Forty Minutes Until Boarding

After a phenomenal romp in the airplane’s lavatory, Gretchen and Cameron made subtle and discrete exits back to their seats.  There were many looks of disgust and jeers of repugnancy as passengers put two and two together, but neither cared. It wasn’t their first time and it wouldn’t be their last.  While they took their fair share of shit from flight attendants, they never faced trouble at destination.

After the overhead signage toggled several times, there was a crackle over the ten-year old intercom, “Good afternoon passengers.  It may be tough to see due to cloud cover, but we are now flying over Miami. As it currently stands, we will be preparing to land in approximately twenty minutes.  You may still move about the cabin, but be sure to adhere to signage and flight attendant instructions.”

Gretchen went digging around her backpack for the flight information for their layover in Miami – they would have an hour wait.  When she saw the expected time to land and compared it to her watch, there was a differential. After flagging down a flight attendant, it looked like they would be arriving later than expected, but was informed that Miami International would be informed of the tardy arrival and would adjust times to make sure everyone would make it.

As if on cue, the intercom crackled a second time, “This is the captain speaking again, it looks like there were some communication issues involving us and the team that directs us while landing.  While this will leave us twenty-minutes later in landing, the gate attendants have been notified, and times are being adjusted to accommodate any layovers. This leaves our estimated landing time in approximately forty-five minutes.  On behalf of this flight crew, I apologize for the inconvenience associated with this. The flight crew will be coming around for a non-alcoholic beverage run.”

Gretchen hunched over to Cameron and said with chagrin, “This might mean that our idea once on the ground might be cut back.  You sure you’re still game?”

Not wanting to seem worried, he replied “Let’s see how long it actually takes.  Maybe it won’t be so bad.”

There was rustling and commotion around the cabin as passengers began bombarding flight attendants with questions about flight times and concerns about missing their connecting flights.  Fortunately, flight attendants are trained to deal with these situations, but it doesn’t minimize passenger frustration. In the midst of complaining to flight attendants, passengers were also mingling amongst themselves, discussing why such an issue would occur.

Cameron seized a moment in the chaos and started kissing his girlfriend’s neck.

She formed a quick smile, but relented.  “Hun, just wait until we’re on the ground.”

Her pussy disagreed with the reaction, but there was less room between the seats than there was in the lavatory.  Cameron retracted, putting his arm around her. She responded with a quick kiss as a flight attendant approached their row.  Gretchen peered at the decimated cart consisting of a half-dozen cans of Coke and four Dr. Pepper’s; they both requested Coke.

As the attendant was pouring the drinks, there was some minor turbulence.  He cautioned them, “Be careful with these.”

They both downed their soda like they were shots.  Gretchen hardly drank any soda, causing her to wince as she downed it.

She rose up to have an overall look at the cabin – people were mostly looking at their watches, reviewing itineraries, and a few people were on laptops.  Cameron could only admire his girlfriend’s finely-formed ass. Like a horny teenager, he snuck in a solid grab. While they had enough time for a second tryst, they had no way of knowing whether they would land early.

As the time passed by, the intercom crackled, “Folks, this is the captain speaking.”

As he came over, an uprising of groans, followed by a distant, “What the fuck could he have to tell us now??”

“I’m pleased to report that we are on descent.  Please return all seat backs and tray tables to their upright and locked positions.  We also ask at this time that people return to their seats as this will be a bumpy landing.”

Not long after the announcement, the turbulence began, prompting Cameron to return to his seat and buckle up.  Gretchen peered at her watch – they were ten minutes ahead of delayed time of arrival. She angled it in Cameron’s direction as he smiled wide.  She discretely put her hand over his cock – he was rock hard.

Ten minutes later, they both felt the wheels hit the ground, brakes being applied as they both lit up in wide grins, knowing that a B-line for the nearest restroom was the plan.  Something about the sound and feel of the plane landing and vibrating made Gretchen’s pussy even hotter and wetter. Every few minutes, she’d put her hand down over her pussy, which was still throbbing from their recent fuck, only to realize that it was still purring.  Cameron’s cock was still so hard that he couldn’t focus on much of what was going on around him. The look of lust and passion in their eyes invoked enough tension to make anyone horny.

