The 5AM Stroke

He remembers it like it happened the other day.

He awoke from a deep sleep after having a nightmare.  Between the adrenaline rush and his body registering a state of being awake, he needed to take a leak.

As he got out of bed, he peered at his cellphone – 5AM.  Approaching the bathroom, the door was wide open but with the lights on.

The shower was on, but the calm of the shower registered as normal.  He quietly closed the door, lowered his briefs, whipped it out, and started urinating.

The person occupying the shower either didn’t care, or tuned it out.  There was movement in the shower, but clearly not enough for the person to open the curtain to see who was intruding on their shower.

As he continued, he faintly heard what sounded like moaning.  Minutes went by and the moaning got louder and words formed.  “Fuck me…”

An erection was forming and though he wasn’t fully awake, the orgasmic moaning was bringing him around.

“Fuck me baby…”

The louder the moans got, the harder he got.  He finished urinating it, but hesitated to flush, not wanting to disturb this masturbatory moment.  He stood in place over the throne, contemplating stroking his own cock, but held off as he continued listening the orgasmic harmony.

“I want it in me now…” She continued moaning, unaware that he was in the bathroom listening and aroused by it.

He looked down at his cock, still contemplating masturbation.

“Bury that cock… bury it!”  He was curious as to who it was, but at the same time, he liked the mystery.  His cock formed a ninety-degree angle, ready to be stroked.

“Ohhh baby… I’m getting ready to…” she squealed.  What followed indicated how intense that orgasm was.

He gripped his cock and began stroking slowly.

She rustled around in the shower, returned her toy to its case under the showerhead, and finished her shower.  He continued masturbating vigorously.  As the sensations from her orgasm started wearing off, she began hearing his masturbatory sounds.  He wasn’t moaning, but she could hear the pumping.

It then occurred to her that whoever this was, had been there the only time.

She had to know.

She stepped toward the front of the shower and opened the shower curtain just enough to stick her head through, quietly peered into the bathroom.  There stood the mid-height, lanky, but sexually frustrated JR.

In the absence of a decent mother figure, Avy was the closest thing he had to a mother.  She practically raised him as though he was hers.  She was there for the majority of the events in his life, and she gave him the sex talk when he was 14.  Six years later, there he was stroking his cock in the middle of her bathroom.

She couldn’t tell whether he was close to orgasm, or if he’d just begun.

Her pussy tingled as she watched him.  She could exit the shower and offer him a hand, or she could continue to let her mouth water as he handled himself with authority.

She stepped outside the tub and tiptoed her way over to JR as he continued to masturbate vigorously.

The water dripping down her body was creating large puddles on the bathroom floor.  She was surprised that he didn’t pick up on her movements, even though she never heard him enter the bathroom originally.  She approached him from behind and reached her right arm around his body, meeting her hand with his.

He froze for a split-second and a smile came over his face, completely unaware of whose hand just met his.  His senses registered that it was a female’s hand, and while it took him a minute to connect the dots, he realized that it was the person in the shower.  He wanted to know who was behind him, but he was more compelled to just let her assist in the stroke.  He eased his hands up and removed them from his cock, allowing them to sit by his side.

Avy continued where he left off.

She secured his balls in her left hand while continuing her stroke with the right.  Judging by the feel of his cock, he was three-quarters of the way to orgasm; her tongue craved the taste of it, but she didn’t want to reveal her identity.

Her tongue’s crave and her pussy’s purr were in sync.  She wanted to be fucked hard and it was clear he wasn’t interested in who it was, but rather how quickly she could make him cum.

“Keep stroking…” moaned JR.  He was more awake now than he was earlier and in the state of mind where he could have easily turned around.

She released the hold on his balls, bringing her hand to her clit, giving it a rub.  Who would cum first?

JR was only minutes away from orgasm and Avy wasn’t too far behind.

Within minutes, his moans turned into grunts as she felt his cock pulsating for the money shot.  Retracting her left hand from her clit, she repositioned it to his head to catch the glorious glaze that would come.

His cock sprayed her hand for a good thirty seconds as her hand began to resemble a Toaster’s Strudel.

She brought her hand back and started licking up his goo.  With the rest, she rubbed her hands like it was hand cream.  She quietly returned to the shower, continuing to finger her clit with the cum-soaked hand.  The thought of JR fucking her in the shower made it that much more intense.

JR decided not to pop into the shower to return the favor, but instead chose to leave the bathroom in hopes to get what sleep he could before his alarm would sound.

Avy turned the shower off and moved the shower curtain aside; there stood a naked JR, fully awake and with a wide grin.  His cock was flaccid, but clearly craving more.  His eyes were focused on her beautiful C-cup breasts, very elated to see them.  The water was still dripping from her body, creating a euphoric visual for his senses.

The gaze from her eyes could put any man in a trance.  Her nipples were both glistening and succulent; her body tingling with excitement knowing that her handjob brought him to orgasm.

As they closed the distance, they began making out very sensuously.  Neither desired foreplay, just carnal fornication.

JR reached down, stared into her lust-filled eyes, and teased her pussy.  Her body twitched slightly at his touch, unable to resist it.  His cock came back to life, standing at attention like a soldier waiting for the next order.  Avy softly clutched his hand and brought it into her mouth.  She could feel her pussy responding by lubricating in anticipation of a good pounding.

JR stuck his tongue out, slowly lowered his head to one of her hardened nipples.  His tongue’s touch amplified all possible sensations; he introduced his teeth, nibbling very softly.

Her body had reached critical mass – she needed to get fucked and now.  He switched nipples, blowing cool air instead of nibbling.  It was just enough to cause her to have a mini-orgasm as juices began to drip.  JR knelt down and dipped his finger in the juice and came back up and traced her areolas.

Avy took a step back from him and re-entered the shower.  She turned the water back on, activated the shower and resumed her seductive gave upon JR as water consumed her horny, naked body.  JR’s cock was standing at attention as Avy’s body was glistened by water, practically begging for a good fucking.

He approached her and pushed her up against the wall, moving the shower head down over her body.  He applied some hard kisses to her lips, moving them down to her neck, sucking on each nipple, covering her torso, and eventually moving down to her throbbing pussy.

His tongue made quite the stir as her body tingled all over, feeling tortured by all the foreplay.  It was time to give her what she wanted in return.  He took her trembling body, turned it around, bent her over, and sent the soldier in for duty.  He decided to use her tits for leverage as he pounded her into a state of heightened euphoria.

Within moments, all you could hear was the melody that preceded what would be a phenomenal orgasm.

After about five minutes of euphoric fornication, her body released a series of orgasms that plunged her mind and body into an overloaded state whereby all negative emotions, stressors, negativity, and other bullshit were immediately discarded and replaced with a state of mind that no drug could replicate.


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