Night clubs in Providence have three things that make them unique to other clubs in New England:  They’re typically twenty-one plus, have a business casual dress code, and are very good about keeping out sketchy customers.  Club Xtasy was doing a grand opening; it sounds like a titty bar, but it’s actually a nice nightclub owned by two Italian brothers.  As part of the grand opening, they ran a special:  If you’re in company with a woman, entrance is free, otherwise, it’s $10 for men and $5 for women, and drinks were half off.  Xtasy ran hours of 9PM-3AM, but like any nightclub, you want to get there early to find somewhere to sit with your drink, especially if you bring a date.

Rodney pulled up to Xtasy, parked, pulled out his license and approached the long line.  He was impressed by the entrance foyer – very small to the point where the bouncer can check identification, but you couldn’t hear music blasting.  After being verified, he walked in to upbeat music playing, and people were sitting in a lounge environment enjoying conversations with each other.  He noticed that unlike other clubs, there were bar setups on the sides of the club.  This design started in a few clubs around Providence and was slowly making its way around the state.  The lounge wasn’t overly busy, but both bars had a steady stream of customers.  He also noticed that they were both female and showing some very alluring cleavage.  As Rodney continued through, he could feel the vibes of people checking him out, curious as to who he was, and what kind of person he was.

Surprisingly, there were many women sitting solo, drink in hand, poising themselves to invite a guy to confidently break the ice.  He made solid eye contact with some gorgeous women and had considered breaking the ice with one, but none appealed to him.  It’s also a known fact that many men who club frequently in Providence claim they’re bad-asses, but when you get them into these lounges, cowardice sets in.  None of these women were unattractive, but he got the sense that unless you lacked class, they women weren’t interested.

After observing the activity of the lounge, he was drawn to the chaos that was the dance floor from the outside.  The room’s doors were such that the lounge and dance floor were separated by heavy-duty reinforced doors.  Doing the sign of the cross, he ventured in.

The moment you pushed one of the doors out, the decibel level quadrupled in volume and intensity, violating the lounge with sound that could wake the dead.  If you didn’t have a hearing problem, more than 10-20 minutes in this room would have given you one.  Like the lounge, there were bars on the opposite sides of the room.  Rodney contemplated ordering a drink, but wasn’t sure how he’d relay it.  He did notice people approach the bar and order drinks, and noticed that one couple typed it as text on their phone and showed the bartender.

Just like Dirty Dancing, many of the songs played by the DJ had sexual connotations, innuendos, and some songs were flat-out explicit.  He’d been observing from the entrance, but he also exchanged glances between the lounge and the dance floor, intrigued how serene the lounge was, and how raucous the dance floor was.  Some couples dancing were two steps away from fucking on the dance floor.  This room was also the warmest part of the club – bodies everywhere and high energy; all you needed was some naked bodies.  The contrast between the two rooms was immaculate.

After a few minutes maneuvering the dance floor, Rodney noticed that some people were exhaustedly exiting the dance floor back to the lounge, while others were done enjoy their drinks and were entering the dance floor.  He must have tripped somebody’s radar; as he turned around with the intention to exit to the lounge, when he saw a woman on approach toward him with intent from the other side of the dance floor.  She had a drink in hand that looked freshly purchased.  She pointed to the door and they headed back to the lounge.

Upon re-entering, they noticed a lack of seating which prompted them to stand off to the side to chat.  Rodney looked at his cellphone and discovered he’d been in the club for an hour and a half.  His peripherals caught the entrance door and the line was reminiscent of retail on the morning of Black Friday.  Not only did this woman look out of shape and exhausted, she seemed to have a difficult time catching her breath.  After a few minutes of labored breathing and consuming her drink, her breathing came back to relaxing and she stopped sweating so hard.

“That dance floor can take a lot out of someone,” she said as her breathing started to return to normal.

“Are you okay?” asked Rodney out of concern.

She glared at him and chuckled, “I’m fine.  I’m overweight, out of shape, and I’ve been running around this club for the last two hours.”

