Thirteen hours later


While waiting for his sexy wife to get home from a thirteen hour day, Trey decided to cover the ambient air with scents of lavender and a scent similar to a beach.  After lighting some incense and candles, he put his phone on silent and rested it on the night stand.

Minutes later, his wife, Alanna, entered the house.  The sound of her heels approaching the bedroom was intoxicating.  Each step made his cock harder and harder by the second.  He had the door closed and locked to make this a surprise.  When she approached the door and tried to open it, her failure prompted her to ask why the door was locked.  She sounded frustrated, which was natural given her long day and wanting to change into something more comfortable.

Within seconds, the door opened inward and she stepped into the beach-scented bedroom with a freshly-made bed.  The permeating lavender incense began to melt away any frustrations, replacing them with an overwhelming sense of tranquility.

The nights that Trey worked late, enabled her to curl up in the bathtub with a lavender scented bath and a steamy novel.  Sometimes, these soaks were a euphoric way of fantasizing about her husband when they could not have an intimate night together.  The last time she soaked in the tub, she found herself reading old love notes from when they were dating.  Of course, when Trey can join her in the tub for these, it enhances the romance, and sometimes they end up fucking in the tub.

Alanna looked around the room and didn’t see Trey, but suspected he was up to something with how the room was carefully prepared.  The lights were dim enough to see, but at a level to be seductive.  The ambience made her smile as it took her back to the time when Trey proposed to her.

He pushed the door closed; Alanna spun 180 degrees to see her sexy husband very naked, six-pack abs, and a hard cock that made her salivate like a tiger seeing a thick steak.  Every element melted away any stress she was harboring from her atrocious day.  Alanna slowly removed each layer of clothing in a seductive way as though her mind and body were on auto-pilot.  As she removed her top, she made sure to draw some attention to her 34Cs.  Between her husband’s cock and her playing with her own tits, her pussy was ready for action; wet as a waterfall and hot as an oven.  

Now down to her bra and panties, her husband put his index finger up as he walked behind her, unsnapped her bra, and slowly started massaging her back.  His soft touch melted away the tension in her body as her nipples became harder by the second.  After a thirteen-hour day at work, this was precisely what she needed.  He leaned in and kissed her neck multiple times.  Each point of contact made her pussy wetter; she wanted his cock badly, but was loving the tease.  Trey’s cock was so hard that as he pulled his body closer she could feel the head against her ass. Alanna reached behind her and grabbed the shaft of his cock and started pumping.  Her other hand reached down and started teasing her pussy into torture.  They were be engaged in foreplay maybe five minutes when she could already feel an orgasm coming.  Trey continued applying kisses to her neck, over her collarbone, down her back, over her ass cheeks, and finishing by teasing her lips with his tongue.  The instant his tongue made contact, a euphoric chill shot up her spine and overloaded her mind with orgasmic relief.  A few minutes of that tongue rolling around inside produced her first orgasm.

Trey knew his wife’s body well enough to know when her orgasms commenced and just how to trigger them.  Conversely, Alanna knew just how to suck her husband off to make him cum in under five minutes.  Such talent has come in handy when they’re out shopping, or when they’re dining out with friends and they want some quick action.

Despite the orgasm, Trey continued with his hurricane tongue, causing her to moan loudly.  Knowing that she liked having her ass spanked, he applied a few good whacks to each cheek.  Meanwhile, Alanna took great pleasure in rubbing her 34Cs together while licking her nipples.  Between the two actions, she was gearing up for her second orgasm, and Trey was bound to make it memorable.  Replacing his tongue with two fingers, he worked his way in and was pleased at how wet she was.  Once her body realized what had happened, she was screaming passionately, loud enough to disturb the peace.  After screaming Trey’s name four times, her body released its second orgasm.