It took a solid fifteen minutes of driving the plane to arrive at their assigned gate.  Once clearance was given to disembark, passengers began to exit hastily, and in some cases, aggressively.  The captain had also emerged from the cockpit to wish passengers a pleasant day. It wasn’t long before the passenger that screamed the obscenity earlier flipped him off as he walked by.  The charming couple exchanged glances, disgusted at his behavior.

When it became their turn to head out, they proceeded single-file out of the airplane.  As she approached the front of the cabin to exit the plane, the young guy that had been serving beverages even winked in approval as Cameron walked by, as all he could see was her tits bouncing.  As they approached the front, Cameron shook the pilot’s hand and thanked him for landing them safely.

As they filed out through the jetway, all Cameron could focus on was her gorgeous ass.  Each step she took, you could tell she was strutting it for him, making his cock desire her more.  

Looking behind her to make ensure Cameron came off the plane, she pointed to the right, but not to a restroom, but to an employee area.  As they B-lined it for that door, they noticed that nobody was moving to stop them, and there was was nothing in the line of security at this door.

Cameron knew was he about thirty seconds from resuming where he left off in the lavatory, and that’s all he cared about at that moment.  Gretchen was also as eager to rip her clothes off and have her pussy ravaged. As they entered the employee area, Gretchen looked around her with a cautious eye to ensure that they weren’t followed in.

After entering the employee area with no alarms going off, they quickly found a meeting room with nobody in it.  They barged into it, grabbed the nearest chair, and forced into position such that the only possible entrance was forcibly taking the door off its hinges.  Given that nobody saw them enter, it was unlikely that this room would be used.

Gretchen looked at her watch:  With the adjusted arrival, they had forty minutes before their connecting flight to San Diego.  Cameron looked at his cellphone; they exchanged glances to get in sync.

Adrenaline and primal instinct aggressively kicked in as they ran into each other’s arms and started making out.  Gretchen could feel her pussy heating up like an oven; in fact, she could already feel the beginnings of an orgasm.  

As they continued making out, she aggressively grabbed his ass and thrusted her body onto his, making his cock harder than it already was.  He reached up and mauled her tits over her white camisole. His scintillating and euphoric touch resulted in loud orgasmic moans that would easily draw attention outside this meeting room.  She felt that orgasm coming which prompted a warning shot, causing him to move his mouth to back to her neck.

Gretchen always had a massive weakness for having her neck sucked on; his suction made her body lose most control.

With the orgasm pending, she embraced him tightly and securely.

“Let it out…”

Cameron lifted up her camisole and bit her left nipple fiercely to trigger the orgasm.  The scream she uttered sounded alarming, but it was music to their ears.

Gretchen’s body exploded as she could feel the juices pouring out, saturating her panties.

As she came, Cameron picked her up and sat her on the table.  Gretchen was a lighter, but athletic woman. She and Cameron had met at the gym – she was trying to lose weight, and he was always ashamed of being lanky with no tone.

Three years of faithful attendance at the gym resulted in gorgeous eye-tracing figures on both. Six months after they made first contact, they made first sexual contact, in which Gretchen took his virginity.  Just shy of a year later, they turned their relationship comprised mostly of copulation, into a serious one. To this day, they still act like two horny teenagers when out in public.

As her body was reeling from the orgasm, he lifted her top over her hand with her assistance, and tossed it aside.  Her beautiful, perky, and hard nipples were still begging for some action. She rubbed her own tits and teased him by squeezing her nipples while licking her lips seductively.  At this point, he wanted that tongue and mouth massaging his cock.

They resumed making out, both inserting some tongue.  His hands massaged her tits, softly at first which led to more moaning.  Her hands reached down and massaged his aching crotch. His teeth biting down on each nipple caused her pussy to become wet again.  She wasn’t ready for another orgasm just yet, though it wouldn’t bother her. To aid his effort, she squeezed her beautiful 34Bs together.  He leaned in to replace her hands with his, as he stared into her eyes. The fire in her eyes burned like that of a warrior accepting a challenge.