“Didn’t this place open at nine?”

“I’m not on the payroll, but I know the owners and helped them open the place.”

Rodney nodded in acknowledgement, noticing that she was breathing normally again.  As he looked around, a couple had gotten up and headed for the dance floor.  “Let’s have a seat.”

Rodney’s ears were still ringing, making it rather difficult to hear this woman, but being a frequent clubber, he learned how to read lips in addition to a fair amount of hand gestures.

“I can’t believe how fucking loud it is in there!” said Rodney raising his voice, unaware that he could just speak normally.

“OH, it’s loud, but it helps with the energy level,” said the woman as her face and body returned to normal.

She noticed that Rodney was lacking a drink and offered to get him one.

“Actually, I’m all set, this is my first time here,” replied Rodney as he stopped for a moment to look her over.  He had been looking her over since she approached him, but it was much easier at this point.

“Well, this is Xtasy’s grand opening.  If you remember the club in Cumberland that was destroyed by pyros, the owner wanted to build a better club and integrate a lounge,club  extended her hand to show the place off, “this is it.”

Rodney’s senses had returned to him and he noticed peripherally that she was checking him out, but it wasn’t in the sense of attraction.

“Do you know the owners, or are you familiar with Providence nightlife?”  It was no secret to anyone that Rodney was a frequent clubber and something about that was plaguing this woman.  He wasn’t some random guy that she made a B-line for; she felt like she knew him.

“Let’s just say, I’m well known around here, but I’ve been a clubber for years.  I don’t know if you’ve heard of ‘the club circuit,’ but I formed it,” she continued.  “Since I’ve never seen you, allow me to introduce myself.  I’m Amelia.”  They shook hands.

“I’m Rodney.  I’m from Woonsocket, but I’ve been clubbing in Rhode Island for a few years.  Were you familiar with TAC in Warwick?”

Since they exited the dance floor, his instincts told him that he had run into Amelia before.  Her appearance was a unique one for a club environment – shoulder-length brown hair with blonde highlights, curvy, and she was more dressed for a poetry reading than a dance club.

Her reaction was very taken aback, as if guys like Rodney couldn’t possibly be interested in TAC.

When Rodney mentioned it, Amelia’s senses told her that she’d run into him before, but couldn’t place where.  They were both frequent clubbers, but they both also knew that they’ve danced with many people over time.

 The owners of TAC never explained what the letters stood for, but it was the only fetish/kink club in all of Rhode Island, but it wasn’t without its challenges.  It was horribly mismanaged and they must have violated a number of building and health codes, but nobody complained because it was the only club of its type.  There were allegations of sexual misconduct by the manager and a few employees, which caused it to lose business.  As much as Rodney clubbed at TAC, after a few months, management stopped maintaining the place, causing it to deteriorate.

“Familiar?  I used to work there as a bartender.”

He’d been maintaining eye contact the whole time she was telling the story, but nothing was clicking.

Rodney remembered the day TAC was closed and how the newspapers reported that the head manager of the place was facing allegations of sexual misconduct, so he spared himself the trouble.

“That’s fucked up, but TAC was also run-down and losing its appeal to most,” replied Rodney asserting honesty.

“It was losing its appeal because management was spending more time fucking the help, and less time making sure shit was getting done,” replied Amelia, sounding tense to the point of frustrated.

Amelia’s comment confirmed Rodney’s suspicions, “I always suspected there was something going on with them, but I could never put it together.”

Amelia was already halfway through her drink, and she made a second offer to him for a drink.

This time he accepted, asking for a Gin and Tonic.

As she rose from her chair, he admired her gorgeous ass as she walked over.  The more he talked to her, the more familiar she seemed, but was still having a mind block.

From a distance, he could see her talking to the bartender at that station.

She mentioned how prominent she was in the clubbing community, especially with the formation of the club circuit.  He also noticed that they were the only couple occupying seating.  He glanced over at the dance room and it was packed like boxes on a trailer.

