The Stroke of Midnight

New Year’s Eve is the last day of the year; the metaphorical cleansing, it’s no wonder that couples ring in the new year with a bang.  There’s a ten second count down that wipes away the current year and advances everyone to the next year.  It doesn’t matter where you live – Boston, Houston, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Paris, or South Africa; when you see that clock strike midnight, you’ve just entered a new year.

New Year’s Eve marked the one-year anniversary of Topher and Keenan, and they wanted it to be memorable, even if for only a second.  Both men lived with their parents, and with their work schedules they rarely saw each other.  Treela wanted to help them out and offered them a space to be alone for that single moment in time.  Seeing them together always made her happy.

It was 11 and the boys made themselves at home in the spare bedroom, on a spare chaise lounge chair that Treela picked up on Craigslist.  She fixed them both drinks, closed the door, and gave them the peace and quiet they rarely had.

Keenan took in his boyfriend’s sexy body, letting his entranced hands wander Topher’s body very affectionately.  They hadn’t seen each other in close to four months, which amplified the sensations.  Just Keenan’s very touch brought Topher’s cock to life.  Keenan slowly undid Topher’s belt and with some help, removed it and tossed it to the side.  His hand returned to Topher’s torso and worked its way slowly and sensuously down his pants.  It didn’t take long to reach his cock and feel just how hard it was.

Topher responded by leaning over and kissing his boyfriend passionately.  He reached up with one hand and ran it through Keenan’s hair, which felt very soft.  Keenan had gone beyond a feel and into stroking and there wasn’t much else Topher could feel, nor was there much more he wanted to feel.

Keenan stopped momentarily to remove Topher’s jeans and toss them aside.  His boxer briefs stood up, illuminating his throbbing cock that was dying to be either sucked to stroked.  The stroking was going very well, but Keenan had a craving.  He rolled himself off the lounge chair and took a position at Topher’s feet, pulled down his boxer briefs, and just engulfed his cock; Topher’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as he entered cloud nine.

Very slowly, but quietly, the door opened and you could see Treela’s face peer in clandestinely as she watched the passionate fellatio.  The smile on her face spoke volumes, though she did find it interesting that the boys left the door ajar.  Watching the boys go at it was making her hot, and she wanted to masturbate, but didn’t want her own moaning to give her away.

She reached down to feel her pussy getting warm.  She was almost to the point where she didn’t care if she was busted.  It wasn’t like she’d never watched them before.  Her hand, acting as if it were on auto-pilot, just started massaging her pussy.

Keenan wasn’t quite the master at oral sex, but Topher had no complaints.  Of course, it wouldn’t help that Keenan was usually on the receiving end of things.  While Topher did enjoy giving, there was just something about Keenan’s technique that drove him crazy.

Keenan briefly pulled away and looked at his watch – almost midnight.

Treela looked at her watch – 11:55.

As Keenan continued feasting, Topher’s moaning went from mild to the type of moaning you’d hear in a porn.  He could feel himself on the verge of an orgasm.  As that orgasm drew nearer, Treela could feel her pussy purring as she went from one finger playing around, to playing with her clit, and making every attempt not to even squeak.  It became obvious that neither guy noticed her standing there, so she took a chance and softly moaned, just enough to get it out, but not enough to attract attention.  Watching Keenan give such a spectacular blowjob amplified the sensations, and as such, she decided to use him as a focal point.  She wished she were in a better position to see Topher’s cock, but it wasn’t anything she hadn’t seen before.

As Treela’s orgasmic moans now began to permeate the room, she looked at her watch: 11:58.

Throwing all caution to the wind, her moans got louder, almost full blast.  Coincidentally, Keenan’s suction turned into a full-blown meal as Topher’s moans evolved into screams of passion.  At this point, Keenan was thirsty for cum.

With barely a minute to go, Topher announced his upcoming orgasm.   Keenan felt Topher about to cum as he took his cock fully into his mouth.  It was now a competition of who would cum first.

11:59 rolled around.

As if on cue, Topher’s cock shot a load worthy of a clock turner.  Keenan took care to swallow every last drop of cum.

Midnight struck and Treela’s watch chimed loudly to indicate the top of the hour, also blowing her cover.  She also managed to have an incredible orgasm at the stroke of midnight.

After Topher finished his orgasm, they both looked up at the doorway to see Treela with her hand down her pants.  “How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough to see Topher cum hard at the stroke of midnight,” she replied, laughing over the word play.

“Having a little fun of your own, I see?” Keenan turned around, cum dripping from his mouth.

Treela took a fight of laughter between a pot high and seeing Keenan sit there like a pornstar.  It took him a second to realize why he was laughing – it wouldn’t help that Topher was trying not to laugh, but he couldn’t help it.  He finally reached his hand out and wiped the cum off of Keenan’s face.

“Happy New Year, boys.”


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