The emotional recoil had him hard enough to be a coat rack.

He stuck his tongue out and barely massaged her right nipple, prompting her to wince orgasmically.  She could feel a second orgasm coming up, prompting another warning. He responded by moving his tongue the other nipple, smothering it.

“I’m gonna cum a second time and we’ve barely done anything else…” said a very cautious Gretchen.  “Remember hun, we don’t have…”

His only response was a wink.

“Cam, your cock looks hungry for a sucking.  Let’s change places,” she requested with a seductive smile.

He returned his mouth back to her face and gave her a passionate kiss.

He reached below her, lifted her off the table and back to the floor.

He undid his pants and tossed them aside, leaving only his dark briefs, showing his obvious erection.

She responded with a palm outward, though her mouth was watering.  She took two steps toward him, reached around him, and managed to summon enough energy to lift him up and hoist him onto the table.

His cock was still encased, albeit at a 45-degree angle.

She cupped his covered cock and began to pump it.  As she did so, she reached a hand down her shorts to confirm just how wet she was.

Pumping his covered his covered cock was a major tease to him.  She exacerbated the torture by opening her mouth and lowering it over the shaft as if she were to perform the fellatio.

Though there was no direct contact, his head swung back ecstatically, and one hand joined hers.  Asserting domination, she growled at his hand, forcing him to retract. She continued to stroke his encased cock as it continued to struggle in captivity.

After a brief bought of torture, she acquiesced.

She tugged at his briefs, compelling him to assist in their removal.

Once removed, opening wide, she dove in taking it in her mouth.  The oral foreplay guaranteed that his orgasm wouldn’t be too far off.  Generally, when she gave, he would cum within five minutes. It wouldn’t help that over time, she’d mastered the art of suction, and she was the only woman in time’s past that ever gave him head.

The gym enhanced his physique, but he couldn’t erase his virginal past.

Cameron craned his neck down to watch her delivery such poignant fellatio.

Gretchen knew precisely how to perform the fellatio that would get him off in minutes.  Thankfully, his reactions were predictable. While she didn’t like to rush things, she knew they had a plane to catch.  Intuitively, she knew that there would be a lavatory on the aircraft for the final leg home.

Her nipples were still rock hard, and it was a near-guarantee that with more time, he could easily bring her to a third orgasm.

She loved to deep throat and he knew the further she took it in, the faster it got him off.  When Cameron indicated that he was reaching the point of orgasm, she released her mouth and just started pumping vigorously.  To avoid making a total mess of things, she quick cupped his cock and started swallowing his load.

Ghirardelli chocolate and his cum were her two weaknesses.

Cameron’s body was still processing the orgasm.  He looked at his watch and showed it to Gretchen:  They had just shy of ten minutes.

“My pussy is still purring,” said Gretchen with a salacious tone.

“Yeah, but we have a flight to catch,” replied an exhausted Cameron.

She took off her shorts to show him her cum-stained panties.

“That’s all from what you’ve done in such a short time.” She was still massively horny.

“I’m sure the plane will have a lav,” said Cameron.  “How long is our flight to San Diego?”

Cameron regrouped their clothing so they could get dressed.

“If I remember the ticket, it’s a six hour flight,” she replied uncertain.

“Well, we need to get our asses in gear before we miss our flight,” said Gretchen, sounding worried.

Cameron removed the chair and placed it back where he found it.  Gretchen looked around to see how much of a mess they made. As far as they were concerned, they were never there.  She cracked the door open and saw no employees. Taking advantage of a quick moment, they slipped out of the meeting room and back into the airport, walking out like nothing ever happened.

Upon exiting the employee area, they headed for their gate with about five minutes to go.  They were halfway there when Cameron could feel the pain from not having a chance to cum when the opportunity presented itself.  While he knew there would be a lavatory on the plane, it would be at least a forty-minutes between boarding, getting everyone settled, lift-off, and then the all-clear to traverse the cabin.

They were three sections away from their gate when an announcement using a modern public announced boarding for their flight.  As they approached, they saw that the line for Economy Class was long enough that they weren’t going to be late. As they reached the gate and stopped to catch their breath, Gretchen noticed his wincing.