After cumming, she turned around as Trey stood up.  “Alright babe, you’ve made me cum twice; I need to repay the favor.  All the while you were fingering me, I have wanted you to pound the shit out of me.”  As she said the last word, she reached down and resumed pumping his cock.  Trey’s eyes shot to the back of his head as his body was overcome with lustful and salacious sensations.  He wanted to fuck his wife earnestly, but also loved getting hand and blowjobs from her.  Just seeing his eyes roll back ecstatically made her wet.  After a few seconds, he opened his eyes and started massaging her tits, very slowly and very sensuously.  Like most men, he loved his wife’s tits, whether they were exposed or not.  As she stroked him, she thought back to their first date:

I walked into Bart’s almost ten minutes late for our date.  I wasn’t too pissed over it since I knew once he saw me, I’d be off the hook.  With the cleavage I was sporting, it’s irrelevant if I’m on time, as long as he noticed.  He must have seen me walk in because he stood up and waved.  I walked past the host and B-lined it for him.  He was fucking hot!  Khaki pants, button-down shirt, and presenting it well.  I could tell by his eyes, that he both noticed my cleavage, but also didn’t give a shit that I was late.  We both sat down and started chatting.  At no point during the date did his eyes divert from my rack; fuck, I’m glad, because I wanted to get him going.  Just taking him in was making me wet!  I won’t lie:  A few times after we placed our order, I would stick a finger south and see just how wet I was.

He started to tell me about his line of work and where he went to school.  Honestly, he came across slightly elitist when describing his achievements, but I find it very alluring when a guy has an education and will brag about it.  I was working on a graduate program, so knowing that he was on the same level as me was a relief.  As dinner came around, he trotted the old, “Enough about me, what about you?”  I began speaking about my graduate studies.  His body language told me that he was both enthralled at the details, but his eyes came off my cleavage and met me eye level.  I figured this guy would spend half the date fantasizing about fucking me, but this guy seemed to want a bit more than that.  After dinner finished up, we both paid up, and as we both headed out, there was definition attraction between us.

Taking advantage of a moment, he asked, “Do you have any plans at this point?”  I technically did have some plans to meet up with some girlfriends, but when a hot guy is involved, girlfriends understand.  I replied, “Why do you ask?”

“Well, it seems like we’ve hit it off well and I sense a spark between us.  Can I interest you in a movie at my place?” The funny thing was:  He asked the question confidently, assertively, and in such a way that I think he knew the answer.

I walked over to him, hunched over, allowing my cleavage to become more prominent and replied, “Let’s go to my place.  I have a queen size bed,” with a smile and a quick peck on his lips.

She had fond memories of that night ending well mostly because that queen sized bed endured a serious workout.  Reminiscing about it as she continued to pump her husband’s cock just made it that much more enticing.  After a few minutes, Trey’s moaning signaled that his orgasm was near.  As much as she wanted to swallow him, she wanted to be pounded.

She stopped stroking and leaned in, whispering, “Fuck me now.”

Trey turned her around, bent her over, and dove in.  Each thrust begot tons of orgasmic moans, followed by him grunting and moaning.  His passion for fucking his wife was as evident as it was intense.  After thirteen hours of toiling away at work, she needed this release.  Knowing that his wife worked long hours, he wanted to treat her to something breathtaking and unforgettable.

Trey could feel the build-up in his body as the overload of body chemicals just fueled the orgasm harder.  As he announced he was on the verge of an orgasm, Alanna’s only response was, “Cum for me baby!” followed by heightened screams of pleasure.  She craved her husband’s cum.  She loved it when his cock exploded in her – the feel of his cock upon orgasm amplified any other sensations.  Likewise, Trey indulged in how euphoric his cock felt in her pussy, just sliding repeatedly in and out.  Nothing made her scream more than knowing that eventually he would cum hard for her.

Trey responded by fucking her faster as sweat started pouring off of his ripped body.  His entire body overloaded on adrenaline and oxytocin as he was on the verge of blowing his load.  Alanna kept cheering on his orgasm, louder by the second.  His orgasm was pending, but over the years, Trey learned how to suppress it for maximum effect.

Not willing to suppress it any longer, he burst heavily.  She could feel the cum filling up her insides as she let out one final yelp.

As Trey’s orgasm came to a close, he slowed down, only to have his final motion be to leave his flaccid cock inside her.

He hunched over her, groped her tits and asked how she felt.  “You have no idea how badly I needed that…”  Just the feeling of his hands on her nipples made her want more of him.  He’d already cum and he can’t get that hard quickly for a few minutes.

