First Anniversary

Today was Arielle’s first anniversary at her job.  Per company policy, she was to be reviewed by three people who fantasized about fucking her on a regular basis.  It doesn’t help anyone’s case that she came into work daily dressed to kill.  Whenever she was around her three evaluators, she always threw out innuendos or acted like a hardcore flirt.  Unbeknownst to her, a meeting was held at her six-month mark to decide how and when to seduce her.  It was also a well-known fact that she was literally hired because she had a sexy body.  It wouldn’t help that one of the evaluators was the man who hired her, and while nobody has been able to prove it, it’s not hard to connect the dots to speculate that they fucked as part of the interview.

It was now Friday, exactly one year later.

When Arielle walked in, the first thing to pop-up on her computer was the calendar event of the evaluation that would take place in the next thirty minutes.  She looked herself over:  Low-cut tank top, lacy bra that ensured optimum appearance of her tits, no panties to ensure easy access, and she didn’t bother to masturbate before leaving home because she was certain that would be taken care of this morning.  All she could think about was the interview between she and Greg – even though Greg was married with three children, it was the blowjob that put her in the running for the job.  When she entered the room to begin that interview, he was already hard.  Like any good interviewer, when Greg came across her resume, he Googled her to see if there was anything about her he needed to know.  Like many younger women, she had a publicly accessible Facebook page.  Some of the party pictures had him masturbating in the office.  There was one picture of her drunk and licking her nipples.  If you looked closely enough at the picture, you could see a slight pussy shot.  He saved it to his phone – her willingness to post a picture like that to social media turned him on.

Her phone rang – it was Dan informing her that the team was ready for her.

She ascended from her chair; her skirt rose up, briefly giving a view of her shaved pussy.  As she headed over to the conference room, she got the usual gawking at her body, the usual guys staring her down as their mind wandered from their duties to some masturbatorial fantasy.  As soon as she walked away, they all straightened themselves out to not look like they were mentally fucking her.  Granted, her stride and her appearance begot their reactions, but they always ran a fine line with getting in trouble.

Getting to the conference room, she knocked on the door, and entered when prompted.  When she stepped in, all eyes consumed the body that she had meticulously prepared for consumption.  They all had perfect poker faces even though their cocks already getting hard, and fantasies already churning.  Dan reached out his hand to offer her a chair on the opposite side of the conference table.  Of course, as she sat, her cleavage was prominent, but brief.  Their faces didn’t immediately show it, but they just wanted to get to the part in this process where they devoured her in some way.

Each evaluator had a piece of paper in front of him with notes of how they evaluated her.  Since this was a professional company, they needed to have something legitimate on the books as a reason to keep her on the payroll.  In the history of this company, Greg had hired some gorgeous women; some based on physical attraction, and some based on their work acumen.  Arielle was the first associate hired where skill was not wholly required, but she also made it a point to ensure that her sex appeal got her in the door.

As each one presented their notes, she tuned them out, but to hear a few occasional sentences to appear attentive.  Reciprocally, their words weren’t the most substantive, but in order to make it look good on paper, and to make it look good to someone that might take legal action against the company, they had to make it look professional.  You could tell by the look on their faces that they were having a hard time focusing on giving a presentation.  As they continued to read from their notes, she reached under her skirt and started subtly teasing her pussy.  As she continued to tease, each guy’s dialogue went from innocent to innuendo-laced.  They didn’t want to cave this soon into the evaluation, but they all knew her pussy was begging for a pounding.

She was curious which guy would cave into the sexual pressure and approach her as there was little professionalism with any of these men.  They’ve all fucked her at least once in the last twelve months, and she’s clearly craving a good pounding.  When they discussed her at the six-month meeting, Arthur was the most outspoken in terms of how he’d fucked her silly during the one-year, yet he remained silent during this whole process.  Arielle was expecting either Dan or Arthur to make the first move.  Arthur was the most aggressive and had the least of a filter.  He was also the only supervisor to have his own office.  Many blowjobs took place in that office.

Arthur reached down and started rubbing his clothed cock and did with a wink to Arielle to make sure she noticed.  She countered by licking two fingers and penetrated the massaging fingers.  The evaluation was barely halfway over, but she had control.

