Four Cocky Parnell Alums

Bronson DuBois was on cloud nine when he received a letter from Chancellor Chadwick’s office informing him that because he would be graduating with a 4.0 in his major, that he had been multiply recognized for his efforts in creating policy that would foster inclusion for LGBT students at Parnell University in his position of president of the Pride Alliance, and because of his honorable service in the National Guard during a time when the state needed his service, he would be asked to speak as the class valedictorian at commencement.

It didn’t take long for him to call his boyfriend of six months, a dedicated student he met through the Pride Alliance, to let him know of the accolade.  Jimmy’s immediate response was that they needed to celebrate this triumph by having lunch at Club Skye, two blocks away from campus.  Bronson liked the idea and asked Jimmy to make some reservations.

As he hung up his cellphone, he looked around his dorm room at some of the free things he’d received over the years between activism and his military service.  One of his proudest moments was a picture he took with the chancellor on the day he signed a proclamation in the form of an “LGBT Bill of Rights.”

The tradeoff to the proclamation was having to be watched over by campus police due to an overwhelming number of death threats that befell the chancellor, Bronson, Jimmy, and the Pride Alliance.

Three weeks after the proclamation was signed, he was leaving campus one afternoon to find a typed note placed under his wipers.  It read:

“Faggots like you don’t belong at this university.  We were just fine before you and your ilk came around.  Fuck your proclamation and fuck the chancellor.  We know you’ve been asked to speak at commencement.  We won’t allow a faggot to represent the class of 2018 at the podium.  Go suck another dick.”

Naturally, Bronson was extremely on edge and panicked.  He put the note in his pocket and walked around his car to see if it seemed tampered with.  He then proceeded to call campus police to inform them of the note and help verify that his car hadn’t been tampered with.

When the dispatcher heard the name, he relayed the message to the chief of police, who then dispatched three officers to investigate.  One of the officers took the note from him and promised to investigate.  His car hadn’t been tampered with and they watched as he left campus to ensure his safety.  On his way home, he called Jimmy to let him know about the note.  When Jimmy asked if he still planned on going to commencement, Bronson replied with a sharp, “Nobody is stopping me from giving my speech.”

Over that week, the news of the note had made it around campus.  It wasn’t a secret that Bronson was going to be speaking at commencement and he was well-known around the school.

Two weeks before commencement, campus police called Bronson to let him know that three arrests had been made in connection with the note.  He also offered to escort him, his boyfriend, and their families to the commencement due to the number of death threats that had come in.

The morning of commencement, Bronson and Jimmy were picked up from Bronson’s dorm room, which had been mostly picked up and almost ready for inspection.  They discussed the security protocol and where the two would sit once they arrived.

Upon arrival at commencement, the officer told him, “We have officers, both uniformed and plainclothed throughout the arena.  They know who you are and will be watching out.  Congratulations and enjoy the ceremony.”  They shook hands as both Bronson and Jimmy exited the cruiser and walked in holding hands.

They approached the table where they would would pick up their commencement guide and pronounciation card.  The girl at the table looked at them both, smiled and said, “I don’t think you two need these cards.”  She gave them both hugs as she looked at Bronson.

“How’re you feeling after that note you got?”

Bronson had fielded this question from reporters, the student newspaper, and his family alike.  He started to give a canned answer, but this woman was the leader of the Parnell College Democrats.  His face read that he was nervous, but he simply replied, “I was shook up, but I’m here, I’m walking, and I’ll be speaking.”

It took a second for Bronson to register who the girl was.

“Wait, aren’t you Bethany O’Rourke?”  He and Jimmy exchanged glances of joy.

“Now-former Vice President of the College Democrats,” she replied jovially.  “I’m not walking the stage today, but I am graduating.”

She paused for a second as she helped a few students with commencement guides and cards.  Jimmy whispered to Bronson, “Wait, didn’t she get arrested for – ”

She turned her attention back to them, “How much bullshit have you had to endure with the proclamation?”

Bronson took out his phone and navigated to his emails and turned the screen to her.

Bethany scrolled the phone as a look of horror and disgust overcame her.

“Fucking intolerant assholes,” as she continued to scroll.

Bronson gave her a c’est la vie look.  “When you’re a prominent activist fighting for change and get media attention, you learn to develop a thick skin.”

He paused, finishing Jimmy’s thought, “Remember the incident on Quad B?”

She nodded and replied cockily, “How could I forget getting arrested for peacefully protesting?”

Another female must have overheard the conversation and approached them.

“You mean this?” the woman pulled out her phone and brought up video of her getting handcuffed as she’s heard repeatedly telling an officer that she would sue them into the stone age.

Bethany nodded aggressively as her eyes opened wide, “Don’t disturb my protest and I won’t cop an attitude.”

The woman interjected into the conversation, “Since Bethany won’t introduce me, I’m Michaela.  This gorgeous woman and I have been an item for the last six months.”