Amelia returned after getting the drinks, and she had the look of she had the look of ‘I just learned something.’

“Did you know that TAC is giving it another go?” said Amelia in a tone of shock.

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

“That’s what he was telling me.”

Both shook their heads in disbelief.

“I just looked over at the dance floor and I can’t say I’ve ever seen a dance floor so packed,” said Rodney as he looked afraid to venture back in.

“It’s also the first night.  It makes sense,” she commented, “shall we?”  Rodney nodded and they headed in.

They entered at the beginning of “Don’tcha.”

They immediately exchanged glances.

“This is my favorite song to dance to,” said in harmony, even though neither could hear a fucking thing the other was saying.  They both also noticed that no couples were leaving, though many were entering.  Amelia proved quickly that she had moves, and as her hips moved to the beat of the song, Rodney couldn’t help but wonder if those hips were good for more than dancing.  She must have picked up on his glance, because she faced away, followed by backing into him, securing a position on his semi-soft crotch, prompting him to dancing in sync with her, placing his hands on her hips.

As they danced to the song, his cock started to rise.

Impulsively but lightly, Rodney grabbed her ass and used it as a guide to keep the rhythm.  Quickly, Rodney turned the rhythm of dancing into near-simulated sex, rubbing his covered erection against her ass.  She turned around and started to lower her knees, giving him a gorgeous view of her cleavage.  Coming back up, she leaned in closer and put her arms around him, prompting him to run his hands down her back, contouring her ass.  She pulled his body closer to hers; even through her top, Rodney could see how hard her nipples were, and how much she wanted to fuck.  The chemistry between them was unmistakable.  I don’t think there was doubt in either of their minds that something was going down tonight, but the question was ‘when.’

Between the mass of bodies and everyone’s close proximity, it must have been at least 90 degrees in this room.  Both Amelia and Rodney were drenched in sweat, much like every other couple around them.

“Don’tcha” ended and segued into “Milkshake”.  At that moment, the dance floor turned into a huge group of sexually charged people whose only desire was to start fucking their date on the floor.  At the rate this night was going, Rodney’s aim was a good fuck, though he wouldn’t get his hopes up.

As the song continued, they started dancing closer; he grabbed her ass and brought her in, simulating sex on the floor.  She pushed her hair back, and propped herself up in such a way that if they were in a separate room, he would have started sucking on her tits.  

After the song ended, they were both sweating like crazy and clearly turned on.

Amelia started to speak, but realized that the sound like was going to drown her out, so she mouthed, “We need to find a chair.  I need to cool off.”

After exiting the dance floor, they noticed that seating was limited as couples were rejuvenating from dancing while enjoying some conversation.  Rodney and Amelia couldn’t have been in there any longer than ten minutes and they both looked like they needed a jump start.

After claiming one area, Amelia made a pit stop by the bar and picked up some drinks.

Rodney reached into his pocket for some cash.  Amelia noticed, and put her hand out, “Don’t worry about it, but thanks for the offer.”

“I just figured I’d offer since you bought the last one.”

As they both sat down, and started catching their breath, Amelia began using her own top to fan herself, partially exposing her lacy bra.  She was sweating profusely in the dance club, but she looked like she had just done a five mile run on a hot, summer day.  Rodney looked like he’d napped on a lawn sprinkler with how wet he was.  Looking around, Rodney took off his collared shirt to reveal a grey colored t-shirt.  He sported a nice physique, and Amelia immediately reacted to it with a wide grin.  As she continued to fan herself, she mumbled to herself, “You’d think this would give me reason to lose weight?  But, no…”

“For a guy, you’ve got some moves,” Amelia opens with a deep smile, now that she was sweating less and breathing better.  Her body and face were still doused in sweat, and no part of her outfit was dry.  She also remembered that the brothers decided to go with air dryers in the bathrooms instead of paper towels.

At that moment, she wished she could have removed her dress without causing a scene.