Pedro was the most passive and the most professional of this team, but the sight of her fingering her own pussy pushed him to the brink.  He was always shy about making any moves because he didn’t want to risk losing his job, but his plumbing worked, and she made it very hard to resist.  Pedro was also one of three associates that never flirted with her on the job.  Arielle knew this about him and frequently teased him at his cubicle, both in appearance and in chatter.  He wasn’t immune to her advances, but he couldn’t see taking any chances.  He wanted to ascend in the company, though in three years with the company, he was never offered a promotion to supervisor.  As she got to know him, she took his passive demeanor as a challenge to her salacious ways.  After three years of solid work performance without a promotion, he realized that he was doing it the wrong way, and finally decided to give in to Arielle.

Dan wasn’t oblivious to her seduction, but he also had a higher tolerance than the other two.  He also knew how to make her beg for his cock.  Dan and his wife owned this company, and he often used the power of position to his advantage.

Arielle ascended from her chair, removed her skirt, and walked over to the guys, smiling wide at the erections she’d caused and began dancing exotically and rubbing down every orifice of her body.  All three guys exchanged glances in an attempt to figure out who would take her first.  She picked up on this quickly and put her hand out, shaking her head.  With one simple movement, she removed her tank, exposing the lacy bra encasing her gorgeous and supple tits.  All eyes were focused center mass as the resulting erections increased.  Arielle turned around and bent over, showing a gorgeous ass and a throbbing pussy that was practically screaming for some action.  She maintained it well and left a landing strip.  All three guys could see themselves pounding her pussy and giving her the orgasm that she always craved.  She stood back up, undid the bra strap, and allowed it to fall slowly from her body.  She cupped her bare tits, turned her head, and winked.  She pulled her hair forward to cover them.  It wasn’t impossible to see a profile of her bust, but the men waited in anticipation for her to turn around.

She quickly spun around.  For a brief second, each man caught a glimpse of her topless.  While she was turned around, the men quickly stripped naked.  All three cocks were up at full attention.  Arthur’s stood up around 7”, but the hair around his balls gave it a 6” appearance.  Dan’s was average around 6” and he’d made it a point to shave his for today’s evaluation.  Pedro came in around 5”, but featured no pubic hair whatsoever.  Arielle always preferred a shaved pubic region, but that didn’t stop her when she and Arthur fucked.

She walked over to Pedro and took a knee.  He reached his hands up to push her hair out of her face, but was met with her hand up, ceasing his efforts and smiled salaciously.  She took the same finger she masturbated with earlier and traced his erection from head to scrotum.  The passive Pedro could no longer be passive; he reached out and gave one of her hair-covered tits a squeeze.  She smiled in approval, licking her lips as she lowered her mouth over the head and started performing slow and sensuous fellatio.  While Pedro was happy to be getting head, he began to think she wasn’t totally into it.

She looked to her left at Arthur who had already begun masturbating and gave him the ‘come-hither.’  With one hand-gesture, she had him take position behind her.  Grabbing her hips, he lined up with her pussy so he could start pounding.  It didn’t take long for Arthur to start fucking her.

Arielle was enjoying the taste of Pedro’s shaft, continuing the fellatio.  Between Arthur’s thrusts and the taste of Pedro’s cock, her first orgasm was pending; she could feel it coming, but didn’t want it to come so quickly.

Dan sat back, cock up, watching his two associates engage in a three-way.  Many men would be enraged at behind left out, but not Dan.  Whether he had her in this room, or he had her at a later date, he knew would have her.  In the meantime, he sat back and stroked his own cock as he watched her sexy mouth fuck the shit out of the most passive guy in the office.  Dan always admired that Pedro held himself as the most professional associate in the office.  Occasionally, he would tease him for not being more aggressive with Arielle, but he had no clue that she and Pedro has already fucked once.

As the fellatio continued, Pedro announced his impending orgasm.  Arielle’s mouth dove beyond his head, fully down the shaft, in anticipation of the load he was about to shoot.  She had his cock fully covered between her hands and her mouth; she felt his cock pulse briefly as the load was surfacing.  Within seconds, his cock began shooting.  Her mouth was passionately filled with his cum as she forced her throat muscles to send it all down.  As he came, his mind flashed back to that moment where he was plunging his cock into her; he remembers the initial anxiety he felt because he knew he was smaller than average, but for her, the orgasm was all that mattered.  When she came back up, she saw Pedro’s smile of victory, which also made her happy.

Not long after getting Pedro off, she could feel herself about to get off from Arthur’s pounding.  He hadn’t cum yet, but he had only been fucking her for ten minutes.  Arthur always ran into an issue of overconfidence when having sex.  Knowing that his cock was bigger than average, and having an aggressive personality, he would make the mistake of thinking that he could get a woman off easily.