Bethany replied morosely, “Sorry baby.  That arrest impacted me considering it was the first time I’d been arrested and wrongfully.”

Jimmy and Michaela swapped hugs as she said, “Thank you both for making the university more inclusive.”

A young guy that looked too much like an undercover cop approached Bronson, tapped him on the shoulder, and discretely pointed inside.  Bronson acknowledged him as they said goodbye to the two happy Democrats.

Bronson and Jimmy followed him into the arena.  While they walked, the man said, “My name is Officer Hicks and between my partner and I, we’re here to make sure you’re able to enjoy things this afternoon.”

Jimmy replied, “Anything we need to know about?”

Hicks replied, “So far, everything is going according to plan.”

Bronson was feeling inquisitive, “Am I the first to have to deal with this?”

Hicks was doing discrete surveillance as he replied, “Far from it.  Every year we get details like this.  We have three officers that do this for the chancellor.”

As they approached the stage, Hicks stepped aside and extended a hand to them as they sat in their assigned seats.  As they sat, Bronson couldn’t help shake that feeling that he was either being watched by someone who wanted him dead, or that something was going to happen at that podium when he stood up.

As the speeches commenced, Bronson’s anxiety was creeping up, something that Jimmy picked up on fairly quickly as he whispered, “The cops have this place locked down so I don’t think you need to worry.”  He put his arm around his boyfriend and gave him a side hug.  Intellectually, Bronson knew that Parnell’s campus police force was excellent at what they did, it’s not a feeling one can easily shake.

“… Every year, this university chooses one person out of this entire class to speak to their graduating class about everything from leadership to inspiration.  This year we were honored to choose a man who based on his commitment to ensuring an inclusive university…”

Bronson knew this was about him as he could feel the sweat pouring from his face.

“…. It is my pleasure to introduce your valedictorian for the class of 2018, Bronson DuBois, also the former President of the Pride Alliance.”

The audience came alive as most in the auditorium stood up to honor his approach to the podium, though there were some scattered boos and jeers.  As he approached the podium, he shook hands with the chancellor as several pictures of them were taken.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out his speech, a piece of paper, folded four ways.  He unfolded it ceremoniously and placed it on the podium.  It was one page, printed double-sided, that started off with his story of coming to Parnell, in addition to the swarm of drama he’s endured between family and college life.  Jimmy sensed the struggle and stepped in momentarily.

“For those who don’t know me, or haven’t seen me around campus at this point, I’m James Howell, and I’m Bronson’s boyfriend,” he said as he put his arm around Bronson, less as a romantic gesture, and more proud-to-be-associated-with-him.  “Most of you know him as the Vice President of the Pride Alliance, but what you don’t know is that he’s well-studied, well-read, and a 4.0 graduate.  He’s also one of the honorable soldiers in the National Guard who had to be deployed to protests gone-to-far in Sunbury.”

As the audience applauded the accomplishments, Bronson positioned himself more confident as Jimmy returned to his seat after giving Jimmy a kiss.  That one gesture brought forth some negative yells from the audience.

“Now that I’m a bit more present, I want to thank Jimmy for his awesome introduction.  He’s been a great man to me and a great supporter of the cause of inclusion.  I actually met Jimmy through the Pride Alliance.  I’m sorry if I seem nervous, but it wasn’t that long ago that I learned that some folks decided that ‘faggots like myself’ don’t belong at this university.”

There was a brief pause as resounding boos enveloped the arena.

Jimmy stared endearingly as he could tell Bronson was about to do something that would likely get him kicked out of the celebration.

Holding up his speech, he said cheerfully, “I had some thoughts written, but I’m going off-script.  I have three things to say to those folks:  One, we belong anywhere we want to be because we have great things we want to accomplish.  Two, If you want me out, you’ll have to take me out.  And three:  Anyone who decides that bigotry, hate, and intolerance is an acceptable way to conduct themselves, can go fuck themselves.  Thank you all and congratulations class of 2018!”

As the audience ate up the profane phrase, Jimmy grabbed his boyfriend and passionately began making out with him.  The longer they made out, the louder the audience became, and the more support they gained.  There were some jeers of disgust, but they were drowned out by the rest of the crowd.

It didn’t take long for the audience to taper down as a voice came aside them, “I don’t want to interrupt, but we need to continue.  Please take your seats.”

Bronson looked at the administrator and replied, “We’re going to see ourselves out.  Where can we pick up our diplomas?”

“We’d rather you stay here and cross the stage after all that hard work you just spoke of,” he replied, “But, we can’t hold you here, so I will tell you that we don’t give out the diplomas here.  We will mail them to the address listed on your university account.”

Jimmy looked at Bronson and said, “Let’s get outta here.”

As they exited the arena, they noticed that Bethany and Michaela were making out at the table.  They casually sauntered over to the table; the ladies could hear the pitter-patter of their shoes as they released their lip-lock.

As Bethany took notice of who was approaching, she bolted out of her chair to hug Bronson.  “That was a funny-ass speech!”

