CL 4 The Win

Anyone familiar with Craigslist knows that there’s much to be found:  Houses, cellphones, a hot date, and in Leo’s case, a hot fuck.  Leo had been single for three years after losing his last girlfriend to infidelity.  Two coworkers recommended Craigslist on a whim, citing positive experiences meeting women.  The only downside to Craigslist was the inundation of spam that will flood an Inbox once someone replies to an ad within the Casual Encounters category.  Leo was new to using an online forum to meet women, but caught on quickly and created a separate email account.

Leo spent more than a month on Craigslist answering random ads from women presumably looking for a guy looking for either a one-night stand, or a casual fuckbuddy.  Sadly, the majority of ads he responded to came back with a porn site, which proved more annoying than productive.  He wasn’t about to give up.  Leo’s physically an attractive guy, and it was his appearance that had his last girlfriend chasing him.  He maintained a solid physique by going to the gym, but he never obsessed over it; he liked to present an attractive appearance, but he wasn’t bodybuilder or a health nut.

He was about to give up hope after roughly six months of posting ads and answering them, when he received an email from Felecia.  According to her email, she’d been married for three years, but her husband just wasn’t getting the job done in the bedroom, and she was interested in a “solid hot fuck that my douchebag of a husband won’t fuckin’ give me.”  She also mentioned that she was 35, living near Philadelphia, which meant a four-hour drive if he offered to drive to her.  For a month, they played email tag – talking about each other’s likes and turn-ons; she revealed that she’s into some light bondage, giving oral sex, and swearing is a major turn-on for her.  From the tone of her emails, it seemed to be more than a turn-on.

At the end of the second month, they decided to meet.

They agreed to meet at a hotel halfway between their locations.  Since she was more in heat than he was, she agreed to make the reservation – for later that night.  After asking her for a description, all she told him was, “You’ll find out when you get to the fucking hotel.  I’ve booked the room – nothing fancy, just something quick and dirty so we can fuck.”  After that email came in, he received one immediately following it, “I forgot to mention, my bra will be dangling from the door once I’m in.”  When he asked her bra size, she replied, “They’re big motherfuckers.  Just haul ass and get there at ten.”

The hotel was two hours away and it was already 6:30.  He didn’t want to overdo his appearance, but he wanted to stimulate her visual senses.  Of course, he also knew that the extent of their meet was going to be a quickie.  Having been at work all day, he needed to clean up.  Looking himself over, he also wanted to manscape before heading out.   After getting the shower started, he hopped in.  Standing under the water, he closed his eyes and tried to draw a mental image of Felecia.  Thinking about it, accelerated his erection, which made him contemplate masturbating, but intuitively he knew that he’d been getting laid in a few hours.  As he continued to shower, he grabbed the cream and lathered up.  He didn’t manscape frequently, so he needed to be careful not to cut himself.  As he shaved, he could picture Felecia giving him a phenomenal blowjob as he began picturing that Felecia might be fantasizing about their meet-up, much like he was.

His mind quickly returned to normal as he cleaned up after himself and cut the water.  Standing in his shower, he looked down to realize that he still had a solid erection – still contemplating masturbating.  He had to keep reminding himself that he was going to be getting laid in just over two hours.  Grabbing his towel, he wiped off, and headed into his room.  Given that clothes would be quickly removed, he wasn’t looking for much of a wardrobe – jeans, t-shirt, and a collared shirt to go over it.  He’d contemplated going in commando, but with pants, he ran the risk of his cock chafing.

It was now 7:30 and he needed to get going.  Throwing on some light deodorant and a light scent, he printed up directions to the hotel and headed out.

The trip to the hotel wasn’t too bad.  There must have been an adrenaline rush combined with the hard-on that still existed, because the trip took him just under an hour-and-a-half.

