in that seat.  Xavier was proud of his accomplishments.  He wasn’t a 4.0, but he wasn’t aiming for the major leagues.  He would be content with a baccalaureate.

The ceremony was like most held at a four-year institution:  Speeches by administrators, selected speakers, and four students whose hard work and dedication put them in the honors categories.  These four students would hear the words ‘Summa Cum Laude’ as they cross the stage.  Their speeches were the standard “If you believe in yourself, anything is possible” throwing in a plug for the department from which they matriculated.  As he listened to these speeches, Xavier could see Jodi’s earnesty in leaving the auditorium.  Meanwhile, Jacqui had the poise of someone would would scream, “Amen!  Praise the Lord!” after each speech.

More than an hour and a half in, the cue to rise and cross the stage was given.  All three located each other in the crowd and simply nodded in acknowledgment.  Xavier would be the first to cross, then Jacqui, then Jodi.  An elegant score keyed up, followed by the graduates filing up to shake hands with the chancellor in front of the university podium.

Xavier ascended the stairs and approached the chancellor.  He stood in front of the podium, faced the crowd and photographer.  He shook hands with the chancellor and proceeded to pose for a graduation picture.  After crossing the stage and descending, he headed toward the rear stage.   There was one door that was not marked as a fire door and Xavier used it to exit.

Off to the side, Xavier noticed a gold-plated, Barnum-branded recycle bin for bottles and cans.  He opened the bin and pulled out one bottle, using it to prop open that one door enough for the other two to see it.  As he peered through the small opening, he saw Jacqui ascend the stage.  She had her picture taken, crossed the stage, descended from it, and made a quick B-line to the door she saw propped.

When she saw the doorway, she clandestinely strafed through it.

“How’d you know that door wouldn’t be locked?”

“I didn’t.  It wasn’t marked as a fire door, so I took a chance,” replied Xavier as he waited for Jodi to follow suit.

Jacqui was still processing everything and was still overwhelmed that she was now a college graduate that would soon be on her way to California to be a professional Broadway actress.  As she looked out the door, she saw Jodi ascend the stage, but decided to walk past the chancellor, and to the photographer for her picture.

“Wow, I know she’s probably pissed off some of the administration, but that was fucking ballsy,” remarked Jacqui.

Jodi noticed the door that was propped open and headed for it, exiting like she owned the place.

“Wow, I guess shaking the chancellor’s hand was too much?” asked Jacqui in a dramatic way.

“Well, I’ve been in her office a dozen or so times…” replied Jodi with a chuckle.

Xavier looked at her with that overprotective administrative look, “Really, after the chances you’ve been given…”

Jodi’s eyes went cold as she glared at him.  She wanted to be a bitch to him, but she just replied with a bird.

“I say we head back to my place to finish this celebration minus the formalities,” suggested Xavier.  The other two agreed.  “Besides, do you want to get on the subway with that crowd?” he asked pointing to the audience in the auditorium.

Later that day, back at Xavier’s apartment

The trio entered his apartment laughing and smiling.  The three were slightly buzzed after enjoying a meal at the wing place about three blocks from the apartment.  Since they weren’t driving, they threw caution to the wind and imbibed on a combination of shots and mixed drinks.  After four years of the blood, sweat, and tears of college, they felt they deserved it.

They all headed for Xavier’s room and got comfortable on his bed.  Jacqui was still euphoric over all the compliments on her new status as a college graduate.  Jodi was glad that the ceremonial portion was done, and Xavier could only think about the fact that at the end of this month, he would be giving up this apartment.

He looked at his two friends and began to muse.

“You all realize that at the end of this month, I’ll be out of this apartment and heading to DC to start my new job?”

Jacqui replied with a smile, “Yeah, and I’ll be trekking off to Cali to start acting school.”  After a brief pause, she added, “Fuck!  I’m beyond excited about this!”

Jodi wasn’t as enthusiastic, but was cordial about it, “And I get to figure out whether I want to be a cop or a lawyer.”  Xavier responded to her comment with, “With your defiant attitude, you might want to consider the courtroom.  I can’t see you enforcing the law.”

All three burst out in an alcohol-induced laughter, but Jodi knew he was right.  She couldn’t help but realize that she was arrested three times on university property.

“You know that if you end up some hot-shot actress on Broadway that you’re going to have to get us some tickets?”  asked Jodi, semi-drunk, but totally serious.

“Are you kidding?  You two better show up to what I’m in!” replied Jacqui, trying to sound demanding.  In her mind, she could already see herself on a professional stage in character.

In contempt of the celebration, Jodi rose up and made a mockery of the chancellor’s congratulatory speech, “Welcome fellow graduates!  You’ve made it!  You’ve done four years of cramming whatever bullshit we chose to feed you!  Pat yourselves on the back.  You’re now four years deeper in debt – and we thank you for it!”

Xavier and Jacqui broke out in hysterical fits.  The alcohol had overtaken them, making it laughter for the sake of laughter.  Jodi returned to the bed as she continued laughing.  Xavier couldn’t help but notice that she did that impression a little too well.

Upon returning to the bed, Xavier put his arms around both girls and let out a deep smile.  “Hard to believe that this will be the last time the three of us are in this apartment together, in this city.”

He also didn’t realize what a view of Jacqui’s cleavage he had.  Seeing it turned him on.

Jacqui stopped suddenly, “When you do give up this place?”

Xavier took his cellphone out of his pocket and checked the date, “Today’s the 20th and I give it up on the 31st.”

Jacqui’s eyes fell into a state of sobriety as she realized that she was due to get on a plane to Los Angeles on the 25th and she still had a shitload of packing to do.  Once graduation happened, she had to vacate her dorm room.  For grand total of two weeks, she made arrangements with a girl on her floor’s parents to stay at their place.

