Forty Minutes Until Boarding

Gretchen and Cameron were just informed by the captain that they were descending over Miami and will be taxiing within a few minutes.  Exchanging glances of excitement and lust, they were both coming down from their romp in the lavatory; flying first class has its privileges.  Every time Cameron took a glimpse of his sexy fuck buddy, all he could see was her nipples getting harder by the moment.  His cock wasn’t silent in the least.  Their five-minute fuck was euphoric, but not enough; they wanted to land.

Minutes later, they both felt the wheels hit the ground, brakes being applied as they both lit up in wide grins, knowing that a B-line for the nearest bathroom was the plan.  Something about the sound and feel of the plane landing and vibrating made Gretchen’s pussy even hotter and wetter.  Every few minutes, she’d put her hand down over pussy, which was still somewhat throbbing from their recent fuck, only to realize that it was still purring.  Cameron’s cock was still so hard that he couldn’t focus on much of what was going on around him.  All he wanted was Gretchen’s pussy and soon.  The look of lust and passion in their eyes invoked enough tension to make anyone horny.

After taxiing for five minutes, the plane reached the jet way.  All signs and lighting illuminated to indicate that disembarking could commence.  Gretchen reached up to grab their bags, and as she did, you could see her midriff, which exacerbated Cameron’s horny state of mind.  He was very tempted to reach up and start groping, but he didn’t want to be too indecent in public; somehow, Gretchen didn’t give a fuck.  She saw the euphoric grin on Cameron’s face as she lowered the luggage to the floor.  As they departed from the plane, Cameron’s sole focus was on was her gorgeous ass.  Each step she took, you could tell she was strutting it for him, making his cock desire her more.  As she approached the front of the cabin to exit the plane, the young guy that had been serving beverages even winked in approval as Cameron walked by, as all he could see was her tits bouncing.

Looking behind her to make sure Cameron came off the plane, she pointed to the right, but not to a bathroom, but to an employee area.  As they B-lined it for that door, they noticed that nobody was moving to stop them, and there were was nothing in the line of security at this door.

As she walked, she did a nipple check, and they were hard as rocks.  She was so horny, it overrode any greater logic or common sense.  As they both approached the employee area, Gretchen looked around her with a cautious eye to ensure that they weren’t followed in.  Cameron was directly behind her with tunnel vision as they were about to enter the employee area.

After entering the employee area with no alarms going off, they quickly found a meeting room with nobody in it.  They barged into it, grabbed the nearest chair and forced into position in such a way that the only possible forced entrance was forcibly taking the door off its hinges.  Gretchen looked at her watch:  They had forty minutes before their connecting flight to San Diego.  Cameron looked at his cellphone; they exchanged glances to get in sync.

Adrenaline and primal instinct aggressively kicked in as they both ran into each other’s arms and started making out.  Gretchen could feel her pussy heating up like an oven; in fact, she could already feel the beginnings of an orgasm.  As they continued making out, she got aggressive, grabbing his ass and thrusting her body onto his.  He reached up and mauled her tits over her white camisole.  His very touch resulted in loud orgasmic moans that would easily draw attention outside this meeting room.  She could feel that orgasm coming; she warned him, causing him to move his mouth to her neck.  Gretchen always had a massive weakness for having her neck sucked on; his suction made her body lose most control.

With the orgasm pending, she embraced him tightly and securely.  Cameron lifted up her camisole and bit her left nipple fiercely to trigger the orgasm.  Gretchen’s body exploded as she could feel the juices pouring out, saturating her panties.  At that moment, she was thankful that she decided to wear underwear.  As she came, Cameron picked her up and sat her on the nearby table.  Gretchen was a lighter, but athletic woman.  She and Cameron had met at the gym – she was trying to lose weight, and he was always ashamed of being lanky with no tone.

Three years of faithful attendance at the gym resulted in gorgeous eye-tracing figures on both.  Six months after they made first contact, they made first sexual contact, in which Gretchen took his virginity.