Jimmy smiled, replying “I half-expected him to get booted out of that place.”

Bethany interjected passionately, “There isn’t shit they can do.  You’re allowed to speak your mind even if it offends them.”

Bronson shrugged, to which Bethany replied, “What the fuck do you care?  You’re graduated.  They can’t revoke your diploma; the most they can do is escort you out.”

Jimmy could only reply, “Well, if you know Bronson, he doesn’t filter himself and he doesn’t mince words.”

While Michaela didn’t know Bronson too well, she was enamored by him, mostly because of his ardently free-spirited nature; it wasn’t much different than Bethany’s take-no-shit attitude.

She looked at Jimmy, “Where are you two new alum’s going?  We were just killing time.”

The men exchanged glances while smiling salaciously.

“This may sound gross, but my new 4.0 here and I wanted to have a ‘private commencement.'”

Something about the innuendo made Bethany’s eye light up.  She and Michaela were about to start erotic-grade-PDA before the boys approached their table.

Bethany replied semi-seductively, “Want to make it a ‘couple’s commencement?'”

Bronson beamed at both his boyfriend and Bethany who had that look a woman gives a man when she wants to fuck him solid.

“What the hell, why not?  This will probably be the last time we run into each other.”

The overjoyed and overly-horny alums headed for the locker rooms.

Bethany and Bronson exchanged glances and asked simultaneously, “I didn’t think you were into this kind of thing?”

Michaela replied quickly with, “Oh come on Beth, you’ve had a fantasy involving two guys for years.”

Bethany shot her lover an embarrassing look, replying “Well, yeah, two tattooed and bearded guys.”

Michaela not holding back said, “Look, I love you to death, but dick is dick.  I’m sure their dicks,” pointing to the boys, “are just as good as the guys on TV.”

Jimmy smiled, “I may be biased, but Bronson does have a nice dick.”

Upon arrival and after pushing on the bar, they discovered that the locker room was locked.

Jimmy piped in, “Makes sense.  The teams aren’t playing anymore and they don’t need anyone going in.”

Bronson gave Jimmy a look of surprise, “This isn’t the first time we’ve come upon this.”

Jimmy went into his pocket, ostensibly to procure something, when a campus police officer came around in the course of patrol.

“Shouldn’t you four be walking the stage?  There’s nothing in that locker room that none of you need,” asked the cop.

Bethany chimed in, “So, you’re going to deny four alums access to an area that’s publicly accessible?  Locker rooms aren’t a sensitive area.”

The cop assumed a defensive posture, “Ma’am, I routinely deny people access to areas of campus that aren’t publicly accessible.”

Michaela could see where this was going and she didn’t want to see her lover get arrested again.

“Officer, actually, there is something in there I need access to in there – a fucking bathroom!” she said as she feigned the body motions.

“Officer, I need to take a fucking leak!” as she aggressively pushed toward the locker room door.

He was reluctant to let them in as he looked them all over.  “Normally, I’d require you to use the one down the hallway, but it’s out of service, so I will let you in.”

He unlocked the door and let her in first and stepped in after her.  The other two slipped through the door behind them with the cop oblivious.

“I need to take a leak myself,” he said as he adjusted his crotch and duty belt.  “I’m going to trust that you four won’t fuck around while unsupervised.”

The cop did his usual observation of the locker room as he headed for the restrooms located in the suites where the coaches and admins met.  They were far more comfortable than the player stalls.  The locker room had main area with lockers and benches, but was outdated by a decade.  In the back corner was a commercial door with a push bar leading to a small hallway that ultimately led to the administrative suites.

After the cop cleared the door, Jimmy went back into his pocket and fished an Allen wrench out of his pocket and used it to engage the magnetic mechanism that keeps the door locked from both sides.  While there’s a mechanism that can be triggered from the other side, it was destroyed when one of the players pushed on the door too aggressively as an anger release.

The girls had begun to engage in some play when they noticed how quickly Jimmy secured the door.  Their look reflected two people who’d never seen someone circumvent security before.

Jimmy glared back, “Not our first romp in here.”

Bethany piped in, “How long will that keep the cop at bay?”

Jimmy shrugged, replying “As long as needed.  The cop has the key to return, but the locking mechanism’s all fucked up thanks to one of the team’s players.  The school never bothered to fix it.  It’s effectively suck in the “engaged” position until an Allen wrench unlocks it.”

He paused and continued, “Besides, checking the executive suites and the field itself is part of his detail.  I don’t think he’ll be back for a bit.”

Michaela not putting two-and-two together asked, “And you just happened to have an Allen wrench on you?”

Jimmy replied back with a coy and scheming grin, “I’m a key holder at work and their door uses the same wrench as this one does.”

Michaela replied with a look of intrigue as she asked, “How about locking the entrance?”

Jimmy replied, “That uses a regular key that I can’t defeat.  Usually, we sneak in and we have quickies after-hours when games are being played.”

