One Jealous Daughter

Tonight was date night for Skye and Daniel.  Skye was elated that after three weeks of solid flirtation, she and Daniel committed to their first date.  Fifty Shades was coming to the small theater in town and Skye was dying to see it.  It wasn’t Daniel’s first choice, but given their sexting relationship, he was confident he could make it both their while.

“So, Skye tells me you two are going to see FSOG tonight,” Marissa states an incoming text message.

“yeah, she’s been dying to see it,” he replies.

“I hear ya.  my friend and I saw it last friday.  I shit you not, I found her masturbating halfway through the movie, LOL,” she replied with a coy smile as she hit ‘Send’.

“no fuckin’ way!  I’ve heard that movie has some hot scenes.”

“It’s hollywood – not like they can show much,” she replied in what would have been a dismissive tone if it were in person.

“What time is the movie?”

“Around 9.  where she works three minutes away, it was easier to just meet up.”

Marissa pulled down the screen of her phone – 7:30.  Daniel was a fifteen minute drive away.

“If you can get your ass over here, I can show you what FSOG got wrong.  ;),” she replied, horny as fuck.

“should we be doing that?  Skye went fuckin’ nuts after she caught us last week.”

“LMAO, hun, it doesn’t take much to set her off,” she replied with a hint of mockery.

Daniel started chuckling as he read the reply, even though he knew it was wrong.  After a few minutes of silence from Daniel, Marissa wrote back, “Seriously, don’t worry.  You wouldn’t be the first date or boyfriend of hers that I’ve been with.”

After thinking about it for a few minutes, Daniel wrote back, “okay sounds good.  I’ll be over soon.”

Thinking about Daniel always made her hot.  The minute Skye introduced them, she was already fantasizing about him.  Marissa had always been into younger men and had a penchant for seducing her daughter’s boyfriends.  Between her gorgeous body and openly flirtatious nature, it was difficult for her dates to resist.

Marissa wanted to look sexy for Daniel’s arrival, so she retired to her room to evaluate a wardrobe that would soon end up on the floor.  She stared at herself in the mirror, trying to decide how to adorn herself.  Her hair was up in a ponytail, wearing one of her favorite PINK t-shirts which accentuated her tits nicely, and she loved wearing yoga pants around the house for comfort.  She looked at her bedside tablet – ten minutes until Daniel’s arrival.  Not enough time to take a shower, but just enough time to find something hot to wear for him.

Her phone buzzed to a text message:  “I’m coming up your street now.”  She actually wanted to better stimulate his senses, though this wouldn’t be their first tryst.   She started to reply, but he typically left his phone in his car when he came over.  Her mind was still in that fantasy mode, but was brought back by the doorbell.  Marissa headed out to the parlor to get the door.  She opened the door and they exchanged hugs.  As the hugs retracted, Daniel looked her over and smiled in approval.  “It makes sense how Skye is such a knockout.”

“Which is ironic because her tits should be around my size, but they’re almost half,” replied Marissa.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Daniel said in rebuttal, “Skye has a gorgeous rack, at least from what I can see over clothing.”

Marissa raised an eyebrow, “She developed a little later in life.  She’s still a good girl even if she is easily intimidated.”

After walking in, they took a seat on the couch in the living room.  “Out of curiousity, why do you end up messing around with all of your daughter’s dates?” asked Daniel, very curious while he was mentally ravishing her.

“To be honest, they usually come after me.  I don’t know what Skye does to them, but she’s her own worst enemy,” replied Marissa while rolling her eyes.  “I haven’t fucked them all.”  Daniel squinted his eyes at her in disbelief.  Marissa moved closer to him, whispering in his ear, “I know you didn’t come here to ask why my daughter’s boyfriends don’t stay faithful.”

Daniel smiled and looked down to notice that Marissa’s nipples were getting hard.  He reached out and pinched him.  “Looks like someone’s excited.”  Marissa looked down, noticing Daniel’s erection, and replied, “That makes two of us.”  She reached down and began playing with his erection.  He responded by moving in to make out with her, when she stopped him.

“Remember, we only have so long before you have to meet with Skye.”  Daniel thought about it for a second.  “Why pay for the action when I can get it here?”

Marissa smiled, “Good point,” and resumed making out with him.

His hands worked their way back to her nipples, teasing them.  It didn’t take much for his touch to excite and moisten her pussy.  She was already wet enough for a good pounding.  After a few minutes on her tits, he traced her body with his index finger, working his way down, eventually resting two hands around her opening.

“Oh Daniel…,” she moaned for his touch.

Their moment was broken by a door opening.  “Shit – what the fuck is she doing home early?” he asked, very startled.  “Quick, let’s get up to your room and finish this.”

As they scurried up, Daniel said, “She must have gotten out early.”

They entered the room and hopped on her king size bed.  “Here, lay down so I can continue where I left off,” asked Daniel sporting an erection that one could hang a coat on.

As she lay back at an angle, Daniel assumed a position facing her.  He reached under her shirt and squeezed one tit whose nipple was still very hard.  The other hand reached down returning to her pussy, which was still oven hot from earlier.  He could also feel some moisture at the entrance.  Wasting no time, he put two fingers in and massaged.  Marissa’s body reacted accordingly and her moans spoke for themselves.  After a few minutes, her pussy was loose enough where a third finger could be added.  Marissa wanted his cock and wanted it soon.  While the fingers were doing plenty, staring at his covered cock was like torture to her.  Daniel pulled his hand out and removed his jeans and briefs.  With his cock free, he pulled her yoga pants down and moved her panties aside.  He used his fingers to part her pussy lips and dove right in.

As they continued to fuck, the door to Marissa’s room opened slowly as Skye began eavesdropping.  Inside, she was furious as once again; her mom managed to seduce another one of her dates, but this time, she was strangely aroused.  When she pulled her car into the driveway and saw Daniel’s car, she was upset, but she was powerless to stop it.  She shrugged her shoulders in defeat and unbuttoned her black work shirt enough for some cleavage to show, and let her hair out of its ponytail.

At this point, her mom was screaming in heightened pleasure.  She quietly walked in and stood in the opposite corner of the room.  Skye’s pussy was getting wetter by the second as she continued to watch in a state of jealousy.  She had a great night planned for them and hoped that she’d be the one pounded.  Instead, she began massaging her own pussy.  Her nipples were also getting hard as rocks.  As she sat back, she closed her eyes and began fantasizing about Daniel fingering her to orgasm.  The room fell to a dead silence as she started moaning.  Her mind drew an image of Daniel walking over with his cock out, very hard, and ready.  He parted her legs enough to push himself in.  With how wet she’d become, the fantasy was beginning to feel a little too real to be in her mind.

Something felt very strange.

Her body seized up momentarily as she realized that something was actually happening to her.  As if fear had paralyzed her, she opened her eyes to the delight that was Daniel actually fucking her; his cock pushing through her like a battering ram.  He had pushed her arms aside and taken complete control.  As she came to her senses, the sensations were heightened and her moaning more intense.  She could feel herself ready to burst as Daniel announced that he was about to cum.

“Cum in me baby!  CUM!!!” shouted Skye as if it were Pavlovian.  Within moments, his cock released a hearty stream of cum that would coat her pussy in juice.  As he became flaccid, he pulled out and his cock had some residual cum from the orgasm.  Skye grabbed the half-flaccid cock and sucked up the remainder.  “Daniel, that was an amazing orgasm.”


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