After pulling into the hotel parking lot, he began scanning vehicles.  He knew that she was coming from Pennsylvania.  In his search for a parking spot, he noticed four vehicles with Pennsylvania license plates.  Looking at his watch, there was still 25 minutes until she was due to arrive.  Leo noticed that he could see most of the rooms from where he was sitting in his car, and noticed no dangling bras.  It didn’t take him long to notice an empty parking spot between two SUVs.  To make looking for Felecia easier, he backed his car in.  From where he sat, he scanned rooms for bra-covered door handles since he noticed another car with Pennsylvania plates drive up, but he still came up with nothing.

To avoid drawing attention to himself, he also turned off his headlights.

As time came near, Leo started to get worried that she might have backed out, or that it was all a ruse.  As ten rolled around with still no sign of Felecia and no other vehicles with Pennsylvania plates coming through, he grabbed his phone to see if she’d left him an email, which she had around 9:00:

“Hi Leo, Thanks to my fucking cocksucker known as a husband, I’m fuckin’ running late – fucking husband is being a fuckin’ cockbag! I’m trying to get the fuck out of here.  You and your cock have been on my fuckin’ mind all fuckin’ day LONG.  I can’t wait to see you tonight!  I’m going to try for a 10:30 arrival if my husband would stop being a prick.  –F”

With almost 45 minutes to spare, he reclined the seat and just got comfortable in anticipation.  He began to wonder if her husband had found out about the meet-up and was trying to stall her departure, causing him to want to leave.  He was just thankful to be meeting halfway instead of driving four hours to Philly.  His watched showed 10:25 and Leo noticed a green SUV pull into a spot across from him and it had Pennsylvania plates.  The driver was female, appeared mid-30s, black/curly hair, wearing a sweater.  As she got out of her SUV, her body posture seemed to suggest that she had a big rack, but there was no way he could be certain that it was her.  She headed into the front office and within minutes, she emerged and headed for a room.  She entered the room and pushed it shut.  Fifteen minutes later, the door re-opened and a large bra was placed over the door handle.

Leo didn’t want to it appear that he was watching or stalking, so he gave it a few minutes before he approached the door.  There were also still some people walking between rooms.  As soon as the coast was clear, Leo exited his car and approached the handle with the bra.  After knocking twice, she replied, “Who is it?”  She had a cute voice, but rough around the edges.  He replied “Leo from Craigslist.”  She opened the door in such a way that you could see that the door latch was engaged, but that was more in case the person on the other end was determined to harm her immediately.  After undoing the door latch, she opened the door fully.  Felecia was a shorter woman, approximately 5’3, on the curvy side, and the first thing Leo noticed was that she was a smoker.  She walked around the door to greet Leo with a hug.  She had removed her sweater, and was wearing a tank top with the expression, “These guns don’t need a permit.”  It was also obvious how horny she was by her nipples poking out through the shirt that seemed nearly a size too small to comfortably covering them.

She stepped outside and grabbed her bra from the handle.  She closed the door, locked it with the deadbolt and engaged the latch.  Leo noticed the effort and drawing from her t-shirt, remarked, “I highly doubt anyone’s going to fuck with us.”

“Maybe so, but I don’t fuck around,” replied Felecia.

She walked over to the bed and offered him a beer, which he declined.  He commented on her tank top, “I gotta ask where the fuck you found that.”  Granted, the shirt would not work well for a man, but he was also mesmerized at her tit size compared to her height.

“Spencer Gifts near my house.  I found it on sale once while I was looking for a gag gift for a friend’s birthday party.  I wear it mostly around my husband because he hates anything related to guns,” she replied with a giggle.  She followed that with, “Fucking idiot” under her breath.  As she continued to smoke her cigarette, she realized that she probably shouldn’t smoke around someone she didn’t know.  “Sorry if my smoking bothers ya.  I gave the fuckers up a few years ago, but with my douchebag of a husband, it’s either beer or smokes.  They’re cheap as fuck in Delaware, so I went back to smokes.”

“Whatever works for ya,” replied Leo, not giving about her smoking, but still fixed on the nipples that looked like they were trying to break through.