Fifteen minutes into fucking her, he became frustrated that she hadn’t cum.  Arielle sensed this and being a frequent masturbator, she could control how her orgasms flowed.  She was able to slow the rate of her orgasm to the point where Arthur slowed himself down out of frustration, and eventually pulled out.

Arielle and Arthur exchanged glances as she turned around, her face expressing disappointment.  She pointed to his cock and made a face of “Oh well, shit happens.”

His only response was to mouth, “Fucking bitch.”

She retaliated by fixating a gaze at Dan, who at this point had stopped jerking off. She walked over to his chair, took a knee, and started stroking his cock.  Her gaze darted over to Arthur who was visibly angry which only made his sexual frustration worse.  He reached down to his own cock to start masturbating, and Arielle just uttered a slight giggle.

She returned her gaze to Dan whose permanent smile was the connection she needed to get herself off.  She proceeded to climb on him and straddle his lap.  Dan assisted by aligning his cock – once she felt it line up, she lowered herself down and started riding him.

She closed her eyes and started riding like a cowboy.

As she was riding, she thought back to the first time they fucked in his office, not long after she’d secured the job.

Two weeks after she’d been on the job, she was brought into Dan’s office as he asked her how she liked the job.  She knew it was all small talk and proceeded to be more flirtatious.  He, of course, declined her advances citing his marriage, but she knew better.  All she had to do was take a seductive position on his desk, and the rest was history.

Arthur continued to masturbate, still upset about his failed tryst.  He walked over to Dan and Arielle and applied some ass slaps.  This interrupted her rhythm and caused her to twist ferociously in Arthur’s direction as she delivered a swift haymaker on him, catching him off-guard and knocking him out.

The emotional recall from that plus the coitus, amplified how horny she was, triggering the feeling of orgasm to return.  As she felt the orgasm coming up, she alerted Dan.  Arthur heard this as he was reeling from the punch, and immaturely punched the floor while screaming obscenities.  Pedro looked on, trying not to cackle, but couldn’t help but mock his associate.  He was just enjoying watching Arielle fuck the boss.  Arthur’s immaturity just added to the amusement.  To add insult to injury, Arielle was loud with her orgasm.  To her excitement, their orgasms were about to be simultaneous.  With his orgasm forthcoming, he reached up and clenched both of her tits and clamped down hard; this intensified every feeling in her body, intensifying the inevitable.  Within minutes, she could feel his cock getting ready to shoot its load.  She could also feel the juices flowing from within her body.

She wanted this release to be intense.

Considering Arthur was still frothing at the mouth, cock limp from the inability to get either himself or Arielle off, she wanted to humiliate him.

At the point of climax, she started moaning Dan’s name euphorically, as Dan started screaming, “Cum Ari, cum!!”

Feeling his cock shoot the juice made her orgasm that much hotter.

Dan’s death grip on her tits also made it better.

Dan could feel her pussy unload all over him, and knowing that Arthur going nuclear over it made him feel that much better.  Dan and Greg used to warn Arthur that his aggressive style wasn’t what she was into.  Arthur figured it was a lie to get him to not pursue her, but he never learned.

Post-orgasm, Arielle dismounted from Dan, noting the saturation of pussy juice on his chair, his cock, and this balls.  Peripherally, Arielle noticed that Pedro had left the room, but Arthur remained, scorned and pissed off.  While Dan and Arielle were getting themselves off, he had retrieved his clothes and gotten dressed, but without tucking his shirt in.  Arielle and Dan both noticed it and started to chuckle.

She pulled her hair off of her tits and was able to tie it up in such a way that she could return to the office and still look semi-professional.  Arthur’s gaze went center mass and didn’t let up.

Arielle passed in front of him, still naked, and walked over to the chair where she began this evaluation and began redressing.  She held the cups up to her tits with an alluring look.  She put her arms through the loops of her bra, bringing the clasp toward the back; meanwhile, Arthur was now on the verge of crying.  After hooking the clasp together, she picked up her tank top from the floor and put it on, making sure to grope herself as she adjusted.  She pointed to her shorts, which weren’t far from Arthur.  He picked them up heaved them at her, chucked her a double bird, and stormed out of the room, screaming obscenities.  Arielle and Dan exchanged glances – he could only reply by shrugging his shoulders.

She stepped into the shorts and pulled them up, all while Dan continued to look on.  He picked up his clothes and got dressed.  As he put his briefs back on and adjusted his crotch, she bit her lip.  She was starting to feel horny again, but she resisted temptation.  Unlike Arthur, Dan properly composed and assembled himself to seem more professional, and exited the room.


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