Jimmy backed away from the door and said of the two ladies who just stared at him in awe, “Well, are you two going to fuck or what??”

Both ladies took off their cap and gowns – Bethany wore a blue, v-neck tank top that, along with a nude bra, she quickly shedded and tossed aside.  Michaela sported a red cross-over top without a bra that was quickly shed and joined Bethany’s.

Bethany chuckled, “No bra today?”

Michaela shrugged, replying “Why?  We were going to fuck later anyway.  Not like many people can see what we’re wearing as it is.”

Bronson stripped naked while Jimmy was securing the door, leaving Jimmy to catch up.  Bronson turned on the water and adjusted the temperature as he was getting naked.  At the moment Jimmy’s briefs came off and his cock rose in arousal, Bronson’s smile was wide and euphoric, causing his cock to rise as they cooped themselves in the wet shower stall.

Since the boys were used to having quickies with unlocked doors, they resumed passionately making out, continuing the moment they started in the auditorium where Bronson had developed a mean erection.  It took Jimmy a minute to register his environment as he said “B, that cop isn’t going to come back for a while.  I think we can take our time.”

Bethany and Michaela hadn’t quite started making out when they saw the two guys in midst of passionately making out.  Michaela’s jaw dropped involuntarily as she whispered to her love, “Jimmy wasn’t joking – holy shit!”

As they continued to make out, Jimmy’s hand went down to Bronson’s cock and started stroking it.  Bronson began moaning as he noticed that Jimmy was taking advantage of the extra time to stroke for more sensation.  As he stroked, Jimmy applied kisses to Bronson’s shoulders, torso, and down to his pelvis.  The moans increased over time as Bronson was trying to not to scream.  As Bronson’s cock reached full hardness, Jimmy’s mouth began to water as his cock was responding.

Bethany couldn’t help herself and started playing with her own pussy while they watched them.  Michaela took quick notice and took position behind her and started playing with her sensitively nipples.  Doing all this caused Michaela’s pussy to water; unexpectedly, she wanted Jimmy to fuck her into next week.

Michaela asked Bethany quietly, “Why are we masturbating watching two guys?”

Bethany’s only reply, “There’s something seriously hot about watching those two.”  She spun Michaela around and they started making out while playing with each other’s aroused tits.  Michaela’s hand went down to Bethany’s pussy as one finger started playing.

Jimmy took a knee in front of Bronson’s cock and started a natural suction that felt more passionate and sensual than raw.  Bronson could no longer hold in some screams as he screamed Jimmy’s name passionately as he coached him through the fellatio.

Even as the girls were immersed in their own foreplay, Bronson’s moaning was amplifying their arousal, making them hotter by the minute.  They momentarily ceased their own play and continued their voyeurism.  Using the hard, concrete wall as a backing, both girls slid themselves down until they were plopped on a likewise hard, concrete floor.

As Jimmy continued to make his boyfriend scream, peripherally, he couldn’t hear anything out of the girls.  He retracted his mouth and did a quick peripheral check to learn that they were now a new fantasy.

He returned to the fellatio as the girls continued watching.  Jimmy took Bronson’s cock into his mouth and combined it with vigorous pumping.  While Bronson loved the friction, he knew something was different.

The girls had switched their posture so that Michaela was snuggled into Bethany’s lap and loosely secured by her arm.  Michaela could see that entranced look in her girlfriend’s eye as she continued to watch Jimmy deliver.  She continued to fondle Michaela’s tit while squeezing the nipple.  Coincidentally, the firmer Jimmy was and the more intense Bronson’s moans became, the more harder Michaela’s nipple was squeezed.

Michaela slithered her away around Bethany’s cuddle, propping up her body, and attempting to get another kiss.  It was then clear that Bethany was enamored by watching the boys, which caused Michaela to remove herself from the cuddle, and enter the shower stall with the boys.

Michaela approached Jimmy from behind and started kissing his neck, causing him to slow down.  She didn’t waste much time – she reached down and grabbed Jimmy’s cock and started stroking it.  For as much time as he spent sucking Bronson off, his cock had softened.

Not long after Michaela started on Jimmy, Bronson announced his orgasm.  Jimmy could feel Bronson’s cock readying for the orgasm.

“Shoot a nice commencement load for me…”

It didn’t take long for Bronson to shoot a nice stream to be lapped up.  Jimmy caught most of it, but much of it made for cum stains at the bottom of the shower stall.

Michaela noticed that no matter what she did to Jimmy’s cock, it wasn’t responding.

He shot her a peculiar look, “What happened to Beth?”  They glanced over to see Bethany masturbating.

“You two gave her a hell of a show,” she replied.  After a short silence, she continued, “I get that women aren’t your thing, but I’m surprised you aren’t getting hard with me trying to get you up.”

He chuckled, “I was heavily focused on Bronson, so it wouldn’t.”

She took that as a challenge and reached down to massage his cock.  It was getting harder, but not quite as quick.