“Man, this fuckin’ sucks!” she whined further as she put her head on Xavier’s shoulder.  She also subtly whispered into his ear, “I can see you looking down my dress.  You don’t how hot that makes me after seeing you dry off from the shower this morning.”  This was met by Xavier moving his left hand lower and groping her left breast.

Jodi shook her head in amazement.  “All these years…”

Oblivious to her comment, Xavier and Jacqui started making out.  Jacqui pulled back and mounted him.  He reached up and started fondling her tits very aggressively.  They continued making out as she dismounted him and fully removed the dress, revealing a strapless bra and thong.  Xavier’s cock continued to get hard as he started rubbing it over his pants.  Jodi reached over and started undoing his pants.  As the belt loosened, the bulge rose higher.  With the belt undone, she unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down.  Xavier stopped her in mid-undress and carefully removed all articles of clothing since he had to return the suit the next day.

Jacqui was watching this the whole time with one finger by her pussy.

Once he was down to boxer-briefs, Jodi wasted no time and separating the erection from the drawers as she dove in and started consuming.  Watching this action had Jacqui’s pussy very moist and one finger playing around.  She wanted badly to resume the action she had with Xavier, but she wouldn’t interrupt Jodi’s action.  He reached his hand up into her crossover top and groped her right breast as she continued to bob.  Taking the nipple in his hand, he playfully massaged it.  Jodi entered a state of erotic bliss.  Her head came back up as she turned toward Xavier and started making out with him.  As things continued, Jodi removed her pants revealing she was going commando the whole time, and mounted him.  She lined him up and started riding.  This wasn’t their first time doing this, but where today was the potential last day, it had enhanced meeting.

Jacqui remained in the corner, having increased her masturbation to two fingers, was enjoying being the voyeur of the night.  Interestingly enough, her legs remained somewhat closed while she masturbated, like she didn’t want them seeing her doing it, though they both knew.  Ironically, neither of them had diverted gaze during foreplay or coitus.

As Jodi continued being a cowgirl, her pussy was aching from all the penetration, but his cock was making it worthwhile.  For her, his touch was intoxicating and euphoric, and from all angles.  There was nothing about any of this that she didn’t enjoy.

Jacqui wasn’t too far from her first orgasm as she continued imbibing in their coitus.  Their increased moaning amplified the desire she felt and brought her closer to her own orgasm.  Normally, she could go much longer before an orgasm, but watching two good friends fuck makes the experience that much hotter.

Jodi wasn’t far from an orgasm when Xavier reached up and gave a firm tug at the red portion of her dually-colored hair that was flowing off to one side.  Whatever sensations were flowing through her body were tripled, resulting in her first orgasm.  Xavier’s cock was saturated with the juice.  Screaming her orgasm made Jacqui come alive where she was previously silent.

Out of nowhere, Jacqui screamed, “Cum again!  Do it again!”

Xavier kept fucking and Jodi kept screaming.  She was minutes closer to a second orgasm as he kept pulling her hair and grunting at the same time.  Jacqui was screaming for him to keep pulling her hair.  Each pull turned Jodi on further and enabled her to come incrementally closer to her second orgasm; Jacqui was still working on her first.

Jacqui wanted in on the action.  She stopped masturbating and walked over to the bed, taking position behind Jodi.  Xavier noticed her position and released her hair to her.  Jacqui took her hair and pulled it sharply back, screaming, “Cum, you defiant bitch, cum!”

Jacqui had a very dramatic and high pitched voice, some of it from her acting training, but hearing it screamed so dominantly made all three of them hotter.  She was never known to be a dominant person, but Jodi had a submissive side to her which was fueled by having her hair pulled.  Jodi was positioned such that every time her pussy when down on Xavier’s cock she had that penetration and her hair being pulled; it pushed her to that second orgasm.

Xavier wasn’t too far from his orgasm.  His cock was drenched from Jodi’s orgasms, but he was running out of steam.  Jodi noticed it and dismounted him.  She lowered her body over his drenched cock and started vigorously stroking.  Jacqui approached him from another side and began making out with him.  He reached his hand up and started fondling her firm tits, noticing tactily how firm her nipples were.

Within seconds, Xavier finally blew his load.  Jodi delighting in swallowing every drop.

His hand traveled below her tits and strained to go further south.  Picking up on the gestures, Jacqui repositioned herself to give him easier access.  He reached two fingers in and picked up where she left herself off.  Given that it was his fingers and she was three-quarters to an orgasm, it didn’t take her long to cum in a series of mini-orgasms, leaving his hand saturated with juice.

Once the three began coming down from their orgasms, they dropped to the bed like dead weight.


4 thoughts on “Tryst After Commencement

  1. Fantastic story!!! Love my character ,you really hit the nail on the head with her!! Feisty, vivacious, seductive! I also loved your fun , charming, and sex on the mind character, as well as Jacqui , a good girl in ways, follows the rules, but has a naughty steak as well. Just not as naughty as “Xavier” and “Jodi” are 😈 I’m really curious of the feedback, as the story gets out ! And can’t wait for the book to come out on amazon in the near future!!! We definitely need more then this teaser of Xavier, Jodi, and Jacqui !! This is a dream come true for me, an I honestly can’t thank you enough! Friends that have read it love it got alot of ” DAMN” “HOLY HELL ” “DREAMY” “SEXY” “HORNY READING” ” WORKIT” “NEEDMORE ” WHERESTHERESTNOO” comments so far!!! 😀 😊 ty again, my friend 💙

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