As she continued her cigarette, making sure to blow the smoke away from Leo, she asked, “How was your drive in?”

“I got here faster than I expected.  I’ve been looking forward to this all day.”

As he replied, she quickly became preoccupied with the bulge in his pants that had been there since he took his shower.  She put her cigarette out in the ashtray on the nightstand, blew the secondhand to the side.  She walked over to the mini-fridge and grabbed herself another beer, again offering Leo one; this time he accepted.  They clinked beers and took a drink, “A-fuckin’-men.  This has been all that’s been on my mind all fuckin’ day.  My cockbag of a husband was being a fucking asshole.  If not for his bullshit, I would have been here way sooner.”

Leo scooted closer to her, pushing her hair back, and said firmly, but softly, “Don’t think about the douchebag.  Focus on this,” as he grabbed her right hand and brought it to his rock-hard crotch.

“Fuckin-A man, that feels nice,” replied Felecia as she closed her eyes, taking in the euphoric sensations going through her body.

He leaned in and whispered into her ear, “I can’t help but notice that your nipples are fuckin’ hard,” said Leo as he reached one hand up and started tweaking one of them.  The hand near Leo’s began bunching and squeezing, making it that much harder.  “Leo, you have a fan-fucking-tastic cock.  Maybe we should just skip foreplay so you can pound me?”

She licked her lips and leaned forward for a kiss.  Embracing her, he leaned in and starting making out with her.  Her lips were incredibly soft and she quickly demonstrated that she knew how to use them.  As they continued to make out, his body fell back onto the bed, resulting in her ending up on top.  Felecia took off her undersized t-shirt, exposing her tits, front and center.  Once her tits were out, they actually seemed a half-size bigger bare.  Her nipples were hard as rocks and were dying for some tongue.  Felecia noticed Leo trying to figure out how big they were.  “The t-shirt makes them look smaller than they actually are,” she said as she picked them up and licked both of her nipples, which made Leo crazy.

“Just so you know, my nipples are very fucking sensitive,” said Felecia as she squeezed both breasts together.  It didn’t take much for Leo to act, as he reached up and started playing.  Felecia proceeded to lower her body onto his, “You like those massive pillows, Leo?” she asked very seductively as she stuck her tongue out and onto his lips.  He nodded and gave them a solid squeeze, “they’re fuckin’ gorgeous!”  She replied with a slight growl, positioning her pelvic area over his bulge and while briefly dry-humping it, she moaned, “That’s it – your cock, my mouth, pronto.”

Raising her body back up, she unzipped her pants to reveal a pussy with a landing strip.  She stood up on the bed, long enough to remove her pants and throw them aside.  Sitting back on Leo’s bulge, she moved up closer, giving him better access to her pink.  Reaching out with both hands, he started fingering her pussy, using another finger to stimulate her clit.  As he did that, he pointed to his bulge.  She took pleasure in removing his pants and drawers, freeing his throbbing and almost dying cock.  She noticed that he manscaped and noticed that the job looked fresh.  “You’re really impressing me tonight.  I love a man with a bare cock.”

She reached over to the end table where their drinks ended up, grabbed the beer she’d been consuming, and poured it over his cock.  Repositioning herself for fellatio, she began sucking his cock while lapping up the beer that she’d poured.  Felecia alternated between sucking and stroking as his girth slightly expanded.  Her sucking sounds integrated with moaning sounds as she tried to moan and say, “Ohh, that’s fuckin’ hot!”  As she came up for air, Leo started stroking his own cock slowly.  “Do you like watching a guy stroke it?”

“Fucking love it!”