“And you, have a nice ass… it helped me out,” replied Rodney through his grin.

Amelia’s reaction was priceless.

“Helped you??”  I thought you were going to try and fuck me right then and there!  Don’t get me wrong: I love confidence in a guy, but shit!”  If she had been sitting on a barstool, that nice ass would have been on the floor from laughing so hard, while replying.

“I felt a vibe and went with it, you seemed interested, and I think it’s obvious how horny we both were.  It was up to one of us to make the move.”

“OH, I was definitely feeling it,” Amelia replied confidently, “I was also fucking horny as hell!”  She finished up her drink, and set it on the small table next to her.  “When the music is that fucking loud, and the energy is wicked fucking high, it’s fucking amazing how that’ll affect you.”

The conversations had been helping them both cool off.  They were both still sweating fairly hard, but the conversation was also helping them pass the time.  As their laughter died down, they fixated on each other.  It’s occurring to them both that they’ve crossed paths before.

“The more I stare at you, the more I swear to fucking God I’ve seen you in other clubs,” said Rodney as he stroked his chin.  “I also feel like that wasn’t the first time we’ve danced.”

As the gears were turning, he also made a good point, “I also noticed that you approached me earlier as if you recognized me from somewhere.”

“Well, honestly, I thought you were really cute, but yes, I did notice something very familiar about you when I first saw you.”  The gears were turning in her head, meanwhile she couldn’t take her eyes off of him.  She was still horny from the dancing, but his torso was exacerbating the feelings.

Rodney smiled at the compliment, still racking his brain.

“I’ve also bartended to some extent at all of the clubs in the club circuit.  If you’ve been to any of the clubs within it, you’ve likely seen me.  I also tend to spend a shitload of time on the dance floor,” replied Amelia, who was also trying to put it together.

Rodney was trying to think back to all the times he’s been to these clubs and was trying to picture who he’d run into.  As he continued to ponder, he continued to drink.  He was remembering a certain female that he would frequently dance with, though they didn’t speak much.

“Now that I’m really thinking about it, there was always one woman that I ran into between TAC and another club that I would dance with,” replied Rodney, feeling confident that he was narrowing it down.

“Wait… which nights did you go to TAC?”  Amelia was almost there – she’s run into him before.

“It was either Friday or Saturday night, depending on my schedule.”

“I worked every Saturday night.”  She leaned in closer to Rodney as they were closer to solving this mystery.

In her mind, Amelia could see herself dancing with a guy roughly Rodney’s height, and the few times they spoke, the voice was beginning to hit her.

“You know what?  When I was a regular at TAC, I had a goatee and I wasn’t as thin.”

As soon as he mentioned the goatee, Amelia had a light-bulb moment.  “Oh-My-Fucking-God!  We’ve fucking danced there before!  Every time we danced, I remember thinking it was so hot that you had a goatee.”

Rodney started laughing.  “As part of losing my losing weight, I took down the goatee.”

Amelia responded in approval, “Honestly, I still think you look hot,” followed by a wink.

Rodney was still impressed by her figure, “Honestly, I think you’re gorgeous.”

“I just can’t believe – I mean, how is it we’ve met up at TAC a number of times, and sitting here, until now, we didn’t recognize each other??”

Amelia, obviously frustrated, threw her head in her hands, rather frazzled, replied, “I suppose, we never really hung out outside of the club.  That makes sense.”  Her tone was morose and filled with regret.

“Not to mention, we look different now than we did then.”

Reading her reaction, he moved closer to her, putting his arm around her.  Even though they were both sweaty and smelly, they both wanted action.

“Amelia, well we’re here now and reconnecting,” said Rodney as he made his move.

Amelia looked him, “I wish that hand was somewhere else.” She reached up and kissed him.

Rodney took out his phone and noted it was getting closer to 1AM.

“Let’s hit the dance floor again to get some energy going.”

“I like where this is going…” replied a horny and seductive Amelia.