He smiled, “You can get me hard, but if you were going to try and get me to cum -”

Bethany chimed in, “Bron, you have some serious cock-sucking abilities!”

Bronson finally came off the euphoric experience, replying “Yes, he certainly does!”

It took him a second to realize that Michaela was trying to stroke him; he replied, “Hun, it’s not worth the effort.  His cock only responds to me.”

Michaela shrugged as she replied, “I would expect him to get you the hardest quickest, but it’s friction – cocks respond to friction.”

Bethany interjected as she pulled herself up from the ground, still naked, “Hun, if you aren’t making him hot, he’s not going to come up.”

Michaela, feeling bad, replied, “He did such a great job of making Bronson cum that I figured he’d want some relief of his own.”

Bronson heard that and replied, “I’ll give him a hot hummer later on.  Trust me, he’s not deprived.”

He looked at Michaela, asking “What about you two?”

Bethany replied with a smile, “Actually, watching you two go at it made me cum a few times.”

Michaela had a look of defeat, which Bethany saw, sympathetically replying “Babe, I’ll give you something hot later tonight.”

Jimmy observantly noted, “I guess that cop either didn’t come back this way – ”

Bronson chuckled, replying “I told you he wouldn’t.”  Jimmy and he exchanged glances, “Besides, if he did, he would have called for backup and we’d probably have been thrown off-campus.”

Bethany replied, “Even if he and others did, you’re graduated.  Not a huge fucking deal.”

After they all redressed, they exited the locker room area to hear names still being called.

Bridget’s nerdy fuck

Aster approached the kiosk for his morning appointment with Dr. Moynihan.  He signed in using his patient portal information, confirmed the appointment, paid his co-pay with a credit card, and confirmed some information.  The human-sounding voice prompted him to proceed into the waiting room to be called.

Burger Medical Corporation had recently completed a million-dollar upgrade to its fourteen clinics spread out across southern Florida.  With the upgrades came a host of new doctors and specialists.

Samantha Moynihan was a transplant from southern Ohio who accepted a position as a researcher studying adults with Autism.  Wednesday through Friday and some short hours on Saturday, she would see patients. For such a young doctor, she was top of her class in college and attended medical school on a full scholarship from a STEM grant that promoted the rise of women in medicine.  Her typical research subjects were young adult men who were transitioning into the college. While she was a highly successful doctor, her social and sex life lacked. The last time she fucked was three years ago when she met a guy from Tinder whose profile mentioned he was a medical assistant; much to her chagrin, not only couldn’t he get her off, but he was extremely arrogant about coming from a well-off family.

Upon entering the waiting room, Aster took a seat at one of the booths designed for people with mobile devices.  It was a longer-than-wide table with electrical outlets that were exclusively for USB power.

As he marveled in the design of the place, unbeknownst to him, Bridget had burnt a hole in his torso as she’d already begun fantasizing about him.  She looked like she hadn’t had a date in years despite being gorgeous with a phenomenal body. As she was reviewing the names of checked-in patients, a flag came up on Aster’s name; he wasn’t a new patient, but his information didn’t completely import from the old system.  She ascended from her chair and approached him with a bit of a strut. As she approached, she noticed that Aster was into his phone, but managed to look up as she came closer.

“Are you Aster Willis?

It took him a second to register how gorgeous she was, but his hesitation showed the instant attraction as he nodded with a smile.

“I’m Bridget,” she reached out to shake his hand.  “I’m here because it seems like some data is missing from your file.  I’d like to have you follow me to the front desk to verify some information.  Do you have your insurance card?”

“I think so.  I didn’t think I’d need it.”

His muscle memory kicked in and he unlocked his phone and opened his health insurance app.

“There it is,” he said with a smile as he gave her the phone.

She smiled coyly, “Come over to my station.  I have to put the information into the system.”  Not only was that look flirtatious, but she wanted him to stare at her ass as they walked back over.

As predicted, not only did he paint a bullseye on her firm and spankable ass, but his cock knew what was up.  As they sat down, his erection became mildly obvious to her as she took her place. Try as she might, she couldn’t hide the smile of approval.  Aster was a little bit oblivious to her smile, but he knew she was into him.

The workstation’s computer system was an all-in-one system that featured a touchscreen computer and keyboard combination.  She brought up the fields that were incomplete and asked him to verify this information. As she took information down from the app, she noticed peripherally that Aster was giving her the up-and-down.

It didn’t take long to update the record, but once it was done, she noted that Dr. Moynihan was running behind due to a medical emergency.  He merely returned to his seat to continue playing with his phone.

As he walked away, immersed in his phone, she assumed a fixed gaze of mental masturbation as she watched him walk.  He was clearly on the shy side, possibly socially awkward, though his plumbing worked.