“Babe, are you okay?”

Not wanting to embarrass himself, he whispered, “Well, since I didn’t get to cum…”

Gretchen embraced her boyfriend half-heartedly to be sympathetic, but replied, “Imagine how I feel being in flux right now.”

Out of nowhere, one of the flight attendants grabs the microphone, “Attention passengers:  We just had a passenger surrender their first-class seat due to a situation beyond our control.  Where there were two tickets involved, we will upgrade two –“

Gretchen’s hand shot up quicker than a gun firing, “WE WILL TAKE IT!”

All eyes were on the pained, but happy couple who looked like they were having a medical problem.

The gate attendant waved them over as they moved their luggage over to the desk.  Gretchen realized that she brutally interrupted the agent and apologized. They were offered that first-class upgrade for free since the previous passengers had to surrender the.  Long-haul flights included dinner since they would be in the air longer than four hours. The agent asked for both their licenses to get them new passes and cancel out the old ones.  Once the tickets printed, the agent welcomed them aboard, and ripped off one end. While on the jetway, they looked at their tickets for seat numbers; they were not only next to each other, but first-class has its own lavatory.

As they entered the airplane, they found their seats among the fourth row.  Lo and behold, right behind them and to the right was a lavatory three-quarters larger than their last flight.  Being the observant one, she noticed that people were still filing onto the plane and the flight attendants were too busy to notice subtle activity.  She looked over at Cameron and whispered, “As soon as you see me enter the lav, wait a few seconds, then join me. We might have 5-10 minutes to finish what we started before they close the hatch.”  He acknowledged with a cheery nod.

She ascended from her chair and casually entered the lavatory, not locking it.  While Cameron’s discretion wasn’t the smoothest, he still approached and opened it; not a single person noticed either one of them.  The lavatory on flight wasn’t much bigger than a portapotty, but left enough room for them to continue. Gretchen noticed that he didn’t pull the latch to lock it and did so.

The resumed making out which put them both back in the mood to finish things up.  They turned around to allow him to sit on the hopper as he quickly removed his shorts and boxers.  His cock wasn’t nearly as hard as it was in the employee area, and Gretchen noticed how inflamed his balls had become from not finishing.  She started stroking it tepidly to regain the blood flow – while it wasn’t an immediate reaction, once it started, it came back to a full-size erection within a few seconds.  Once completely hard again, she dove in and deep-throated.

As Cameron was enjoying this experience, the speaker on top the lavatory came to life asking all passengers to find their seats as takeoff would be happening in a few minutes.  There was a swift knock on the door as the voice of a flight attendant could be heard, “We’re going to be boarding soon, so we’ll need you to return to your seat.”

Cameron mustered a half-assed, “Thanks.  Be out soon.”

Gretchen was still sucking, but by the feel of his cock, he was about to cum.  Fortunately, the pain from the blue balls was subsiding as he approached orgasm.  She retracted her mouth off his cock and vigorously stroked it. “I need to get you off so we can get back to our seats.”

He didn’t blow a huge load, but it was enough to alleviate the pain.  She was able to aim his burst so that it hit the lavatory wall. This lavatory had wet naps in place of hand sanitizer that some flights offer, compelling her to grab a handful and do some clean-up.

“Babe, you get your ass out there and back in your chair.  I’ll clean this up.”

After pulling up his shorts and situating himself, he gracefully exited the lavatory to take his seat and locked the door.  Gretchen worked quickly to clean up after their mess. Taking a short time so nothing looked suspicious, she decided to use it herself before exiting.

There was another knock on the door as you could hear someone playing with the latch.

In a half-annoyed voice, she replied, “I’m taking a leak here.”

Whoever it was softly muttered a ‘what-the-fuck’ as they walked away from the door.

As she finished up, she cleaned up after herself, washed her hands with more wet naps, and exited the stall.  Whoever was impatiently waiting to use the restroom, passed by their seat and immaturely muttered, “Finally…”

Gretchen only responded with a middle finger in their direction.

Their activity must have caught the attention of a flight attendant who B-lined it for their seats.  “I don’t know what you two were doing in that restroom, but there’s only one person at a time allowed.”