Given how much beer had been poured into the sheets of this bed, Felecia didn’t want to risk any charges for damages even though this wasn’t a first-class place.  Stopping briefly, she said, “I’m thinking we should take this to the shower, so we don’t ruin things in here.”  Felecia headed in to start the water and made sure it was a warm temperature.  She also pointed the showerhead away, as the tub was mostly for cleanup.  She stepped out long enough to bring the remaining beer into the bathroom and hopped back in.  Leo followed her into the shower.  Her nipples were still rock hard and his cock was still hard enough to hang a coat.  He took the remainder of his drink, followed by cracking a new one, and poured it over her body.  He continued sucking on her beer-moistened areolas.  To get more comfortable, they both lowered themselves into the tub as the water reached a warmer temperature.  Once sitting, Leo cock stood straight up in such a way that his balls and bottom of the shaft were submerged, leaving a pole sticking up.  Felecia needed no invite; she dove right in and start blowing fiercely.  She raised an eyebrow again as she contemplated the ride.  She returned to business.

“That cock feels so fucking nice,” said Felecia as she moaned.  Leo just sat back and watched her stroke it.  He figured out fairly quickly that it had been a while since she’d given oral sex given how quickly she was going.  It’s like she was trying to set a record for how fast she could make Leo cum.

After five minutes of the blowjob, she came up for air, and both just knew that she wanted to be fucked.  She put two fingers in her mouth and massaged her pussy enough to get the juices going.  They booth stood up as Leo spun her around.  He wet two of his own fingers, stuck them in to see how loose she was.  Leo grabbed his cock and lined it up and drove forward.  Just feeling the head push against her lips made her moan – just another indication of the last time she’d been fucked.  She was tight, but not so bad that penetration was painful.  She was well lubricated, but hadn’t gotten any recently.  The sensations felt new to her, causing her to moan heavily.  Leo went slowly at first, allowing her to adjust.  Once more loose, he increased speed, yielding louder moans.  Felecia patted the wall to see if she could hold posture while being fucked from behind.

“Sorry I’m so fucking tight.  This is what happens when you’re married to a guy who has more motherfucking time for his fucking job, than time to fuck his wife,” remarked Felecia.  As he continued to fuck her, he noticed a tattoo across the small of her back that read, I love a good fuck.  “Nice tattoo.  How long have you had that?”

“About 3 years.  I had to fuckin’ pay a friend to do it, since no small business tattoo artists would ink me with profanity; prude motherfuckers.”  She was on cloud nine.  Her worries, anxiety, and stress, all melted away.

“Leo, my pussy is fucking throbbing right now!  Your cock feels fucking awesome!”  Her moans evolved into screams.  As he continued, the primal beast in Leo started to come out and he started to grunt with each thrust.  With each grunt begot more intense moaning from Felecia.

Within fifteen minutes, he could feel himself getting ready to cum.  After announcing it, she encouraged the orgasm, turning her screams into “CUM BABY CUM!”  Within thirty seconds, his cock exploded with a nice burst; this all followed by her impending orgasm.  “That motherfucker is pulsating!  I fucking love it!” screamed Felecia as she climaxed along with him.

As their bodies were coming down from the high, they lowered themselves back into the tub.   “That shit was the release I’ve needed for at least a year now.  Maybe I should have just fuckin’ married you instead!”  Leo raised his eyebrows in consideration, replying, “I wouldn’t mind pounding your pussy at the end of the day.”

“God, I just can’t get over how fuckin’ awesome that was.  My body is still coming down,” said Felecia, still coming down from the orgasm.  She spun around and faced him.  “Seriously, Leo, that was fucking hot!”

“If I could come home from work to a woman with a rack as nice as yours…”

They lowered themselves into the bathtub and turned off the water.  She lay down with her ass covering the tub drain and Leo took a position on top of her, washed his hands, and then proceeded to finger her pussy, which felt very relaxed, having just been fucked.

Squeezing her tits together, she continued a euphoric moaning.  Eventually, Leo’s fingers found her clit, causing her to let out an “OHH BABY!”  The more he fingered near the region, the louder her screams got.  Within five minutes, she announced that she was close to another orgasm.  Within thirty seconds, she came, both muscle-wise and fluidly.  As the second orgasm came to an end, her moans trailed off, and all she could do was say, “Those were two of the hottest orgasms I’ve had in a long fucking time.”


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