Once fifteen minutes had passed, Bridget came over to get him and start intake.  As she escorted him through the door into the patient area, she noticed he’d put away his phone and continued staring at her ass.  As they walked, she craned her neck around and smiled affectionately as they passed through the door. He wasn’t quite picking up on the flirtation, but he knew something was different.

“This may be a different experience than you’re used to, but the PAs now do check-in and intake since just about everything else is automated,” she said to alert him to the change.

He shrugged and accompanied her to the scale and measuring apparatus for height and weight; nothing had changed.  They filed into exam room three as they took seats opposite each other.

“Even though this isn’t your first appointment with our clinic or Dr. Moynihan, there’s questions it’s going to want me to ask you due to the system changes.”

He answered the questions rountely until she came to the questions about sexual activity and sex partners.

The hesitance to answer the sexual activity question exposed his attracting to her, but he answered honestly, “It’s been a while since I last had sex.”

She had to ask, “For the sake of testing for STDs, how many sex partners have you had in the last three years?”

He answered with heavy chagrin, “Zero.”

While Bridget kept a judgement-free face, in her mind, she wanted to snap his streak.

Aster’s noticed she wasn’t wearing a ring and she was quite casual toward him.  As she entered his answers into his patient file, he noticed she seemed a bit tense; her eyes reflected some stress.

“You seem kinda stressed.  Everything okay?”

She looked at him trying to figure out how to answer the question without crossing a boundary.  “It’s been a long week, to say the least.”

Aster wasn’t stupid – he knew that she wanted to say something else, but she had to be careful.

Being bold, he stood up and took point behind her and started rubbing her shoulders.  “Wow, you are tense.”

She kept typing as he massaged; she wanted to be massaged elsewhere, but she was trying to keep some distance.  Since Aster was clearly the initiator, she asked, “Do you do this on the side or something? Your hands are like a miracle.”

A few keystrokes later, she locked the session and turned around to face him.  Her nipples were visibly hard, as was his cock. He replied, “Actually, I am a certified massage therapist.”

He stopped to consider his situation, “Get on the table, face-down, and I’ll relieve some of your stress.”

While the idea was riveting, she asked “Don’t massage therapists make you take off your top, or some shit like that?”

Aster replied confidently, but respectfully, “Sometimes clients find it more comfortable, but that’s up to you.”

In one quick motion, she removed her BMC-branded scrubs to show a lacy bra that encased tits that were definitely a handful.  Aster’s cock responded on cue.

She removed her bra and tossed it aside as she looked at the clock on the computer, “Alright, we have about ten minutes before I need to get back to work.”

She plopped onto the patient bed, tits down, and he started massaging.  Despite their flirtation, he keep the massage fairly casual without attempting a move on her.  The resulting moans and groans indicated the success of working kinks out of her back.

Muffled by her face on the table, she said “God, do I wish those hands were elsewhere…”

Aster heard it well enough and smiled.

He leaned down close enough to her face and replied, “Tell me where and I’m happy to assist,” with a salacious tone.

He kept on her back and she said with a wilted voice, “My pussy could use a good rub…”

He couldn’t quite make out what she said, but he moved his massage down her spine to her ass.  As he massaged her ass firmly, her moans turned euphoric as she whelped Aster’s name. She was so horny, she was amenable to getting plowed.

While he wasn’t watching the time, he stopped massaging not long after doing her ass cheeks.  As her body registered that it wasn’t being touched anymore, she said, again, in a wilted voice, “Fuck… I was enjoying that…”

She pulled herself off the tablet and twisted her body a few times to get some circulation going.  “Certainly,” she said as she stood in front of him, still topless, still with perky nipples, “your hands can do so much more.”

Her tits were not only a handful, but her nipples were still extremely hard.

He replied in a cocky tone, “Yeah, but that costs extra…”

She reached down and cupped his cock, noting its firmness.

“When was the last time you came?”

He returned the gesture, pinching her nipples, “It’s been far too long.”

The nipple pinch intensified the sensations she was already feeling and her eyes made it obvious.  She wanted to come back with something snarky, but he had the upper hand. She recovered her bra and scrubs, redressed, and said tersely, “I’ll be back.”

It couldn’t have been less than five minutes after Bridget left the room that there was a double-knock at the door.

Dr. Moynihan entered and shook hands with Aster.  Not having seen a picture of her ahead of time, it caught him off-guard that she was short.  Since this visit was a follow-up from something previously, she unlocked the session on the computer and started pouring through notes.  As usual, Bridget had taken detailed notes while harboring an itch that needed scratching. His answers to the doctor’s questions showed that the new course of treatment and a new medication were working as they should.

As they went through the usual questions pertaining to the previous visit, Aster couldn’t hide the fact that he was still hard and was about to get a quick checkup.  On request, he hopped on the patient, made slightly complicated by his erection.

The doctor did the usual lung listening, gag reflect test, and other vitals.  She paused for a moment as she noticed his erection.

“I don’t recall giving you ED meds,” she said trying to figure out if he was horny, or if there was something she missed.