Gretchen, being a bitch about the situation, replied in snark, “Don’t you have passengers to check on before we take off?  After all, someone made an announcement about the urgency of everyone returning to their seats.”

The flight attendant, an older woman whose appearance made her look like an old-fashioned puritanical woman, replied with “And you understand that part of being in first – ”

“Attention passengers of Delta flight 5001, service toSan Diego; we will be taxiing to the runaway shortly.  Flight attendants, please prepare to give the safety demonstration.”

The flight attendant was annoyed, but walked away in haste as she had to begin the demonstration.

Cameron reached over toward Gretchen and asked with a muffled voice, “I wonder when’s the last time she got fucked?”  Involuntarily, Gretchen started cackling, followed by a hard cough.

As the safety demonstration began, Gretchen noticed that the presentation showed the same text in Spanish and French.  As she tepidly watched, she continued to chuckle over Cameron’s comment. While it wasn’t obvious at first, the person in the lavatory never emerged, making Gretchen wonder why nobody bothered to get them out.

After the demonstration ended, the plane began to taxi to the runway.  There were still people not seated who were taking a few minutes to move some luggage around in the overhead bins; flight attendants deployed to assist and remind them to take their seats during takeoff.

No less than a few minutes after the safety briefing, the lavatory occupant emerged; it appeared to be an older man, looking grungy and unkempt.  He had the posture and demeanor of someone who would pickpocket someone’s boarding pass just to be able to travel.

The bitchier flight attendant approached him and all that could be heard was “Sir, I don’t believe you’re in first class, you need to return – ”

He replied with a sharp and profane, “Lady, get the fuck out of my way.  I’m in 1A.” He unfurled his boarding pass to show his purchased a ticket.  It looked disheveled, like he’d picked it from a trash barrel at the airport.

“Wow,” Cameron replied in shock, “I knew she was a bitch, but I guess she’s also prejudiced also.  He was sitting in first class when we boarded.”

In an apologetic gesture, the attendant stepped back so he could take his seat.  “My apologies, sir.”

Replying like someone with a chip on their shoulder he snapped back, “Just because I don’t look like I belong in first class, doesn’t mean I didn’t purchase a fucking ticket.”

With everyone reseated, each flight attendant took a designated seat and buckled up.  As the plane approached the run away, it made a sharp right-hand turn.

“Folks, this is the captain speaking, it looks like there are two planes ahead of us to take-off.  If you must move about the cabin, be judicious about it as FAA regulations forbid any movement in the cabin during take-off.”

After about twenty minutes waiting, the captain came back over to inform the passengers that they were next up.

Within a minute of that, the engines powered up, and the plane began its race down the runway.  Once in the air and heading for the clouds, another voice came over the PA system, “Passengers this is Jan, the head flight attendant.”

Gretchen looked over and realized that she was the same one that threw a fit over their use of the lavatory as well as mistreating the man in 1A.

“Recent changes in FAA regulations permit the use of mobile devices below 10,000 feet, however, to ensure that essential airplane functions aren’t disturbed, please refrain from using those devices until we are at 10,000 feet.”

The happy couple chortled in unison, “Fuck that…” as they broke out their mobile devices.  Both had accounts with Comcast for WiFi aboard the plane. As they connected, their homepages loaded and they began tinkering with social media.

Despite some turbulence ascending to 10,000 feet, they eventually reached it as Jan made the announcement that they were “free to use mobile devices.”  They both updated their social media to reflect being in the air and Gretchen made it a point to take a picture of them both in their chairs, mocking Jan’s primitive behavior.

Cameron being the young and horny guy he is, reached around his girlfriend and groped her tit in the seat as she took a second picture, posting with the caption “You wish ur gf was hot like mine.”  Gretchen returned her phone to her front pocket as she and Cameron began making out again.

The PA tone sounded as Jan piped up, “Good afternoon all.  Since this is scheduled to be a six-and-a-half hour flight, we will be making the first of several beverage runs.  This flight features Coca-Cola products, three choices of beer and wine, as well as bottled water. Passengers also have a choice of crackers or pretzels.  Payment can be made with all major credit cards; sorry, no cash.”