Alannah turned around, dropped to her knees, and despite his flaccidity, took it all in and sopped up as much fluid as she could.  His juices were like penny candy to her.  Once her mouth was saturated in cum, she swallowed as she stood up and started making out with Trey.

Out of the blue, a phone rang.

Trey and Alanna exchanged glances, saying simultaneously, “I thought you silenced yours.”

Trey hesitated and then replied, “My phone’s been on silent since you came home.”

The phone continued to ring, but it sounded like it was coming from Alanna’s purse.  She walked over to her purse and fished it out.  The caller ID showed her friend Nardia; she answered with an ecstatic, “Hey there!”

Trey was curious as to who decided to interrupt their moment.  He could hear joy in his wife’s opening answer.  The further the conversation continued, the more seductive his wife sounded.  He couldn’t imagine who she might be taking this tone with.

“Hang on one second, I’ll ask him,” said Alanna as she pushed ‘mute’ on her phone and turned to Trey.

“Babe, do you remember our friend Nardia?  Hot little Australian that we met at –”

Trey interrupted her, “I do actually.  Yeah, I remember masturbating –”

“Yeah, her.  Well, she’s in town, and since I know you had a massive hardon for her when we met her, I was going to invite her over,” said Alanna.

“I wouldn’t mind, but I’m also enjoying this moment with you,” replied Trey, nearly bummed at the prospect.

Alanna walked over to Trey and revived his cock momentarily.  “You mean, you don’t want to have your way with a gorgeous Australia while I play with my pussy?”  Her tone was salacious and euphoric.  She followed that up with a kiss on the lips.  She, too, remembers that night.

Nardia had invited Alanna and Trey out to dinner after exchanging very sensual moment with Nardia while at work after she delivered a phenomenal presentation in which Alanna spent half of it fantasizing about her.  When Alanna filled him in on the details, it was basically, “A kinky Australian,” and her husband always had a thing for Australian women.

They agreed to meet up at a pub close to the office.  Nardia spent half the night flirting with Alanna’s husband, though it wouldn’t help that Nardia came dressed to kill; a very short button-down shirt, no bra, and shorts.  Trey’s eyes were glued to her tits like he was a single man.  Alanna wasn’t innocent herself – when she feasted her eyes on Nardia, her pussy moistened in approval.

Nardia wasn’t naive – she knew what was going on, and she loved it.  In fact, Alanna and Trey weren’t the only two consuming her; she was practically the center of attention in the place.

The three were escorted to a booth.  Trey sat next to his wife, leaving Nardia on the opposite side.  Nardia and Alanna talked shop for a little while to get the conversation going, but they knew that they weren’t there to talk shop.  Just before the food arrived, Alanna excused herself to visit the restroom, leaving Trey and Nardia to themselves.

Nardia decided to get more aggressive, asking Trey how long he would wait before doing something about the attraction that clearly existed between them.  His only reply, “I think my wife would kill me.”  He felt her legs cross with his.  “Something tells me your love won’t mind.”  The moment was briefly interrupted by Alanna’s return, but she was perceptive.  As she returned to her seat, she whispered to her husband, “You wouldn’t believe how wet my pussy was…. she’s amazing!”

Knowing that made his cock come alive.  Trey grabbed Alanna’s available hand and brought it below the table.  He was beyond hard and staring at Nardia was only making it more intense.  In a very coy, but salacious tone, Nardia reciprocated by saying, “Trey, while your wife has her hand stroking your cock, perhaps more of these would make it better,” as she undid the buttons on her shirt, showing monumental cleavage.  “Neither of you knows just how wet my pussy is.”

Trey reached over to his wife’s pussy and started rubbing the entrance.  Nardia responded sensually, “Trey, come over here and help a girl out.”  It took all three of them a few minutes to realize what a scene they were making.  As much as none of them cared who was looking, Trey and Alanna didn’t want to be kicked out, so they agreed to finish eating take their hot action back to Nardia’s hotel room in what amounted to a scintillating threeway.

“I suppose if she’s in town, we might as well have her over.  She obviously reached out to us,” said Trey, half wanting to experience Nardia again, half just wanting his wife to himself.