Trying to play the man card, he replied, “Us guys…”

She returned with a look of disbelief, “Aster, I see male patients daily, and even the ones that are being treated for that don’t come into the physical with one.”

She stopped short, craned her neck in his direction and asked, “Something you want to share with me?”

Feeling cornered and not wanting to reveal that he nearly fucked her assistant, he hesitantly replied, “Well – you are – kinda hot…”

Her eyes fixated on his as she nodded with a hint of snark, “Yeah, my fiancé would agree.”

Knowing that he would take it humorously, she added, “Well, if you find that erection lasting more than four hours, either masturbate to release the tension, or find a hot date.”

In his mind, all he could think about was fucking Bridget.

He chuckled, replying “Thanks doc, great advice.”

She returned to her workstation as she chuckled, “Good news is that pleasing yourself doesn’t require a prescription and sexual activity is good for more than one thing.”

She finished up his session and asked him if there was anything else, to which he shook his head.

“You know the drill – go around the corner and do checkout.  She’ll schedule you for your next physical.”

They shook hands as she headed out.

He checked to make sure he had everything and he headed for checkout.

Lo and behold, Bridget was sitting at the desk, waiting for him.

Trying to be somewhat professional, she asked, “How was the visit?  Any questions or concerns?”

Aster shook his head as she clicked on the keyboard.

“Looks like the doctor wants to see you in six months.”

They discussed dates and booked an appointment.

Bridget pulled a business card from her desk and made a note of the appointment.  She proceeded to flip it over and write something else.

Trying to retain decorum, she handed him the card and said, “We’ll see you in six months.”

As he walked away, he flipped over the card to see that she’d written ”Come back here around 4:30”

Aster formed a wide smile on his face as he eagerly awaited the fun that would follow.  Bridget was still extremely horny and seeing him return to checkout only made it that much harder to resist him. The only thing stopping her for taking him back to that patient room was the presence of other patients and a few coworkers, who were for the most part oblivious to what was going on.

There was a solid eight hours between now and four-thirty.  To kill some time, Aster headed over the the food court and grabbed a late breakfast that resembled something you’d get at a cheap diner.  As he chomped his omelette, he couldn’t stop thinking about the half-assed massage he gave her. She had a petite frame and gorgeous tits that she probably wanted fondled at the time of that message; it would be tough to titfuck her, but it’s indisputable that she would get off on it.

Around noon, he returned to his house to take a nap before he’d return to meet up with Bridget.

Meanwhile around 4:30PM at Burger Medical Center…

Aster returned to BMC to find it had been reduced to a ghost town.  Most of the administrative offices had closed, the kiosks were off, and three departments had locked their doors and turned off the lights.  This had him worried that internal medicine had closed and Bridget would have headed out.

As he approached internal medicine, the motion-detected lights powered on, as he heard from a distance, “Can I help you sir?”  He reached internal medicine to find the doors open and Bridget sitting at the desk taking care of some things.

As she looked up, she smiled at him, saying “I’m just finalizing some stuff.  Give me a few minutes.”

He replied in a bit of a panic, “I think I heard a security guard trying to track me down.  Bridget’s eyes widened in a little bit of panic, “BMC itself closes at 4:30PM, so you come across as an intruder.”

Within a few minutes, the officer showed up at the door, and bellowed, “Sir, this building is closed for the night.  Can I help you with something?”

Bridget quickly chimed in to his defense, “Neil, he’s fine; he’s a good friend of mine.”

The officer quickly retorted, “While that’s great, this building is secure; only office personnel can be in here.”

Neil looked at Aster who was showing a demonstrable look of fear at being in the presence of a police officer.  Aster pointed outside as he looked at Bridget and said, “I’ll just meet you at my car.” Bridget acknowledged by nodding.

As Aster turned around, Neil offered to escort him out of the building.

As he crossed the threshold, Neil locked the door behind him.

There were four cars in the lot, making it difficult for him to figure out which one was hers, but he noticed they were all parked fairly close together.  Since it was likely that pulling his car up to the cluster might tip her off, he moved closer.

Ten minutes later, Bridget emerged from the building and headed for her car, which turned out to be a Toyota RAV4.  She had changed from her scrubs into a jeans-and-blazer combination. As she approached, he flashed his lights; she changed course and headed for his.  He rolled his window down as she came closer.

“I really wanted to finish things up in the building, but the cops start doing their patrol around four.  Neil is who typically does that patrol for our building and while he’s a nice person, he’s kinda punchy.”

“I thought he was going to arrest me while I was standing there,” he said nervously.

“Nah, they generally don’t do that.  He’s a cop and you were someone that technically didn’t belong there.  It was just unfortunate that he saw you when he did.”

Her phone chimed to some notifications as she was still catching up on some notifications that she missed while at work.

Aster replied, “I live close to an hour from here – do you live any closer?”’

She replied with a smile, “I’m fifteen minutes.  Just follow me.” She leaned over and kissed him.