Even though they were both tired, they headed back to the dance floor, which this time was less packed, with more couples leaving the dance floor than entering.

The music was now all in Spanish and it was a mix of hip-hop and salsa.

This time, their dancing was much closer and much hotter.

When dancing with her back against him, not only did he keep getting hard, but he kept groping her tits.  For them, they were the only two people in the room.  You could feel the ‘get a room!’ reaction from other dancers, but they didn’t care.  Amelia was prurient in her dancing and it only intensified the more she was groped, combined with the feel of his clothed hard-on pressed into her.

She turned around midway through the song as they continued dancing very closely.  Compared to earlier, the music wasn’t excruciating, but it was still too loud for them to say anything to each other, but they stared into each other’s eyes trying to say, ‘I want to fuck you so badly…’  She looked down at his crotch which was clearly aching for good suction and he could feel how horny she was.  Between the immoderate amounts of sweat coming from both of them, he was able to get many views down her shirt, which pleased them both.  As the song changed back to something in English, they stopped momentarily and started making out.  It went on for a few minutes when they were bumped by another couple screaming “Get a fucking room, you too!”  Not looking behind him, Rodney flashed a quick finger toward them.  Amelia looked at him and started laughing and mouthed “They’re just jealous.”

Rodney looked at his cellphone again – it was nearly 2AM, prompting them to exit back to the lounge.

As they exited back to the lounge, the DJ switched his equipment and started playing a random playlist as he broke down his equipment for the night.  The volume level also dropped by half.

Back in the lounge, they found another seating area and collapsed like a sack of potatoes.  Rodney was still hanging in there, but Amelia looked like she was ready to pass out.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m just wiped the fuck out…”

He leaned over closer to her, “Why don’t we take this somewhere else?”

“I just wanted to fuck you right there on the dance floor,” said Amelia with a weak voice.

“Dancing just now just made me hornier than you realize,” she continued.

“I wasn’t far from doing that, but we really should get out of here,” asserted Rodney.

“Do you live alone?” asked Amelia, hoping he had his own place.

“No, I don’t.  How about you?”

“I’m in Warwick, but I live in an apartment with roommates.”  There was a sense of defeat in this conversation.

“Any chance your -“

Amelia’s eyes lit up, and a burst of adrenaline propelled her to sit up, as she pulled out her phone to text someone, presumably her roommate.

“I thought I remember her telling me that she was going to see her boyfriend this weekend.”

She finished typing, and sat eagerly awaiting.

Giving it about five minutes, she lit up like a Christmas tree, “Fuck yeah!”

“Hopefully you drove here.  I was given a ride here by a friend.”

“My car’s fuckin’ messy, but if you need time to get your shit together, I can start moving things around,” realizing that he was also running on adrenaline.

“Alright.  Once I’m done making my rounds, I’ll find you,” she ascended and gave him a kiss, as she headed for the ladies room.

The entrance door had been shut and the dance floor had nearly emptied out.  The lounge was still fairly busy, but without trying hard, you knew that the place was approaching closing time.

After patting himself down to make sure he had everything, he headed out to his car.

The cool air was both refreshing and chilling.  He started the car as he began to move things.  All he could think about was Amelia’s body and how he wanted to fuck her.  It was about 2:45AM when she exited the club; the car was warmed up and ready to depart.  There weren’t many cars in the parking lot, making him easy to find.

She got in and let out a large breath of exasperation.

“I feel like I lost 20 pounds in sweat alone,” she said with a chuckle

She looked over at Rodney with the ‘fuck me now’ eyes.

“Sorry it took so long for me to get out here.  When you’re known around the club circuit, everyone wants to have a minute with you,” she said in apology as if she’s broken some kind of rule.  “On the bright side, the owners were just telling me that they made a nice profit tonight.  Grand opening actually went better than they expected.”

“I figured it would take you time, that’s why I wanted to get things warmed up and cozy.   I’m glad to hear that things started well.”