As her body was reeling from the orgasm, he lifted her top over her hand with her assistance as tossed it aside.  Her beautiful, perky, and hard nipples were still begging for some action.  They resumed making out, both inserting some tongue.  His hands massaged her tits, softly at first.  This led to more moaning.  Her hands reached down and massaged his aching crotch.  He wanted his cock sucked, but he knew she enjoyed her tits played with.

He stuck his tongue out and barely massaged her right nipple, prompting her to wince orgasmically.  She could feel a second orgasm coming up and she warned him.  He responded by moving his tongue the other nipple, smothering it.

“I’m gonna cum a second time and we’ve barely done anything else…” said a very cautious Gretchen.  “Remember, we only have thirty minutes…”  His only response was a wink.

“Cam, your cock looks hungry for a sucking.  Let’s change places,” she requested with a seductive smile.  He returned his mouth back to her face and gave her a passionate kiss.  He reached below her, lifted her off the table and back to the floor.  He undid his pants and tossed them aside, leaving only his dark briefs, showing his obvious erection.  She responded with a palm outward, though her mouth was watering.  She took two steps toward him, reached around him, and managed to summon enough energy to lift him up and hoist him onto the table.

His cock was still encased, albeit at a 45-degree angle.  She cupped his covered cock and began to pump it.  As she did so, she reached a hand down her shorts to confirm just how wet she was.  Pumping his covered his covered cock was a major tease to him.  She exacerbated the torture by opening her mouth and lowering it over the shaft as if she were to perform the fellatio.  Though there was no direct contact, his head swung back ecstatically, and one hand joined hers.  Asserting domination, she growled at his hand, forcing him to retract.  She continued to stroke his encased cock as it continued to struggle in captivity.  He recognized the taunting, but was powerless to do much else than respond in desperation; payback is a bitch.

After about thirty seconds of torture, she decided to give in.

She tugged at his briefs, compelling him to assist in their removal.  Once removed, opening wide, she dove in taking it in her mouth.  The oral foreplay guaranteed that his orgasm wouldn’t be too far off.  Generally, when she gave, he would cum within five minutes.  It wouldn’t help that over time, she’d mastered the art of suction, and she was the only woman in time’s past that ever gave him head.

Cameron craned his neck down to watch her delivery such poignant fellatio.  Given his height over hers, he had a gorgeous view of the very tits that he was tormenting earlier.  Her nipples were still rock hard, and it was a near-guarantee that with more time, he could easily bring her to a third orgasm.

Gretchen knew precisely how to perform the fellatio that would get him off in minutes.  Thankfully, his reactions were predictable.  While she didn’t like to rush things, she knew they had a plane to catch.  Intuitively, she knew that there would be a lavatory on the aircraft for the final leg home.

She loved to deep throat and he knew the further she took it in, the faster it got him off.  When Cameron indicated that he was reaching the point of orgasm, she released her mouth and just started pumping vigorously; she always liked the sight of his cock pre-orgasm.  To avoid making a total mess of things, she quick cupped his cock and started swallowing his load.

Ghirardelli chocolate and his cum were her two weaknesses.

Cameron’s body was still processing the orgasm.  He looked at his watch and showed it to Gretchen:  They had just shy fifteen minutes.  “My pussy is still purring,” said Gretchen with a salacious tone.

“Yeah, but we have a flight to catch,” replied an exhausted Cameron.  She took off her shorts to show him her cum-stained panties.

“That’s all from what you’ve done in the last twenty minutes.” She was still massively horny.

“I’m sure the plane will have a bathroom,” said Cameron.  “How long is our flight to San Diego?”

Cameron regrouped their clothing so they could get dressed.

“The last time we did this, I think it was either three or four hours, but I know our last run was through Chicago,” she replied uncertain.

“Well, we need to get our asses in gear before we miss our flight,” said Gretchen, sounding worried.

Cameron removed the chair and placed it back where he found it.  Gretchen looked around to see how much of a mess they made.  As far as they were concerned, they were never there.  There was always the chance security camera footage saw them.   She cracked the door open and saw no employees.  Taking advantage of a quick moment, they slipped out of the meeting room and back into the airport, walking out like nothing ever happened.


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