Like clockwork, within fifteen minutes, they were at her house.

Bridget lived in a two-family house that had recently undergone a renovation.  Her room was the equivalent of a double in dorm sizes, but was wired for cable and internet.  She wasn’t one to live extravagantly even though BMC paid well and offered great benefits.

As they entered her room, he was immediately greeted by a medium-sized horizontal poster reading, “I support my LGBTQ brothers and sisters” that looked like it was a frill from a donation.

Her room further reflected the theme with a horizontal poster with different lettering that read “I stand with my LGBT brothers and sisters.”

He had to ask, “I take it you’re big into LGBT.”

She sharply turned around and approached him, “I go both ways.”

He started to crack a smile when she scoffed.  “Don’t get any ideas. Porn isn’t real life.” She kissed him again, continuing that thought, “I prefer to date women, but I still have a major fondness for a good dick.”

She embraced him to continuing making out.  He loved the moment and kept it going. As they made out, his mind juxtaposed a situation where there was a second girl in the room – a piece of him wanted that threesome.  That momentary fantasy broken when he felt a hand go for his crotch.

Mentally, they had returned to their moment in the patient room.

Within seconds, he opened his eyes, and noticed that Bridget had undone his belt; within one swoop, she’d stripped him of his boxers and started sucking him off.

After a few minutes, she looked up at him and his facial reaction was nearly identical to the male actors in straight movies.

She took the high road, “Aster, it’s clear that you watch too much porn, but how do you like the blowjob?”

He looked down with a smile, “It was feeling really good.  Your mouth around it was awesome!”

Aster didn’t have the look of a guy who gets laid often and considering his last sexual partner was a few years ago, she couldn’t figure out if he was mimic porn, or was enjoying the blowjob.

Regardless, but she resumed fellatio.

As she started pumping, his reaction seemed far more natural.  His cock had a nice feel to it and there wasn’t anything porographic about it.  As she applied suction, his body tensed up slightly like someone who hadn’t been blown in a long time.

“Wow, this is amazing…” he said in a normal tone.

The more she sucked, the more her pussy ached for a solid fuck.

She pulled her mouth away and stood up, “When’s the last time you gave a gal some solid orgasms?”

As expected, he replied, “It’s been far too long.”

“My pussy wants some and now.”

She stripped from the waist down to reveal a clean-shaven pussy that looked rather tight.  “It’s been a while for me too, so it may be a tough fit.”

To keep the momentum going as he climbed onto a moderately rickety bed, he stroked himself to keep hard even though his eyes had her pussy targeted.  As Bridget watched him do this, she chagrined that he mimicking what he saw in a straight flick. When they initially made contact at BMC, it was his nerdy, social-awkwardness that captivated her, but it ached her that his only real “experience” with sex came from what he saw in porn, in addition to the only times he ever came where through masturbation.

Once they were both in position, he lined himself up – while she wasn’t kidding, it didn’t stop him from penetrating.  Fortunately, as he pushed, her pussy clenched his cock, intensifying the sensations for him. As he pushed further in, her reaction went from a mere moan to an “Oh fuck, I’m tight!”

A few more gentle pushes from him and the pain was easing.  The sounds of pain were slowly transitioning to sounds of pleasure.  It also wouldn’t be long before his thrusts became smoother and less painful.  It didn’t take much longer for her to loosen up and the intercourse to be far more enjoyable.

Once the euphoria started setting in, she felt her first orgasm coming around; he still had some time.  For her, it was a relief to not be so tight anymore, while at chagrining that her orgasms would come quicker.

She wasn’t lying as she announced her first orgasm.

It wasn’t an intense build-up, but it was enough to make her cum while retaining her horny state of being.  Aster could feel some fluid on his cock as he continued. At first, he wasn’t sure if he should keep going, so he slowed himself; Bridget detected this and squirmed, “Keep going!  I still have more in me!””

Now that she was much looser, he started fucking harder, but not to the extent of a rough pounding.  Her moans upgraded to mild screams of passion as she screamed his name a few times.

It wouldn’t be long before he announced his orgasm as his cock began to pulsate; Bridget cheered him along.

Whether it was due to infrequent sex on his part, or because he came slow, his orgasm took its time, but it aided in Bridget’s pleasure as she basked in the enhanced sensations of a pre-ejaculated cock.

As he sprayed his juice, his blood pressure and body temperature shot up as he let out some moans.  She felt his orgasm and let out one loud scream that would leave an entire neighborhood on the edge of their seats.

After his orgasm ended, he progressively went flaccid.

“Sorry, Bridget, I can only go once like that.”

Her body still had one more orgasm left, so she used two fingers to finish things off.

“That’s why God gave me fingers,” she replied.

Unlike in a porn, she wouldn’t just stick two fingers in choreographically, but rather aggressively push two fingers in to expedite the second orgasm.

What resulted was a rush of emotions, sensations, and feelings that reminded her why she couldn’t give up dick completely.