“I’m surprised you don’t work for this club circuit,” said Rodney, very surprised.

“I’ve worked for different clubs within it, but I wouldn’t want to be in management,” she said starting to complain about it, “there’s drama, there’s bullshit, and I’m not into either.”

To help her cool down, she took off her shirt, and gave Rodney a sight he’d probably been wanting since they first started clubbing together.

Her tits were in no way small, and Amelia wasn’t shy, revealing the lacy bra that he caught a glimpse of earlier.  Knowing he’d be in the car for the next 35-40 minutes, his cock was already demanding attention.

After her shirt came off, his wide smile prompted another response from her; she started making out with him, including some tongue.  As they continued to make out, he reached out and starting squeezing her covered tits, noting that they were both quite perky.

She pulled back for a second, “Rodney, I want you so fucking badly, but not in this car.  Let’s get to my place.  I’m going to give you directions, that way we can take some back roads.”

“Would you be bothered if I gave you road head on the way?  I’ve been thinking about that cock of yours all night,” looking down at his pants, “and it looks like it wants to come out.”

Rodney put the car in drive, and started to undo his belt, and was stopped by Amelia, “You worry about driving.  I’ll take care of this shit.”
She slowly worked on his belt, loosening it, pulling down his pants.  His cock was so hard, it resembled a right triangle.

“Fuck, man!  That thing looks deprived!  When’s the last time you had it sucked?”

Thinking about it for a second, Rodney hesitantly replied, “I think, about six months?”

Her automatic response was to move the boxers out of the way and just let it out.

Amelia immediately went to town.  There was no traffic, so as long as he didn’t run off the road, they were in good shape.

She not only started sucking, she deep-throated.  She’d been waiting for this moment since their erotic dancing moment.  At a few points, he had to keep her head down so that he could see where he was going.

The only downside to her giving the directions:  She had to pop up frequently to make sure they were going the right way.  At times, it stretched the moment thin, but at other times, the build-up was rather hot.

“How’re you doing?”  Amelia was starting to show some concern that he might get off early.

“I’m having a hard time controlling my car, but so far, so good,” he commented while trying to fight off the euphoria that accompanied the suction.

Since there was neither traffic, nor police on the roads being traveled, she halted the fellatio, and resorted to a handjob.  “I figure this way, you can enjoy me jacking you off while you drive and I direct.”

Between the reduced speed, and some of the swerving, it was becoming painfully obvious how distracted and ‘off’ Rodney had become.  “Are you going to make it?  My apartment’s only about fifteen minutes -“

“I’m going to punch it.  Wait until we get to your place.”  Amelia nodded in agreement.

Ten minutes later, blowing many stop signs, running a bunch of red lights, proving that those “Your speed here” machines were just for show, they arrived at her place.

He exited the car, and while walking towards that front entrance, he started massaging his own cock.  Amelia turned to her side, taking notice, and yelled, “Oh no, you fucking don’t!  That’s my fucking job!”  Her voice was loud enough to wake the neighbors, and it was approaching 3:15AM.


After unlocking the front door, they both bolted to the third floor.

She managed to find her apartment key, unlocked the door, and nearly kicked it in.

After clearing the entranceway, Rodney used swung his foot back to kick it shut.

He took advantage of the moment, pushed her to the floor, whipped out his cock, and aggressively shoved it her face.

Amelia grabbed that cock, and started pumping like she intended to extract every last drop out.  After multiple moans, she released his cock, stuffed her left hand down her panties.

“Oh no, you fucking don’t!  That’s my fucking job!” Rodney growled in retaliation for her stopping him.

She didn’t budge, but aggressively replied, “Then, you better fucking do it!”  That look was followed by a very aggressive, “You have no fucking clue how horny I am.”

Rodney seized the moment, reached out and grabbed both her clothed tits and squeezed hard, adrenaline fueling the aggression.  She responded by reaching down and grabbing his cock, which was now its most rigid.

“Can you handle the pain?” asked Rodney, even though his voice was borderline creepy.

