Richard Fingers Carly


Carly sat in the corner observing Richard as he played with his tablet, engrossed to the point where he’d tuned out the rest of the world.  She could see him manipulating the screen with his hands aggressively to the point where she wondered what could be occupying his attention span.  His hand motions became more aggressive, almost frustrated; his facial expressions reflected it.

He needed a drink.  He ascended from his comfortable chair and approached the counter to order a drink.  As he walked, she fixated on him like an animal preying its next meal.  He had a nerdy, hipster appearance, complete with the baggy cargo pants.  He had longer hair that draped over his face, but pushed enough out of the way so he could see and read.  After ordering his drink, he briefly noticed Carly’s gaze upon him peripherally, but didn’t react.

The server walked over with his drink.  Richard pulled out his wallet and paid with the funds on his student ID.  The server ran the card three times only to discover that he’d spent all available funds.  Richard hung his head low, convinced that the register was wrong since he made it a point to make a deposit the previous day.

Carly picked up on the frustration and ascended from her chair, removed a money clip from her bra, noticed the amount was less than $10, and gave the cashier a ten.  Richard smiled, almost blushing.  The server returned her change and she dropped a dollar plus the remaining coins into the tip cup.  She also replaced the money clip in her bra and did so in a way to make sure Richard was looking.

“Thank you for the drink,” said Richard, hiding his frustration for the lack of funds.

“No problem, hun.”  She reached out her hand, “I’m Carly.”

Richard reciprocated with his name and shook her hand.  As they shook hands, he couldn’t help but marvel at the cleavage from where the money clip emerged.

“I noticed you looked frustrated with your device,” she nodded toward the chair he was sitting.

“Yeah, I’m trying to finish up a discussion for a class I’m taking, but the internet on campus is being dumb.  I figured a drink would calm my nerves.”

“Grab your drink and join me on the lounge chair,” replied Carly.  Richard wasn’t sure whether to accept her flirtatious invite, or to plug himself back into the assignment that was due in three hours.

The allure of her cleavage was overpowering his sense of responsibility.

“I’ll be right over,” said Richard.

He walked over to that chair to see that someone was about to occupy it.  He picked up his tablet and headed back to where Carly sat.  She resumed a comfortable position on the chaise lounge chair, and in a position where her cleavage was impossible to miss.

Richard took a seat next to her as he pulled up the assignment on his tablet.

As he continued to tap away on his tablet, he looked over and realized his error in judgement.  “Give me a minute to finish this post.”

With his body tilted slightly away, she moved in closer and started rubbing his shoulders.  Responding to the gesture, he turned his body, giving her easier access. “That feels really good.”

She repositioned her body slightly on the lounge chair.  “Scoot back a bit and get comfortable.”

He obeyed, sliding back.  She dug her hands in, noting the tension in his back.  “Your class must be stressing you out.  Your back is beyond tense!”

“My own fuckin’ fault.  I shouldn’t have waited until the last minute to get this done,” he replied frustrated.

He tapped a few buttons on his tablet and clicked the lock button, blacking out the screen.  “Finally, that shit’s done.”  His mind deviated from the classwork to the backrub.

“You like this backrub?” asked Carly in a more seductive tone.

He nodded his head as his body loosened up; her tits pushed against his back probably aided.

Her hands moved from his shoulders down to his sides.  While rubbing his sides, she felt his body melt, submitting to her touch, as he fell back onto her chest.

While she had him in this relaxed mode, she decided to explore.  Her hands rounded his sides, nearing his abdomen.  They traveled up the shirt he was wearing, where she noticed that he had very little hair on his chest.

Richard could feel himself getting hard and despite his nerdy complex, he wanted her as he lay on her tits.

He came back to reality as he sat up.  “We should probably continue this somewhere else before someone decides to rat us out.”

Neither realized that there were a handful of students staring at them, some disgusted at the display of affection.  They exchanged glances and agreed to relocate.

At ten-thirty at night, there weren’t many places a student could get access to.

Nevertheless, they managed to find an unoccupied classroom.  They stepped in, shut the door, and pushed a chair against the door handle.

Richard took the initiative, pushing Carly up against the computer podium, acting on his impulses from earlier.  He smothered her with kisses – some on her lips, and some on her neck.  For a nerd, he wasn’t clueless about women.

He pushed her shoulder-length hair back and continued kissing her neck.  Carly could feel herself getting warm.  They were barely five minutes into their passion and she already wanted to be fucked.  He moved the kisses from her neck, down her chest, and finally moving back up to her lips.

It became obvious that Richard was taking his cues from porn as he attempted to pull down her tank top to expose the tits that were happily impaling his back.  It was one of those cotton tank tops that you can buy at the bookstore for cheap.

Taking his cue, she removed the shirt, showing a lacy bra.  Richard was eager to continue, so he just worked over the bra, squeezing each breast over the lace.  He applied kisses to their tops as moaning commenced; his cock responded in kind.

In an attempt to be impressive, he reached behind her and attempted to undo her bra.  After a few seconds of struggle, she cupped his face and whispered, “It’s okay, I’ll take care of it.”

She removed the bra to let her tits go free.  Richard’s eye lit up as if he hadn’t see a pair of tits before, but yet knew exactly what to do with them.  His tongue went to work on her areolas.  Even as she was enjoying the action, she could tell that he wasn’t too familiar with what he was doing.  She didn’t suspect he was a virgin, but his actions didn’t speak of experience.

She wanted some action elsewhere.  She stopped him and asked him if he’d ever been with a girl before; he replied that he’d never had sex, but he’d “screwed around.”

“So, you’ve never touched a girl’s pussy?”  Richard knew what that meant, but never from an actual girl.  He timidly shook his head.  She could read the look of defeat on his face, as he thought he was about to get mocked.

She pulled down her yoga pants, took his right hand and placed it over her pussy.  Like an amateur, he felt around it, exploring this new territory.  His cock was getting harder by the second.  “Wow, very smooth,” said Richard with a wide smile.

She removed her underwear and guided his hand in.  “Feel free to stick your hand in and massage.”

Feeling more confident, he took two hands and inserted them.  As his hands penetrated, the euphoria struck her as her head craned back.  “Richard, keep going.  That feels amazing.”

In unfamiliar territory, Richard questioned it.  Carly reassured him, “You just don’t know how good that feels.”

Richard complied and moved those two fingers around with slightly more speed.  While Richard was a neophyte to fingering pussy, he wasn’t aware of how much he was turning Carly on.  The only thing preventing her from screaming, was having someone call campus police on them.

He decided to test the idea of adding another finger.

Carly responded euphorically, clenching down on her fist to suppress her moans.  She noticed a clock in the corner of the room – half-hour to midnight.

Taking a chance that nobody would be around, she let out a shriek of ecstasy.  Richard quickly picked up on the success he was delivering and fingered faster.  Carly could feel her first orgasm coming through.  Carly wouldn’t have minded being fucked, but she was too engrossed in her upcoming orgasm to stop him.

Within a few minutes, her body exploded both euphorically and orgasmically as Richard succeeding in delivering his first orgasm to a girl.  It hadn’t quite hit him that she’d cum until he stopped briefly and extracted his hand, covered in her juice.  She admired him gazing at his own hand.  “First time making a girl cum?”

His gaze tilted up as he nodded his head, jaw still dropped.

Raising an eyebrow up, she asked, “Wanna go all the way?”


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