They paused their tonsil hockey as Gretchen said, “Six hour flight?  I’m going for some wine. You want anything?”

Cameron leaned in and replied lasciviously while sounding intoxicated, “I want your pussy.”

Gretchen chuckled and did her best to muffle it so she didn’t attract too much attention to herself.  She replied seductively, “Maybe once the drink cart goes through, we can have another romp.”

It didn’t take long for Jan to arrive at their row asking if they wanted a drink and snacks.

“What do you have for wine?” asked Gretchen.

“Apothic, Woodbridge, and Franzia.”

She noticed that in the beer section was one of her favorites, Blue Moon.

“Eh, I’ll take a Blue Moon.  I’m more a Sangria girl.”

“I just need to see your ID or passport,” said Jan as she broke out a device.

She dove into her backpack for her wallet to pull out her driver’s license.  Jan flipped the ID over and scanned the barcode. After a few seconds, the device chimed and she handed Gretchen back her ID, along with a Blue Moon.  “That’ll be $5, please.”

She handed over her credit card.  Cameron piped up, asking for a Sprite.

Jan popped open one of the beer cans and poured some into an eight ounce cup.

After handing them their drinks, she moved on.

“Five dollars for what amounts to be a shot of beer?  Fuckin’ robbery!” barked Gretchen trying to keep her voice low as she took the measly shot.  Cameron’s Sprite came in the same size glass.

As Cameron looked around the cabin, it seemed like the flight attendants were being more observant of their surroundings.  The majority of passengers were consumed in something else. Hijacking the lavatory didn’t seem likely. Gretchen stood up to stretch her legs and move throughout the cabin.   The casual observer wouldn’t notice, but she’s also trying to determine her odds of pulling off another tryst. She observed Cameron trying to do the same, when she shook her head.  As she stretched her neck to the right, she noticed Jan was keeping an eye on her. It was bad enough that Jan knew who they were and what they did in the lavatory earlier, but another attempt could get them booted off the plane, involving an emergency landing.

She resumed her seat as she whispered to Cameron, “She’s onto us.”

The flight attendant for Economy made a trash run up the aisle and checking on passengers.  Jan sat there on the one plane that connects directly to the cockpit. Her body language looked like it was casual banter.  Gretchen wasn’t unaware of this and leaned over to Cameron, whispering “When I tell you to, join me in the lavatory.”

Jan looked at her watch, realizing that she hadn’t made her run for trash and check-ups, and hung up the phone.  Grabbing a trash bag, she sauntered up the aisle. As she walked by Cameron’s row, he signaled that he needed something.  “Any idea what time dinner is? I’m considering napping and didn’t want to miss it.”

Jan smiled, almost patronizingly, replying “You won’t miss it.  I’ll be announcing it over the intercom. Enjoy your nap.”

As Cameron returned to seating, Gretchen looked at him frustrated, “Hun, what was that about?”

“If they’re busy serving us food and we’re near the front of the plane, between that and passengers getting ready for dinner, we’ll have a short window,” he replied almost annoyed by the question.  She looked at her watch and it’d been less than two hours since takeoff, and there was at least four to go until their arrival in San Diego.

He asked her to face her back toward him as he was going to give her a back massage, which knowing Cameron, would turn into more.  He proceeded to dig his hands into her shoulders while applying light kisses to the back of her neck. His right hand moved up to her neck, rubbing the muscles on the sides.  He retracted his left hand from her shoulder and crossed over his other arm, rubbing his knuckles into the small of her back, creating a near-euphoric sensation for her. Usually, when Cameron delivers these kids of massages, they transition into him groping her tits, but his hand movements were such that he was keeping it decent.

While she kept it mostly quiet, she was uttering some moans.  She was getting turned on, but not enough to want to get fucked.  She loved what he was doing; some of it was to relax her and pass time as the flight continued, and some was his way of keeping an eye around the cabin, looking for a good opportunity to make that move.  Gretchen wasn’t oblivious, but she also knew her boyfriend didn’t have the guts to take initiative.