Motherfucker, I was fucking built for pain…. give it to me!  Rodney aggressively ripped off her panties, and dominantly shoved his cock into her overwhelmingly wet pussy.

Each thrust was met by extreme moans of pleasure.  “FUCK ME RODNEY!!!

Each scream got louder and more intense.  Just like in a movie, you heard a continual moan of orgasm.  Ten minutes after their orgasmic screams, they both came and came hard.

Gravity then hit Rodney like a sack of potatoes.  Any remaining adrenaline and energy seeped out of him.

“Holy fucking shit!” exclaimed Amelia, breathing heavily.  “That was fucking hot!  Where did all that rage come from?”  There was still an orgasm in that voice.

“Who knew that you were a rough, kinky bitch?”

“That’s why I said I’m built for pain.  I like it rough.  If I had an ultimate fantasy, it would be forced sex.”  The ‘orgasm’ had left her voice.  “Fucking-A, I’m still wicked fucking horny.”

Rodney responded with his thumb wandering around her clit, trying to hit her G-spot.  It took less than thirty seconds, before she belted out a “motherfucker!” while clenching her fists.

The agony and repressed feelings of being sexually unsatisfied were overloading, but euphoric.  Rodney was bringing out dormant feelings and emotions that were likely tucked away for years.  She had the look on her face that she was hurting due to exhaustion, but her body needed an extreme release.

“Amelia, just let it the fuck out.  I can see in your face that it needs to break the fuck free.”

“If only you knew how sensitive–”

The moans turned into growls. “No one has pushed my clit to this extent.”  Uttering the last part of that sentence was a struggle.  They could both feel the pain and the repressed feelings just melt away.  This was a relief that she’d needed for a long time.

After about ten minutes, her body surrendered and she fell backward, “Six fucking orgasms!”

Rodney replied, “Want me to lift you onto your bed?”  Amelia nodded.

Rodney picked her up, brought her into her room, and laid her on her bed.

“Oh wait, eight orgasms; I came twice while we were dancing at Xtasy.”  Amelia’s voice was fading fast.

“How often do you go clubbing in Providence?” asked Amelia, trying to come back to life.

“A few times a month.  I work late nights and don’t always have the energy to go clubbing,” replied Rodney as he was pulling himself together.

“Are you on Facebook?” asked Amelia as she looked around, presumably searching for her phone.

Rodney nodded, while still admiring how peaceful she looked, post-coitus, giving literal meaning to the phrase ‘fucking the life out of someone.’

“Look me up when you get a chance,” her right hand started to drift slowly back down her pants, wanting to cum again, “my whole name is Amelia Jane Parsons.  My phone number is on there, give me a call.”  Rodney acknowledged.

“We should do this again.  My body is still recoiling from that fuck.  Amelia was desperately trying not to fall asleep on him.  Her hands wanted to go for another orgasm, but all energy had vacated.

Rodney reached into his pocket and dug out his new smartphone.  He clicked it on, and fired up the app and typed in her name.

Hers was the first listing.  He tapped on her profile and was met by a photo of her and another guy.  Swiveling the phone toward her, “Is this the profile?  There were a few different results.”

With how tired she’d become, she just nodded.

“That’s a nice picture of you and the guy you’re with, ”

“Thanks, but that’s an old picture.  I don’t get on Facebook much to update things.  Thanks for reminding me,” her voice slightly irritated.

She wasn’t sure whether to be flattered by the compliment, or whether to feel uneasy that the guy that just fucked her noticed a picture of her and her ex-boyfriend.

Rodney went through her profile, found her number, and clicked on it to call.  After a few seconds he hung up, knowing that his number had registered on her phone’s caller ID.

“My number is now on your caller ID.” When he looked over, she had passed out.


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  1. Loved the story. I hope this is where I am suppose to leave my entry for the Erotic Fantasies Blog Hop,also. I didn’t see anywhere else to leave it.
    Tammy Ramey

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