Alanna unmuted her phone and asked Nardia to come over, giving her directions to the house.

“I honestly didn’t think she’d be back this way, and I didn’t think she’d remember us,” said Trey.

“Babe, it’s hard to forget us.  We’re that open-marriage couple that nobody likes to talk about,” replied Alanna as she scoffed.

Trey chuckled, replying, “Now that she’s coming over, it’ll be nice to see her again.”  A smile resembling a crush came over his face.  Alanna noticed it, shook his head, and said, “You just remember how this whole thing came to be.”

There was a knock at the door.

Alanna and Trey exchanged glances as Trey waved her toward the door.  “Okay, I’ll let her in,” she said with a snarky tone.

Alanna opened the door and there was Nardia, dressed in only a camisole and a skirt.  “Come on in.  Did you drive here, or did you get a ride?”

Nardia chuckled, “I grabbed a taxi.  You Americans drive on the opposing side of the road.  That would do a number of me.  Besides, I don’t think your auto rental companies will take a passport for ID.”

When she stepped in, she noticed that Trey was still naked from their earlier tryst.  “Well, I’m glad to see such great things haven’t changed.”

“To be honest, we just got through fucking.  It was a long day and Trey surprised me with a romantic scene,” Alanna replied showing an obvious afterglow.

Nardia replied, “I see, he’s still ready for action,” with a wink.

Once Nardia realized that she was the only clothed person in the room, she prompted fixed it.  The happy couple devoured her like they’d never met her.  As if it were the previous time they met, Alanna approached Nardia and began making out with her, causing Trey’s cock to achieve erection.  Enjoying the show, he grabbed his cock and started stroking.  Peripherally, Alanna noticed him stroking, looked over while groping one of Nardia’s tits, and asking, “Well, are you going to come over here and plant that thing into one of us?”

Alanna did have a point – after all, half the point of Nardia’s presence was a nice threeway.  Trey walked over behind Nardia and started massaging her neck was kisses.  He reached down with his right hand and felt her around her pussy.  After locating her opening, he lined up and drove in.

While Nardia had the pleasure of being fucked from behind, Alanna took up masturbating while watching her husband.  She had two fingers working her pussy while watching Nardia’s tits bounce back and forth with each thrust.  Eventually, she started coaching her husband’s action.

Nardia’s moans were turning into screams, which caused Alanna’s moans to turn into screams, which further accelerated her to her first orgasm.  She didn’t want to cum before the other two, but with how aggressive she was masturbating, there might not be a choice.

As if on cue, Nardia announced her upcoming orgasm, which caused Trey to moan and grunt harder, putting more aggression into his thrusts, causing Nardia to belt out some screams that translated into that first orgasm.  Trey wasn’t too far behind her as he could feel his cock getting ready to burst.

Within seconds, Trey blew his load right into Nardia.  She felt the cum saturate her pussy, which made her moan louder.  Feeling her pussy clamp down just before she came was very euphoric and helped make the orgasm that much better.

As Nardia and Trey were coming down from their orgasms, Alanna was on the verge of an orgasm, as evidenced by her screams.  Trey began moaning along with her, coaching her to orgasm; just hearing his voice made it that much easier.

Trey approached her, took a knee, started groping her tits and pinching her nipples, which ordinarily acts as a major turn-on.  Her knee-jerk, split-second response, was, “Fuck ya, Trey, do that again!”  He continued, prompting a hard orgasm.  Nardia joined Trey’s efforts, applying two fingers to Alanna’s clit in attempt to wear her out.

With all the stimuli she was receiving, she was nearing a second orgasm.

Nardia was having a field day with Alanna’s clit, Trey had the nipple stimulation, and Alanna herself was still fingering.  Her body was quickly getting more exhausted by the second from all the stimulation.

Eventually, her body decided it was time, and finally gave her a second orgasm which expended more from her than the first one.  Nevertheless, Alanna was both euphoric and exhausted.  Her body didn’t want to move.

Since Trey was the least exhausted among the three, he offered her to drive Nardia back to her hotel even though it was thirty minutes away, but she declined not wanting to put him out.  After a bit of back and forth, they both agreed to give her a ride to her hotel as a thank-you for stopping by.


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