His hands continued kneading up her back as he felt her body become feather-light.  She craned her neck over and gave him a kiss, whispering, “That massage was phenomenal – and it’s lulling me to  sleep. I’m going to crash for a little while. Nudge me when they make the dinner run.”

No sooner than her falling asleep did the TV screen on their seats change image to indicate what dinner would be in approximately two hours.  First class would be served a 32-oz cheeseburger with a side of macaroni and cheese.

The intercom chimed in, “Good evening passengers, this is Jan.  We are now flying over Austin, Texas, putting us halfway through our flight.  Your crew will be coming around with dinner at this time. Unlike our previous beverage run, options are now Coca-Cola products and water.  The captain has informed me that barring anything unforeseen, we may be landing in San Diego twenty minutes earlier than scheduled. Please enjoy your dinner and don’t hesitate to let us know if you need anything.”

Gretchen hadn’t quite fallen asleep when she looked at Cameron and said, “Now we’re kinda fucked since everyone will be looking for a restroom break after eating.”

    As Jan rolled by their section, she handed them both a cheeseburger with a hot container of macaroni and cheese.  Across the way, one female passenger asked, “Do you have any vegan options?”

    Jan grimaced as she shook her head in defeat, “I’m sorry ma’am, but this flight doesn’t have a vegan option in the cheeseburgers.  Economy is getting Chicken Cesar Salad with ranch dressing, if you’re interested in that.”

    The passenger grimaced and sighed simultaneously in attempt to shame the flight attendants.  “Disgraceful in this time period that you don’t accommodate alternate dietary needs.” She hesitated and replied, “I guess I’ll just starve until we land,” with an air of contempt.

    The woman looked over at Gretchen and replied contemptuously, “They’ll be lucky if I fly them again.”

    Gretchen could only shrug and return to eating her dinner.

    Cameron looked at her puzzled, “Is she allergic, or just being a pain in the ass?”

    Gretchen turned her neck and replied, “The latter.  One burger won’t kill her. It’s mostly understood that when you travel by air, you get whatever they’re serving.”

    As they continued eating, Gretchen noticed that neither of them had taken a drink from their sodas.  She looked at Cameron and said, “Don’t drink your soda yet. Our window may be sooner than you think.”

    All of the flight attendants were busy handing out food and passengers had immersed themselves into both dinner in addition to whatever they were doing beforehand.

    Cameron whispered in her ear, “It’s now or never.  People will be looking to use it in at least fifteen minutes.  Bring your soda.”

    Going contrary to his norm, he stood up and nonchalantly entered the lavatory without locking it.  Without giving it a second thought, Gretchen followed suit with her soda, but locking it behind her.

    Within a split second as she entered the lavatory, the cabin lights dimmed enough for it to be night-time in the cabin, but just enough for passengers to see what they were eating.

    Gretchen whispered, “Crack your soda and lean it against that shelf.”

    Reminiscent of the tryst at Miami International, he grabbed his girlfriend and started aggressively making out with her.  They knew that they couldn’t make their sexual escapade, so they skipped much of their usual foreplay. He sent two fingers down her yoga pants and began exploring.  Her pussy was already wet, making his task much easier. Just by the way he was inserting his fingers, she knew he was going for a quick orgasm. In the midst of suppressing a ton of moaning, her eyes were clamped down as he worked his fingers.

She was overwhelmed with sensations, but was enjoying each of them.  It wouldn’t be too long before she came, and in sputtered fragments, she yelped, “Babe.  I’m soooooooooooo close…….”

His left hand reached up and squeezed her left breast as he could feel her body about to explode.  As she started to moan during the orgasm, her right hand clamped over her mouth to muffle the noise.  When that started to become insufficient, she bit down hard on her other hand, causing some serious pain for her fingers, but thankful to not draw attention to herself.

As her orgasm was wrapping up, she said to Cameron, “I can feel another one coming…”

Her hand still in pain, she mumbled, “We need to fuck when we get home…”

It didn’t take long for her to cum a second time, though it wasn’t as intense as the first one.

Her eyes still closed, she retracted her swollen hand that now contained deep bite marks, and whispered gently, “Get out there and back to your seat.  I’ll clean up in here and flush our sodas.”   


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